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Xbox One GPU speed increased since E3, says Microsoft

New additions to the Xbox One hardware since it was last shown at E3 include a new graphics driver and an increase to the GPU's clock speed, says Whitten. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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bicfitness  +   797d ago | Well said
53 Mhz, which is next to nothing. Takes it up to a 1.3 TF machine (from 1.24) compared to 1.8 on the PS4. To give you an idea of what that sort of overclocking does on PC components, 100 Mhz can squeeze out another 4-5 FPS: so half of that. This uptick puts it close to a 7770m or thereabouts - again showing how erroneous that abstract DF theoretical performance article was. In any event, the hardware is still miserably overpriced for the $500 asking price. Most sub $400 laptops have better components.

Also, these constant dribs and drabs of useless, positive information are pretty desperate PR damage control for the last three months. Better hope this doesn't increase the TDP of the machine or we'll have a red ring 2.0.
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SDS Gamerfiend  +   797d ago
Well this is no news. I sure hope the 12gb ram rumor is true.
NewMonday  +   797d ago
"53 Mhz, which is next to nothing. Takes it up to a 1.3 TF machine"

this barly offsets the 10% amount the XB1 OS reserves from the GPU.

PIRGANEK  +   797d ago | Well said
Can I ask you a serious question? Like man to man/woman.. What the hell would the 12 GB ram solve? Aside from giving people reasons to justify why the console is so over priced? I mean most games today on my PC barely use the 6GB of ram on my PC, and on my PS3 that 256-512MB ram is still used today to create stellar titles like Heavenly Sword or The Last Of Us.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   797d ago
Several tech websites says the ram has been upgraded to 12gb.
Docknoss  +   797d ago
I wonder what kind of new graphic's driver and how much of an increase it is.
RadioActiveTwinky  +   797d ago | Well said
The 12GB rumor is not a rumor. It only became a Rumor because people wanted it to become true.
The origin of the 12GB rumor comes from the DevKits the developers received. The 12GB helps the developers relieve some of the stresses of development.
It is really low that they would add more ram to a console considering it cost them a boat load of money when they did it with the 360. They went from 256gb to 512gb.
Also if they did add the RAM they run the risk of adding more heat to the console. This is bad news because it could be the RROD all over again. I am sure and hope they learned from that mistake.
Even if they do add the RAM it will still be slightly under powered. 1GB of DDR3 is equivalent to 512gb GDDR5.
Also DDR3 is great for software process and stuff like that where GDDR5 is great for rendering polygons and stuff like that. If anything the DDR3 will make the xbox ones OS faster then that of the ps4.
WarThunder  +   797d ago | Well said
After all the s**t MS did, people believe what they say?

fanboys (facepalm)...
Bluepowerzz  +   797d ago | Funny
12 gig ram you must be smoking dat good ish
XmarksDaSPOT_   797d ago | Spam
JsonHenry  +   797d ago
@PIRGANEK - that extra RAM could actually help in a whole host of ways. From allowing for more/higher rez textures since it shares this with the GPU, to allowing more stored data for quicker access, to simply allowing the devs to be lazier and rely on more ram instead of optimizing for it.

However in the end I seriously doubt the 12gb of RAM rumor is true. (at least for retail hardware)
gaffyh  +   797d ago
The 12GB rumour will NOT be true, it was just some bullshit that some guys posted as a joke on a forum, and people took it seriously. Is it were true, it would mean that MS would have to reconfigure their entire Xbone motherboard, and would mean that they would be even MORE behind in manufacturing etc.

Also, it is not a good sign that they are upclocking this late, when they had so many RROD issues because of a similar thing last gen. Although the upclock is quite small, so maybe they figured it was "safe" to do it by this much.
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darthv72  +   797d ago
Not sure why the complaining is for. they improved the fuel efficiency of their engine. And it doesnt cost us anymore than the original sticker price.

Some companies would charge more for such a minimal performance improvement. Every little bit helps.

I wouldnt be surprised if they continue to tweak the performance. Maybe take it up to 66MHz increase.

As to the memory rumor...you can't solve problems by simply throwing memory at it. there is a point where the system just wont use any more than it needs.
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sinjonezp  +   797d ago
All this 12gbs of ram talk might as well go to 16; two 8 gig modules is about 48 bucks. (Takes a puff of that sticky).
sinjonezp  +   797d ago
All this talk of 12gbs of ram, they might as well go to 16; two 8gbs modules..(takes a puff of that sticky).
ShwankyShpanky  +   797d ago
"All this 12gbs of ram talk might as well go to 16; two 8 gig modules is about 48 bucks."

You do understand that an upgrade would require a bit more than just swapping in higher cap DIMMs, right?
Wanted Rogue  +   797d ago

The ESRAM is used for tiled resources; the single biggest reasons why all these Sony numbers are utterly meaningless when determining the capabilities of each console. 32mb of ESRAM is huge, twice what is really needed today.

From Toms Hardware, also look for the presentation from MS on YouTube. Very interesting..

"This technique was demonstrated with a model of Mars which displayed a 3 GB texture using just 16 MB of GPU memory and in Graphine’s Granite Flight Simulator that showed "a remarkably detailed island with gliders constructed out of 64 megapixels."


This is a massive advantage for the Xbox One. You want numbers? 3Gb = 16Mb.

The Xbox one doesn't need raw power because it is more efficient.
Kingthrash360  +   797d ago
^^ swankey didnt get sinjon's joke....lol I did.....pass that sinjon...** takes a pull holds inhale** maybe they could take some power from the kinect....prolly will get a gig or two of ram from dat. ** exhale**
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devwan  +   797d ago
@xmarksdaspot_ "The question is what is the ESRAM used for exactly."

Frame buffer.
fr0sty  +   797d ago
@ Xmarksdaspot, how do you know you aren't talking to engineers? You don't. You also don't know what you are talking about, which is why you are having to resort to ad hominem attacks on the source of this information, since you don't know enough about the actual information to be able to debate it.
3-4-5  +   797d ago
12gb ram would actually be something worth talking about as an additional 4GB would become an advantage for XB1 about 4-6 years from now when they can take advantage of more than 8GB.

Nothing on the market or currently available actually NEEDS more than 8GB.
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papashango  +   797d ago
in more news ps4 and x1 are still using underpowered medium end GPU's and N4G seems to think otherwise.
ALLWRONG  +   797d ago
X1 uses less ram for OS than PS4.

Balances out nicely.
dedicatedtogamers  +   797d ago
Good to hear there's a slight upclock, as long as it doesn't create heat issues.

So, lemme guess? Now that Xbox One's GPU is slightly faster (though still significantly behind PS4's) GPU matters all over again? Even though the war cry for the last three months was "RAM doesn't matter. GPU doesn't matter. CPU doesn't matter. It's all about Tiled Resources and Move Engines" now it's all about "teh powah of the GPU!!!"

Seems par for the course. Reminds me of the Sony camp circa 2005-2006.
kickerz  +   797d ago
"Pump up the Ram, pump it up, while your feet are stompin. And the Ram is pumpin look ahead, the fanboys are jumpin"
Gamer1982  +   797d ago
OMG you really think the consoles are not in production already? Are people that silly? You can overclock GPU a little to squeeze out speed thats definitely plausible which can give this article merit especially since we heard earlier consoles were actually down clocked thanks to heat issues. A simple firmware update could easily do this. However its wayy to late to add an extra 4gb RAM this late into the lifecycle. They cna add it to the dev kits to maybe relieve some stress off devs as they are actually working on W7 and Nvidia dev kits as we saw in those images leaked from E3.

But if people think MS can actually get out millions of these day one and only start manufacturing in say August or September there off there nut. These were being manufactured in Factories months before E3. So unless they throw away hundreds of thousands if not millions of consoles I seriously doubt they can upgrade the RAM now. Only Those who think it can make a difference and think this is some win over PS4 want this to be true.
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malol  +   797d ago
i still think this is a bad choice to go with.

overclocking a GPU dose not really worth it and it actually may cause some serious overheating problems.

at best they may get few extra FPS but it wont be any game changer, besides this most assured is going to effect the life of the console.
Ritsujun  +   797d ago
Insignificant upgrade. Try harder, Microsofie.
rainslacker  +   797d ago

They're not overclocking the GPU. They're just increasing it's speed. They can do this, I assume, because they are able to increase the yield percentages at a higher frequency.

Think of it in terms of CPU's. In general, there isn't any difference hardware wise between a 2.3 GHZ CPU and a 2.6GHZ CPU(not always true, sometimes there are minor differences). One is just rated to run faster without problems off the production line after fabrication.

Overclocking infers that you are taking a chips clock frequency beyond it's tested/rated speed as determined by the manufacturer. It's possible to overclock because most manufacturers of CPU/GPU's tend to rate them on the safe side to prevent failure.

It could be done in several ways, however, I assume it's being done by increasing the clock multiplier slightly in firmware, since the parts for the X1 are most likely already in production. This is the same way you would overclock, however in this scenario it is the manufacturers rated speed, hence not overclocking.
SDS Gamerfiend  +   797d ago
Xflame fanboys have spoken smh
SDS Gamerfiend  +   797d ago
Disagree with this, XBONE = you being 12 and mom and dad is your console maker!
Fishy Fingers  +   797d ago
"100 Mhz can squeeze out another 4-5 FPS"

Based on what? I've always overclocked my GPU and I dont think I've ever seen such an increase in frame rate from such a small OC. Also, results would vary depending on the game/engine. If my GPU was struggling to get 10FPS, would a 100mhz OC give me 50% more FPS?? Of course not. Honestly, if you want to learn absolutely nothing about tech, N4G comment section would be a good place to start.
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Baka-akaB  +   797d ago
Spot on . Even with console architectures being different , there are stuff you just can't do with Hardware .
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bicfitness  +   797d ago
I OC all the time. 100mhz on a 7790, 660 and 680 (three cards I've all tweaked) is about 4-5 FPS when run through benchmarking tests. I wasn't talking about bottom of the basement GPUs obviously, you can't squeeze performance out of a turd. We're looking at mid-range> lower high-end spectrum GPUs, which is what these are. 100 mhz is hardly a "small" uptick on an 800mhz GPU if we're talking about base clock frequency.

You're being contentious and spouting nonsense when by your own admission and semblance of knowledge on the topic, you should know better. For the record, I never said or implied anything as ridiculous as: "If my GPU was struggling to get 10FPS, would a 100mhz OC give me 50% more FPS". I was speaking in reference to a 7770m or thereabouts, which are MID-RANGE GPUS. Or even less than that now, really.
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HammadTheBeast  +   797d ago
That's assuming your GPU is struggling with only 10 fps.
hollabox  +   797d ago
Yeah 100 MHZ is a small bump but if you can squeeze 4-5 FPS I would take that any day of the week. I would rather play a game at a solid 30 FPS than 24-26 FPS so the small bump makes sense to me. What I'm laughing at is the magical numbers people seem to make up and pass their comments off as being facts. I'm seeing any where from 50 MHZ to 200 MHZ increase in GPU clock rates, and a additional 2-4 GBs of ram for XB1.

Well I guess PS4 fanboys did the same thing with the 7GB of ram available to developers when Sony never confirmed or I guess denied that figure. Now I'm seeing PS4 CPUs being clocked at 2.75 GHZ. I wonder what both consoles specs will turn out to be when production finally starts in the next 6 weeks.
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gapecanpie  +   797d ago
lol @ OC won't squeeze out more performance lmao .... that is one of the dumbest things I have read on N4G in a while, if that were true then why do people bother OC at all? I feel sorry for the people who agreed with that too.

A mere 50 mhz can get you an extra 5-8 fps and anything is better then nothing. Like MS is just going to OC the GPU for nothing and risk overheating the system. <_<
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Withdreday  +   797d ago
Sony should increase their's too
wishingW3L  +   797d ago
100MHZ might not seem like much for a CPU but that kind of increase is not small by GPU standards.
vulcanproject  +   797d ago
53 megahertz is 6.62 percent increase over a base of 800mhz. This is pretty insignificant, hardly seems worth the effort.

All it says to me is that Microsoft know they are down on performance to PS4, and are squeezing to do everything they possibly can to close the gap. Why 53 megahertz? Why not just 50? Because thats how much they are squeezing here, to the maximum they can get from their design.

Overclocks don't yield linear performance increases, so a 6.62 percent increase in clocks will not yield a 6.62 percent gain in performance. Likely you'll find performance gains are significantly less, maybe they have gained 5 percent tops in real world performance.

You might get another 1.5 frames per second on a 30FPS game.

Like I said, hardly seems worth the bother- especially if they have done anything that will increase the voltage and thus power consumption and heat output.

Most decent PC GPUs running on reference clocks can easily exceed 10 percent OC depending on architecture. A 7970 gigahertz for example already has a highly pumped 1ghz core clockspeed but generally most samples will push well beyond 1100mhz (10 percent) and be stable.

6.62 percent is nothing....its clearly a reactionary move to PS4 much like half of Microsoft's policies at the moment.
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tee_bag242  +   797d ago
I have to agree. So many clueless fanboys.
Too all those who thing increasing the RAM is going to allow for higher res textures..not without more Vram on your GPU.
The X1 GPU is grossly underpowered no matter how much you overclock it
scissor_runner  +   796d ago
I agree with you totally fingers.
Thomper  +   797d ago
I didn't spot any "better than PS4" claims in that article, so why you thought it necessary to carry out a predictable and boring chest-beating exercise was beyond me......unless....gasp.....you 're one of those "fanboys" we hear so much about.
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extermin8or  +   797d ago
He never mentioned PS4....
Dread  +   797d ago
yes he did in the fist sentence. Why dont you read before you comment.
creatchee  +   797d ago
"53 Mhz, which is next to nothing. Takes it up to a 1.3 TF machine (from 1.24) compared to 1.8 on the PS4."

His first two sentences. Come on!
XB1_PS4  +   797d ago
@Dread The article doesn't mention Ps4 at all. What did you read?
s8anicslayer  +   797d ago
@dread this is a complete copy and past from the article, where the hell did you see him mention the PS4?

Microsoft corporate vice president Marc Whitten speaks about some changes and additions Microsoft has made to the Xbox One since E3, including a 53mhz bump to the GPU speed.

Microsoft corporate vice president Marc Whitten has spoken about some of the changes and additions Microsoft is making to the current Xbox One development kits, including an increase to the GPU's clock speed and a new graphics driver.

Speaking on the podcast of Microsoft spokesperson Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, Whitten said "this is the time, and this is the thing I think people are going to see as we get into Gamescom and people get their first look at new things since E3. This is the time where developers have the final dev kits in their hands, they're really working closely with us on how things have come together. There's some things that have really started to come together quite well."

Whitten also said that Microsoft's internal beta for the Xbox One was currently running, and that the hardware manufacturer was releasing daily builds for the console's operating system.

New additions to the Xbox One hardware since it was last shown at E3 include a new graphics driver and an increase to the GPU's clock speed, says Whitten.

"Since E3, an example is that we've dropped in what we internally call our mono driver. It's our graphics driver that really is 100 percent optimised for the Xbox One hardware. You start with the base [DirectX] driver, and then you take out all parts that don't look like Xbox One and you add in everything that really optimises that experience. Almost all of our content partners have really picked it up now, and I think it's made a really nice improvement."

"This is the time where we've gone from the theory of how the hardware works--what do we think the yield is going to look like, what is the thermal envelope, how do things come together--to really having them in our hands. That's the time where you start tweaking the knobs. Either your theory was right dead on, or you were a little too conservative, or you were a little too aggressive. It's actually been really good news for us, and an example of that is we've tweaked up the clock speed on our GPU from 800mhz to 853mhz."
RememberThe357  +   797d ago
What are you guys talking about? Dread is talking about the comment that Thomper is replying to.

And Dread, it's the second sentence, but you were close.
andibandit  +   797d ago
@exterminator, sofresh, s8anicslayer

Thomper is actually responding to bicfitness, not the article.
Thomper  +   797d ago
and the moral of this story is...read, understand or just be quiet :0)

loving all the "disagrees" to FACTS

Fanboys are fun, thick as sh!t, but fun
Dread  +   797d ago
you guys are so funny.

Do you understand the difference between commenting on an artcle and making a reply to a comment?

wow, just wow

again read before you comment.
fermcr  +   797d ago
53 Mhz is not much of a difference. They should change to a better GPU... but now it's probably to late.
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Krosis  +   797d ago
Ps4 too: both gpus suck
Animal Mutha 76  +   797d ago
Don't knock it - If its True. Every little Mhz helps and it represents 6.5% increase.

I don't think its intentional PR either, that's just trying to make something out of nothing.

I'd say the same thing if this was about the PS4 GPU. If you don't like the XB1 don't comment in an XB1 article.

@ Exterminator - Yes he did mention PS4.
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deadfrag  +   797d ago
You are forgeting one thing!Yes every little mhz helps but in this case they are doing an overclock,and this overclock is very diferent to the one i can do on a PC.Microsoft is overclocking a Gpu that is not made to OC especially since this OC cant be turn off like on PC!On Pc you have tools that overclock or even underclock your PC when you need it on the fly, on the xboxone the overclock is forever so this means the lifetime of the gpu has decresed,im almost sure that we will see Xboxone failure rate been higher just by implementing this OC. Not to mention that every CPU from the ones in the xboxone will react diferently to the OC.
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ala_767  +   797d ago
Stop talking nonsense! Red ring occured once and M$ isnt that stupid that they will repeat the same!!! U dont need to compare with a PC....

Sony and M$ can make a system more powerful than a PC but consumers at large will not be able to afford it which will be a loss for them!!!
dennett316  +   797d ago
People keep saying "more powerful than a PC" as if the PC is a static platform. Which PC are people talking about when they say this? It seems like such a pointless thing to say when youi have people out there cramming multiple Titans, 32gigs of RAM, watercooling and CPU's that cost nearly as much as the entire PS4 console.
Consoles can't compete with that...but they CAN offer a lot of performance for your money due to their customisations and everything being geared purely towards gaming performance.
s8anicslayer  +   797d ago
If true because a speed increase is a good thing in processing circumstances I would hope that the machine also gets a cooling upgrade from the original given microsofts past with overheating with the 360.
andibandit  +   797d ago
With ms experience regarding rrod, im sure they overcompensated for it big time. Anyways the x1 is so big, you could start a campfire in there and it would still run.
darthv72  +   797d ago
More than half of the shell is ventilated to provide airflow in/out. Cooling has been a big concern and it looks like they addressed it.

Oh and the unit isnt as BIG as people want to portray it. Don't they know the camera adds 10 lbs.
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GunsAndTheBeast  +   797d ago
Just another one of many ways to silence the crowd, almost as if it's a threat, if you say this, we're gonna do it. So, shut. 20 exclusives teaser? Sure.. Let's just see if they're good enough.
imt558  +   797d ago
A little correction : XO probably now 1.31 TF, PS4 1.84 TF.:)

But i think clockspeed returned to regular 800 MHz + 3 because a downclock speed for 50 MHz and yield problems about 2 months ago.
andibandit  +   797d ago
I think you may have downclocked your brain by accident
stiggs  +   797d ago
It's a given that any article on N4G that paints the XBOX One in a positive light will be shot down by the first person to post a comment.

bicfitness, why are you even here? You obviously have no interest in Microsoft's console. What is it that compels you to rush to a new Xbox One thread and post a negative response? I'm looking for a legitimate answer because I simply don't understand that mindset.

It would be really terrific if you and every other gaming zealot would just stick to posting comments on threads related to your console of choice. Wouldn't that be better for everybody...or do you prefer to be viewed as an overly critical, insecure, fanboy?
#1.11 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
tuglu_pati  +   797d ago
"bicfitness, why are you even here? You obviously have no interest in Microsoft's console."

Insecurities about their console of choice.
KillrateOmega  +   797d ago
Last time I checked there were no rules stating that you could only post in articles relating to your console of choice. I also don't recall seeing any rules stating that any post in console article had to be positive.

This is a news/forum-based website. If somebody wants to post a comment, regardless of its nature, then they have every right to do so and are, in fact, encouraged to do so. Free speech, bro.
stiggs  +   797d ago

I knew that someone would respond to my comment with a prefatory reference to an individuals right to express whatever is on their mind in a public forum.

So, if I began to insult you, your family and anyone associated with you on a deeply personal level then you'd be okay with that because, you know "free speech, bro".

Judging by the fact that you felt compelled to give me a rudimentary lesson in online etiquette I think that it's safe to assume that you didn't understand the point of my original comment.
TheTwelve  +   797d ago
"It would be really terrific if you and every other gaming zealot would just stick to posting comments on threads related to your console of choice."

--- how pathetic. If you can't handle an open discussion, start a private forum and only allow people in who show you their Xbox Live name. You're just as much a zealot as he whom you criticize.

starchild  +   797d ago
Look at the fanboys making excuses for other fanboys of their ilk.


Trolling is what this is, not an attempt to have a discussion. If you can't see the difference, it's probably because you are of the same mind as bicfitness.
edgeofsins  +   797d ago

People are free to voice their opinion on a product. He wanted to read the article out of interest. You're just being ignorant about it. I don't like the XBox One so far but I can still be interested in things about it. Maybe what I read will change my mind.

In a court of law they see free speech as different from personal insults. There is a strong difference so don't use that terrible argument.

How is someone to chose a console if they aren't educated on them? They read articles to do so. Just because they chose one console does not mean they can't look for another.

Oh. I see what it is. You are a fanboy. Looking at your comment history you just post a bunch of deliberate ignorant comments when you can't provide a good argument with people with different opinions. Sarcasm doesn't win arguments.

You posted several comments on Sony-related articles that are anti-Sony and PS4. What a hypocrite.

You create flame-bait comments on Sony articles and then pretend you are the better man that wouldn't do that. It started when you kept trying to tell people that Sony would use DRM before they announced whether or not they were. They stumped you with your false argument by imposing no DRM on retail physical copies and even drove the competition to have to do so so now you have to find more reasons to pretend like they deserve hatred.
stiggs  +   797d ago

"I'm a fanboy? I create flame-bait comments...?"

Are you sure that you are addressing the right person? Because it seems like have no idea what you are talking about.

I've owned almost every major console since their inception from the 2600 to the PS3. I don't have any allegiance to one company or the other which explains why I've already pre-ordered a PS4 and a XBOX one.

The only time that I have ever posted a comment about the PS4 which cold be interpreted as negative was back before E3. I was under the impression that they would adopt a similar DRM stance as MS. I was wrong, which was great, and I admitted it.

If anyone is trolling its you with all of your false assumptions and allegations.
kenshiro100  +   797d ago
Then start your own forum titled '360 fans only'.

Problem solved. N4G is an open forum. As long as the person isn't outright trolling, then I see nothing wrong with discussion.

Some of you who scream about fanboys act the same way.
mewhy32  +   797d ago
Well after all the bad press micro$oft has to do something. Now they've increased the speed of their vastly inferior GPU so they can have something positive to say about the specs of the xbone. But I'm sure they won't mention the 1.8 tflops, or the ALUs, or the ROPs, or the GDRR5? ROFL man micro$oft is getting desperate. The xbone fans think that every little inkling of good information is the best thing ever!!! But then after the disaster of e3 for micro$oft, I guess any good news regarding the inferior, overpriced, spy camera NSA box is something to cheer about. LOL
Animal Mutha 76  +   797d ago
Everything you just said there is truly cringe worthy.

As Stiggs above said to Bicfitness:

"why are you even here? You obviously have no interest in Microsoft's console."

That applies to you too.

Thomper  +   797d ago
dude, get a life
joefrost00  +   797d ago
I can care less about ALUs and RAM ect
I look at the games and features coming from the system
And I see more games being technically better 1080p 60fps on the xbox one
You can talk theories and tech demos
Tech demos and theories on specs on both systems that not even out yet is just hysterical to me
I know a lot about programming but trying to explain why in some cases the ps4 is better.and other cases the X1 is better in specs I would need 3or4 pages
Let your eyes and hands tell you which is performing better
Wanted Rogue  +   797d ago
What I love about the PS4;

Mark Cerny

What I love about the Xbox One;

Voice activated game commands
Advanced AI from the cloud
Instant switching
Split screen snapping
Real life avatars
Facial recognition
Game recording and online sharing
Smart Matching
In game socialising

Size isn't everything, it's what you do with it. lol
rela82me  +   797d ago
So what your post essentially says is... Your annoyed by all these positive articles.they just aren't positive enough. However it seems that when there are negative articles you Sony guys are jumping for joy.

Regardless of whether or not it's minor, at least it's more
It shows they are able to improve and be more efficient.

I may be wrong about this because I don't know a whole a lot about hardware But aren't the hardware speeds unconfirmed in the first place being that it's a custom GPU? So how can one know how much the product has increased and is final limits?
Coach_McGuirk  +   797d ago
imagine if sony came out and said the ps4's graphics clock was increased by 53mhz. This comments section would be filled up with how awesome sony is, and how the ps4 is going to mop the floor and do your dishes.
CrusRuss  +   797d ago
I find it strange that both ms and Sony went to AMD to buy a GPU and Sony got a more powerful GPU outright (based on currently known specs). The MHz bump that ms is doing is simply an overclock based on good GPU yields, however in PC land most companies eg Gigabyte/Asus release a factory overclocked board, so this is nothing un-normal.

Will be interesting to see real world tests.
Izzy408  +   797d ago
True Story.
SkullBlade169  +   796d ago
53MHz doesn't make a functional difference at all, so it doesn't matter.

If I overclocked my PC's CPU or GPU by 53MHz it would make hardly any difference what so ever, the speed increase is just too small.

its no big deal either way...
Fireseed  +   797d ago
So dribs and drabs of information about the Xbox that ACTUALLY relates to the console is damage control... but hordes and hordes of articles asking whether the PS4 will "crush" the Xbox One isn't PR control?
GraveLord  +   797d ago
Why so many disagrees? You are spot on.

The fact that such a small increase in power is really the only good press they've gotten lately is very alarming. They'll take what they can get I guess.

Anyway this IS good news. Every little bit helps and in a closed-platform 53MhZ is probably more significant than it would be on a PC.
Wanted Rogue  +   797d ago
I never realised how much of a PS fanboy site this was. Absolutely every single article about the Xbox One is ripped and torn apart, each update claiming to be "unbiased" or declaring "indisputable facts" about hardware specs despite very little knowledge of the architecture behind the specs.

The point I this article is positive, good news; you know "good for games". Unless of course you can't bear to see the Xbox One offer look like a better system or do something the PS doesn't. In which case you better play it down and make it look like a real bad thing.

I'm sure the fanboys won't disappoint me......disagree away!
Withdreday  +   797d ago
What, they couldn't go toe to toe with the system they had?

This makes Microsoft look pathetic
Coach_McGuirk  +   797d ago
why does this news make you so sad?
SignifiedSix91  +   797d ago
Its only okay for sony to upgrade their hardware.
Withdreday  +   797d ago
The fact that they have to look at Sony's specs and adjust theirs just shows they weren't that confident in the hardware to begin with, especially when you consider them trying to downplay the PS4's power after E3.

Plus the fact that they even needed Sony's specs just to look for a benchmark to improve the Xbox One just shows they're already playing catch up and they're not capable of making a great system on their own.

Remember the 360 was much weaker before they peaked at the PS3's specs too. MS is just playing copy cat at this point.
Coach_McGuirk  +   797d ago
a Sony fan talking about copying another company? that's rich!
Withdreday  +   797d ago
@ taiyed80,

Take a look at Xbox One's most "innovative" features like Kinect 2.0 or the DVR capabilities, and you'll see that most were ripped from either Apple, Google TV, or Sony (Remember Kinect is nothing more than a rebranded Eyetoy...), so a Microsoft fan is in no position to say MS is free from copy cat syndrome.

In fact everything seen in the XBox One are features that are done in other products. The only reason MS fans are getting such a nerd-on for them is because they slapped "Microsoft" on it and rebranded it as their own.

If any other system had them, it wouldn't be seen as that original and they wouldn't be hyping it as much, no doubt in my mind.

MS fans need to take those rose colored hype glasses O.F.F. I mean seriously. You can build a PC for the same price that's 10x more powerful. It's nothing special.

At least the Ps4 offers value for it's lack of power vs PC.
SignifiedSix91  +   797d ago
"Most sub $400 laptops have better components."

You just lost all credibility right there.

Show me a game like RYSE, BF4 and whatever else, running at the same quality of what we've seen the X1 doing.

You know what? Show me a $400 laptop that can run BF3 on high settings. I'll be waiting for the link.
#1.19 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
quenomamen  +   797d ago
Lol 54 Mhz what a joke, Ive had diarrhea and had stuff flying out my A at a faster rate. First it was the Cloud now this plus the 12G RAM. Yea, ahuh ok MS.
Izzy408  +   797d ago
You might wanna go see a doctor if this is true. Maybe get a prescription for anti-fanboyism while you're there perhaps?
bigfish  +   797d ago
MS are getting fairly desperate clinging on any bit of hope to rescue them from loosing the next gen
stuna1  +   797d ago
This thread is halariously funny!

First we have the XB1 fans saying that the Sony fans will eat up anything Sony put out positive about the PS4, yet the XB1 fans are doing the exact same things!

Second, when it was mentioned that the PS4 had only 4.5 to 5.5 gb of available ram for the PS4, the XB1 fans went into a circle-jerk frenzy!

Third, the inclusion of Kinects being a potential spying apparatus, (Which I agree on by the way)! We had everyone and their momma on here saying or comparing it to everything on the planet, that could be potentially used to spy on people, and if you didn't like it...... you know the coined phrase "DealWithIt".

Then we have the same fans of their respective systems off choice, vocally castrating and dismembering each other for the sake of there being an extra cloud in the sky or, a wave crest higher than another in a multiplatfom game.

Lastly we have the spec know it all, who knows every concievable outcome of the workings of a machine that they took no part in helping to construct! But yet they can tell you every benefit as well as issue you'll encounter.

NG4 reminds me of being locked in a pantry, with nothing but "Pots and Kettles".

And yes I belive all that Microsoft is doing is in response to PS4's showing! Just imagine Sony were out of the equation altogether, do people really believe Microsoft would have been so quick to do a 180? Hell No! The good news trickling out is in direct response to Sony unveiling, and you don't need bi-focals to see it. What we're seeing from Microsoft now, is what we should have seen at E3 then, there no getting around that.
#1.21.1 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
MarkusMcNugen  +   797d ago

I agree with almost everything you said. So you get a well said, although I have to say something about the kinect as a spying apparatus as you put it. The reason people were comparing it to other products is simply because all technology has the potential to be maliciously hacked.

Anything with a camera could be used to spy on you if hacked. It has been done with laptops, phones, cams on desktop PCs, pretty much everything. People who have a problem with kinect as a spying machine should be weary of any technology that has networking capabilities and a camera. Its ridiculous to pick one product and call it a spying machine or all seeing eye when the same can be said for so many other devices that would actually be easier to hack.

As far as I know, the kinect is not submitting your live video stream through a centralized hub. So hacking a server to watch people on their kinect is not an option. Each individual Xbox One would have to be hacked/infected to pull video from the machine.

Not that this would comfort the conspiracy theorists but it might put some peoples minds at ease if Microsoft specifically stated that the data used for kinect was encrypted.
#1.21.2 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
princejb134  +   797d ago
This is 2005 all over again. MS adding last minute hardware or changing their hardware just to compete with the competition
Here comes the red rings
DonFreezer  +   797d ago
Are you that buthurt ps hypocrites? GPU clock speeds are the only information you can find on a graphics card dealer so that must be the most significant.Stop it now with the teraflop bullshit before we shut your mouth for good.
PiperMCFierceson   797d ago | Spam
starchild  +   797d ago
Sheesh what a horrible fanboy. The fact that the trolls on this site are the ones with all the bubbles shows how messed up this site is.

Get it through your head, different people have different interests and needs.
gamernova  +   797d ago
Console gamers talk about how specs don't matter...but always bring em up when it's xbox vs ps. *sigh* lol
TAURUS-555  +   797d ago
i dont believe MS
hellzsupernova  +   797d ago
Wtf are microsoft up to you can't seriously think they had this all planned out you can't go changing a console on the fly. I think Sony took them by surprise this year and they weren't going to be ready until next year.
MarkusMcNugen  +   797d ago
You most certainly can change a consoles specs on the fly if its a simple GPU or CPU overclock. Its ridiculously easy to do.

On a side note, use more periods next time. Its harder to read a run-on sentence that is composed of three separate sentences.
WeedyOne  +   797d ago
I wouldnt say its next to nothing.

I recently overclocked my 5850 from the stock 725MHz core clock and 1000MHz memory clock to 775MHz core clock and 1125MHz memory clock. I do notice a few more FPS playing BF3. This is about the same amount of overclock that microsoft is claiming.

Really this is great news considering there were older rumors claiming that microsoft was going to downclock the GPU because of low yeilds.

There is one possible downside to overclocking though. When i overclocked my temperatures did increase, i had to speed up the fan as not to overheat and so it makes more noise...
#1.29 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MarkusMcNugen  +   797d ago
"There is one possible downside to overclocking though. When i overclocked my temperatures did increase, i had to speed up the fan as not to overheat and so it makes more noise..."

True, that is always the case with pushing more power from a chip. The increase in noise though should only be if the GPU is under high load. If its idling or you are just watching a video and the fan is loud, you are doing something wrong.

Depending on the heatsink the Xbox One uses and how well the case can ventilate the heat this may not be a problem at all.
#1.29.1 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
WeedyOne  +   797d ago
The fan is at 20% power when at adle and ramps up depending on load. I use MSI afterburner, it has a nifty fan control where you can set a graph that speeds up the fan depending on GPU temps. The fan only gets louder when playing games.

However when I 1st overclocked the card and didnt adjust the fan speed i was reaching 88 degrees while gaming. For some reason stock fan speeds on a 5850 dont seem to go over 38% even under high temps. After making some custom fan settings it is now in the low 70's while gaming.
#1.29.2 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
MarkusMcNugen  +   796d ago
Sounds about right. I had the same fan issue when I overclocked my HD4870. Although I didnt use any manufacturer software. I ended up using RivaTuner. Same principle though.
TomShoe  +   797d ago
PS4 is still better, so this is non-news.
yeahokchief  +   797d ago
Yep that was the first thought that crossed my mind.

This is going to be the next RRoD so they can sell more units to the suckers that buy them.

If they wanted to increase power of the graphics card they wouldn't have chose such a cheap card.
Courtney786   797d ago | Spam
Courtney786   797d ago | Spam
stephanie12swindler   796d ago | Spam
golding89  +   797d ago
Not a major improvement but Hey More is always better.
sobotz  +   797d ago
if the GPU clock boosting rumor is true, then maybe the 12gb RAM rumor could also be true
die_fiend  +   797d ago
At which point, you wake up and realise you're still living the nightmare of Xbox fanboyism
sobotz  +   797d ago
Nah, I don't really mind if it turns out a hoax. I'll buy PS4 for exclusives later, so it won't matter which console had superior specs, since I'll own both
#2.1.2 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(8) | Report
Nekroo91  +   797d ago
why the hell does the console need 12GB of ram, 3 for the OS and 9 for games?! are you kidding...most games dont even use 4gb
GraveLord  +   797d ago
Quantity isn't Microsoft problem here, its quality.(or in this case speed)
MarkusMcNugen  +   797d ago

Its called future proofing, however I agree with you. Considering the textures they were able to push with 256-512MBs of ram in the PS4 and 360, 12GBs would be overkill. Still, more RAM never hurts. NEVER.

If they were going to increase the amount of RAM Im sure they would compensate for the extra heat output with more cooling.
#2.1.5 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Codey47  +   797d ago
@ Nekroo

Even if games don't max out the ram, presently...doesn't mean they are never going to max out.

Attitudes like that are sure to keep gaming in the dark ages.
Nekroo91  +   797d ago
consoles are different from pcs , they dont need 12Gb of ram because its all about coding .
Thats why we get games like the last of us with 512mb of ram.

12gb will increase the price and even if MS keeps with the same price it will create more heat so more risk of failure.
Theendgame  +   797d ago
6.6% improvement in performance. Xbox one's 1.23Tflop increased to 1.33Tflop.
Sarobi  +   797d ago
So from 800MHz to 853MHZ.. I don't think that'll really do anything, but whatever floats their boat.
SuperLupe  +   797d ago
Hey their engineers improved it by 53mhz because they are engineers and know what they are doing. They've been working on the hardware for years now so if they modify it its for the better.

You are Sarobi, a N4G engineer your knowledge and experience in that domain: nothing.

Not only do you know nothing but on top of that the closest you have got to a next gen console is a Youtube video. Let the big boys do their thing, they're paid for that. I'm sure they didnt just do it for fun if you know what I mean.
kwyjibo  +   797d ago
Nothing has actually changed engineering wise.

It's the same chip. It just depends on AMD's yields and the thermal/stability envelope.
#3.1.1 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(31) | Disagree(3) | Report
Sarobi  +   797d ago
I know enough about computer components and how they function. This isn't rocket science here buddy, you can go to school for this stuff you know?
SuperLupe  +   797d ago
Dude what I mean is if it has no impact whatsover they wouldn't have done it. They know the hardware by heart and assume that it would benefit the system in X or Y manner.
Sarobi  +   797d ago
Well of course it has an impact, but nothing more than a miniscule one. The idea here is they pushed it a little more simply because they can. If the glass isn't entirely full, why not fill it?
green  +   797d ago
"Not only do you know nothing but on top of that the closest you have got to a next gen console is a Youtube video"

Great!! you have made me spill my coffee at work. That was damn funny.
sync90  +   797d ago
Isn't that as close to a next gen system as any of us have been?
FITgamer  +   797d ago
Wii U?
mewhy32  +   797d ago
I don't think it will make a difference either but they have to put out this kind of information because of tall the negative press they're getting regarding the inferior hardware specs of the xbone. Now they will push that they're using a higher clocked GPU than the PS4 and leave out the parts of the 1.8 tflops, ROPs, and ALUs. I'm sure they also will not mention the DDR3 ram vs the GDDR5 RAM issues either LOL. Man micro$oft is desperate.
n4rc  +   797d ago
You are beginning to annoy me..

Keep your fanboy bs to yourself.. And stop trolling every single Xbox thread.

Funny tho.. When people question the latency of gddr5, cerny says it'll be fine.. Well thank god we don't need proof of anything as long as Sony does it..

And show me where tflops make better looking games.. A Nissan maxima has like 300 HP yet will get smoked by a 200hp Toyota.. How the hell is that possible?!?!

Unless specs are only part of the story.. Its a straw grasped at by a desperate fanboy..
Electric-flamingo  +   797d ago
Inferior?? Have you been reading any articles , or listing to any other developers stating their are practically no difference, if their are any, they are beyond subtle.
Ezz2013  +   797d ago

lol so you want to trust PR from 3rd party devs who want to sell their games on every console

and ignore the offical specs that indeed show
ps4 have 50% better GPU and better/faster ram
which mean the better hardware and not by small amount ?!

god you guys want to believe any thing to sleep better lol
#3.2.3 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(21) | Report
voodoogts  +   797d ago
On Feb 2013 Sony sold two of there buildings for 1.2 billion dollars and laid off thousands of employees in order for the business to stay afloat.  They must be doing something right.
Corpser  +   797d ago
Why ae people still throwing that 50% number around, it's now 33%
Prcko  +   797d ago
new driver also,great news
Tctczach  +   797d ago
Maybe they are trying to improve the machine... everything does not have to be an "answer" to Sony
Prcko  +   797d ago
i think they following sony,they wanna fix everything what people don't like,but i think it's kinda 2 late for that...
#5.1 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(34) | Report | Reply
IcicleTrepan  +   797d ago
So if they want to fix things that people are complaining about, isn't that called listening to your customers and not 'following Sony'?
SuperLupe  +   797d ago

Sony making esay hardware to program for rather than an overcomplicated pain in the a$$ = following MS with the 360

Sony including cross game chat = followig the 360

Sony coming out with a cheaper console rather than asking people to get two jobs = following the 360

Sony aiming for simultanious wordlwide release = just like the 360

Sony making you pay to play online = just like the 360 :)

I think they're following MS.
AlexanderNevermind  +   797d ago
I think playing Catch Up to Sony may be the better answer. Stop gap measures because they can see that gamers are tilting toward PS4 Next Gen.
IGW_Fobia  +   797d ago
I hate to have to jump on this argument...but oh well.

@SuperLupe - 5.1.2

Your logic is sound, but then isn't Microsoft also copying off of Sony?

Microsoft is coming out with the most expensive system = just like the PS3.

Microsoft thinking they are the king of the mountain and can't lose their foothold in the home console industry = just like Sony with the PS3.

Microsoft is toting a bunch of exclusives = Just like...well all of Sony's system, including the PS4.

Microsoft moving towards more indie-friendly system = just like the PS4

Stop trying to kid yourself that one of the companies is trying to follow the other. Each one is doing things that the other has done previously.
British_Knight  +   797d ago
If Microsoft was following Sony, Kinect 2.0 wouldn't be including with every XB1, XB1 wouldn't have HDMI-in, windows 8 apps wouldn't be available, the price wouldn't be $499, there wouldn't be original television programming a la Netflix, there also wouldn't be $400m partnership with the NFL (which has been grossly overlooked), and more. Should I continue?
No_Limit  +   797d ago
Agreed British Knight,

The only thing similar is the system architecture and specs of the systems but Sony has a long way to go before they can dream of getting anywhere close 300,000 servers and a seamless online experience like Live on PSN, and an cross-platform ecosystem implementation like Windows 8. In the end, MS is a software company and software experience goes a long way to provide a stable service to your platform. Just look at the PSN hacked in 2011, took Sony almost a month to get the system up and running and their early MP4/Atrac music service for their players to compete with Apple were a disaster.
#5.1.6 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(6) | Report
SniperControl  +   797d ago

So deluded. Innovation my ass!

Wireless WI-FI - Sony first
HDMI - Sony first
Onboard HDD - Sony first
Blu-ray - Sony first(MS tried HD-DVD failed)
Media Centre - Sony first(i have been watching movies & T.V(via disc/streaming & Play TV), listening to music on my PS3 for 7 years)
Eye Toy, PS Eye - Sony First

The fact that MS have 180'd everything they wanted for the X1, all i can see is a console similar to PS4.

The fact that all of the above have been around on PC for 15 years plus.
YNWA96  +   797d ago
Sniper, when did Sony have HDMI in? And yes you are right about the onboard HDD, which you could buy to plug into the PS 2, i remember that, it was onboard the case you plugged in.... Which was in response to the original Xbox.... Wireless, Wii beat you there.... Blu Ray.. Was new.... Eye toy, keep it...

Edit: not going to argue, though now I do remember maybe PS2 had a bundle with HDD, maybe, but sold terribly, Sony consoles always sold great, never accessories. I know this because I owned PS and MS since PS1, but because I like both, and not a Sony Fanboy, I only get a few bubbles....
#5.1.8 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report
SniperControl  +   797d ago

The list was a comparison between PS & Xbox in response to Superlupe.

I never mentioned HDMI in, I just mentioned HDMI, which PS3 was the first.

The PS2 HDD released in japan during 2001, around the same time as Xbox. Not gonna quibble about that one though.

You will also find the PS3 was released a week before Wii came out. lol

PS4 day 1, however i do intend to get a X1, maybe next Christmas when the price drops alot.
#5.1.9 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(8) | Report
YNWA96  +   797d ago
Yeah, the wireless thing, knew it was close. I remember going to EB Games on a Sunday morning to get a game, and seeing all these people buying the Wii, thinking, people really buying this thing?? How wrong was everyone....
Buzz7S  +   797d ago
Haven't you been visiting N4G since E3? Anything and EVERYTHING Microsoft announce, it is because of Sony. Yep, Microsoft had no intention whatsoever to launch the console the way they wanted it. It's all because of Sony and all of the manipulated polls and botted YouTube dislikes.
Codey47  +   797d ago
Tbh I think it displays how much Microsoft is out of touch with their consumers.

They've backtracked on so many subjects since their official announcement and more recently the E3 Expo.

Whereas Sony have seem to be ticking most boxes with their consumers and developers, since their announcement in February.
GraveLord  +   797d ago
Are they trying to improve their machine? Of course. Why? Because of the PS4.
PIayStation  +   797d ago
I think its safe to say this thing is packing a 7770
Ezz2013  +   797d ago
yep, xbox is using 7770 and ps4 is using 7850-7870
DiRtY  +   797d ago | Well said
Even John Carmack said the machines are almost identical and I could not think of a person in this industry I would trust more when it comes to specs.

But N4G comments will prove him wrong!

<3 N4G
nypifisel  +   797d ago
Except Carmack depends on them so I wouldn't take anything from any developer with anything less than a truck load of salt.
JBSleek  +   797d ago
So who do you trust then? N4G comments? Lol.
fermcr  +   797d ago
So you don't believe in 3rd party developers and you probably don't believe in Microsoft 1st party developers.

I'll take a wild guess... you believe in everything that Sony's first party developers say!
#7.1.2 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(6) | Report
nukeitall  +   797d ago
John Carmack has been pretty spot on and always had a balanced view.

In the gaming business, Carmack is one of the most respected developers!
No_Limit  +   797d ago
Sony fans trust Jonathan Blow. eyes rolled. Sorry, but I'll trust the likes of a living legend in this industry like Carmack than some guy that made only one successful Indie game thus far.
nypifisel  +   797d ago
I don't trust the 'opinion' of anyone about someone they're dependent upon. You don't shit where you eat. I would believe anyone independent with the technical know how. This of course goes for both Sony and MS.

Carmack haven't been relevant since the 90's, so no. I also believe Carmack with the background he have finds both consoles underpowered.
starchild  +   797d ago
@ nypifisel

Carmack hasn't been relevant since the 90s? You just proved how clueless you are.

You might not have liked any id games since the 90s, but that is irrelevant. John Carmack is a programmer and graphics engineer and in that capacity he is one of the most trusted and well-regarded in the industry.
nypifisel  +   796d ago
You still don't understand. When Carmack worked exclusively with PCs his opinion was relevant! But now he's just as everyone else, dependent on the hardware makers good will, you can't anger any of them. Jesus Christ, you're all so clueless. I can't believe any one of you have ever done any higher studies, cause that demands looking critically at sources.
sobotz  +   797d ago
of course! most people in here already got hands-on both console's dev kit and already doing the benchmarking. of course they know better than that ID software guy
NegativeCreepWA  +   797d ago
Really, can I see a link? I don't doubt you, but I trust him when it comes to specs. He's one of the only major devs that'll call out both companies.
DiRtY  +   797d ago

When asked for an A-over-B comparison, however, Carmack is slow to judge.

"It's almost amazing how close they are in capabilities, how common they are," Carmack said. "The capabilities they give are essentially the same."
kwyjibo  +   797d ago
I think at the beginning of the generation, they will be treated by most third parties as identical.

The first id tech game to arrive on next-gen is Wolfenstein, and that's cross generational - so it's obviously not going to strain next gen.
Ezz2013  +   797d ago
you want a 3rd party dev who want to put his games on every console to get more money as much as possible
to say a console is better than the other ?!!

we have the offical specs ....it can't get more clear than that
you guys want to trust 3rd party dev PR it's your problem
#7.5 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
starchild  +   797d ago
John Carmack has always spoken his mind. He has never held back his honest assessments of each platform.

Even now he is openly discussing what he thinks is better about the PS4 and what is better about the XB1. He isn't a big fan of Kinect, for example, and he throws it all out there.

You are so wrong in your assumptions.
GDDR6_2014  +   797d ago
But but n4g developers say ps4 is 50% more powerful
imt558  +   796d ago
Carmack also says :

he hasn't done enough benchmarking to be able to do a straight-up comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One

From Kotaku
SuperLupe  +   797d ago
""Since E3, an example is that we've dropped in what we internally call our mono driver. It's our graphics driver that really is 100 percent optimised for the Xbox One hardware. You start with the base [DirectX] driver, and then you take out all parts that don't look like Xbox One and you add in everything that really optimises that experience. Almost all of our content partners have really picked it up now, and I think it's made a really nice improvement."

Sounding better and better. A lot of fine tuning has gone into the Xbox One hardware. The difference between Sony and MS is that you get 10 "Mark Cerny said" articles per day whle MS well they're just doing their thing and giving us info like this when they think it would be good if we knew.

It's like last gen, you had all this non stop PR talk from Sony about the power of the Cell and bla bla bla. MS hardly ever came out to talk about their hardware but at the end of the day they were more than up to par. Just different ways of communicating. Sony is a hardware company, MS a software company so I guess they don't talk about hardware as much.
IcicleTrepan  +   797d ago
I imagine it's because they are making up for a lot of the difference with smart software, but software is really not as interesting to the average user of a game console in that sense.
SporadikStyles  +   797d ago
Yep. People sometimes forget they're a software company in fact the most successful of all time.

Look what they can do with millions of combinations of different hardware. Imagine what they can do with dedicated hardware and every model being the same.

I can only imagine how efficient a tailor made DX11.X is compared to normal DX11. My guess is at least 20% more.
nukeitall  +   797d ago
If you look at MS, then you realise MS innovation is all over the place.

Take a look at what they brought different from the competition:

* smart matchmaking i.e. better matches and doing it in the background
* better reputation system
* multi-tasking and instant switching
* TV features
* lots of Kinect stuff

They almost never talk about the "architecture" or how awesome "GDDR5" is. You know, why?

Because it is almost a gimmick. When you buy an iPhone, do you think, ghee this s 200MHz slower than the Android phone over here?

Of course not, you look at the features, the content, the form factor and so on. Stuff that matters.

When we are talking so similar consoles, just like the PS3 and Xbox 360, it is the content, feaures and ease of use that matters.
NihonjinChick  +   797d ago
"*TV features
*lots of Kinect stuff"

Are you serious?
#8.2.1 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(14) | Report
arkard  +   797d ago
I actually do look at the specs of the phone I am buying. If I have to be stuck with it for two years it better be near the top of its game. Secondly Ill look at features/software/form factor. At the end of the day specs do matter and your kidding yourself if your saying specs dont matter at all.
ImG2theB  +   797d ago
That must be why the PS3 was so great
EXVirtual  +   797d ago
May I say tehpower of teh cloud?
Codey47  +   797d ago
You may...but I doubt the extra 53mhz will benefit teh cloud.

"The cloud" (as is Gaikai) is highly dependant on a users internet connection/usage caps. I'd rather have the extra "horsepower" included in the transistor laden lump of plastic to be perfectly honest.

Even on a great internet connection "OnLive" displayed macro-blocking and poor visuals so I don't really have too much faith rested on these internet based "extra oomph"

In other news: Italian Supercar manufacturer Ferrari has added an extra 53cc into their latest iterations of vehicles..and also if you download the Ferrari app on android or IOs...it'll make your car look better.

I can only envisage the extra custom they are about to recieve
edgeofsins  +   797d ago
Sometimes tweaking, even that little of MHz, can have big issues. They better test it well in many situations.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   797d ago
That's good to improve the system , but that boost is not significant but it does help.

But what is all of this going to do to the release date of the x1? Where as Sony has already cleared FCC with the consumer model. I wonder when this hardware change went through because this could slow production
PIayStation  +   797d ago

Whats the point of trying to prove him wrong. X1 is obviously using a 7700 series gpu while the PS4 is using a 7800 series.
#11 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
ElementX  +   797d ago
Finalized specs of the Xbox One were never released so there could be more improvements coming. Sony has released the specs of the PS4.
TheOtherSide  +   797d ago
"Increased By 53 Mhz" = now at warp 1.5 :)
TheOtherSide  +   797d ago
Xbone started as one and will ship as 4 (PS4) LOL
Bathyj  +   797d ago
I saw something like this coming. Ms seem to be scrambling to change everything they can about this console. It feels like scattershot. Are they really going to launch it this year?

Even if they can convince me to buy this, which at this point I doubt for at least a couple years, there's no way I will get one at launch. I don't trust their hardware prowess and they seem to be slapping it together at the last minute.
HugoDrax  +   797d ago
I don't think it's scrambling, I just believe Mrs.Julie Larson-Green is putting her foot down, and implementing change for the better at Microsoft Xbox Division.
pyramidshead  +   797d ago
Will this upgrade be at all significant?..
PIRGANEK  +   797d ago
thebigman  +   797d ago
ANY upgrade is significant, and it shows that they might be able to upclock again in the future, but as it stands now this only raised the performance to ~1.3 TFlops. If the PS4 made a similar overclock however, the performance could get into the 2.2-2.4 TFlop range.
Spoons  +   797d ago
Probably not... The difference between the two systems in specs isn't even that significant. But the slight difference there was in the first place is now a little less.
Nekroo91  +   797d ago
RROD is coming...run for your lifes. they are rushing the consoles improving the performance = more heat, without changing the components and they dont have enough time to test everything till november
PIRGANEK  +   797d ago
Lol, you've earned this Agree.
majiebeast  +   797d ago
Would only be better if you put Kaz his face on the asian Driver and Ballmer on the kid.
from the beach  +   797d ago
Great job!
Loki86  +   797d ago
Every fanboy still not considering the eSRAMs ability to read/write simultaneously. Which could significantly boost GPU performance in a standalone operation. We'll just have to wait and see, but the latency for seamless tasks will run much better on the X1. This is coming from someone who is buying a PS4 at launch barring a disaster by Sony at gamescom.
AnteCash  +   797d ago
eSRAM is not a benefit its a bottleneck to the xbox, its only 32MB with 102gb/s,the ddr3 is still at 68GB/s.
Loki86  +   797d ago
It's most certainly not a bottleneck. ESRAM has more stability in development because of its flexibility. If you can open both channels at the same time on the ESRAM due to the Hyper V on X1 when used in congruency with the much faster ESRAM It actually will lead to significant upgrade to the total teraflops registered by the GPU.
AnteCash  +   797d ago
Its only 32 megs lol, you know how small that is, its a bottleneck period, link me where it says different.

Where you get that garbage, lol.
#20.1.2 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(11) | Report
andibandit  +   797d ago

Loki86  +   797d ago
Please have an idea what you are reading if you want to debate with me and read my posts. The read/write of the ESRAM can have both channels open to allow information to get the GPU more quickly, thus allowing for a faster transfer rate and increased teraflops. This happens because the throughput on the GPU is essentially performing both tasks at once instead have to stop and process the read vs write separately.
AnteCash  +   797d ago
So expert tell me , 1.3TFLOPS of x1 is false?
What is the real TFlops ?

And for your info ram in ps4 can also read /write.

How about you stop pretending you know what you talking about, but i guess you like xbone noobs eating your shitand you like to watch
#20.2 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Loki86  +   797d ago
Obviously you are fighting a losing battle since you are resorting to insults. I work on developing Azure software and have a hand in the engineering of our 3rd party products, so I would say I have a pretty good idea what I am talking about. Anyways, the minimum tflops would be 1.3, but the max would be how well they utilize the ESRAM, which only MS knows.

EDIT: No the PS4 GDDR5 unified Ram is much more latency sensitive because it cannot read/write at the same time.
#20.2.1 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report
joeorc  +   797d ago

you are not correct!

"EDIT: No the PS4 GDDR5 unified Ram is much more latency sensitive because it cannot read/write at the same time."

YES IT CAN, you would know this if you read Mark Cerny's key note! there is something included inside the PS4 that bypasses something, let me see if you can guess what that bypass is?
Loki86  +   797d ago
You can then selectively mark all accesses by compute as 'volatile,' and when it's time for compute to read from system memory, it can invalidate, selectively, the lines it uses in the L2. When it comes time to write back the results, it can write back selectively the lines that it uses.

strifeblade  +   797d ago
I am sorry jeorc but loki just owned your argument... Mark cery says this mark cerny says that- but now its time to be quiet... just relax lol
vigilante_man  +   797d ago
Overclocking your GPU is not good for a system you want to run for 10 years. Keep it as is. The difference is not worth the risk to overheating, etc.

Sony & MS should release what they have and not try to make changes to keep up with each other. Any major changes should go through heavy testing and push back the release date by a few months at least.

So keep as is or push back your release date!
ElementX  +   797d ago
Such a small increase would be negligible as far as increased heat. The reason it's a small increase is because any higher would produce too much heat.
vigilante_man  +   797d ago
You won't notice straight away but over time you will. This is the nature of overclocking. You stress the hardware more.
cabbitwithscissors  +   797d ago
This is most likely pure overclocking of the GPU. Like most performance enhancing features and capabilities, every ounce you eke out in terms of speed, there will be issues with others such as reliability and heat output. All of this compounded will cause a cascade effect on all other components of the system since most of it is integrated. Furthermore, looks like the xbone is also going to be a tad bit louder than previously thought, unless they change the cooling.

That said, all these components are likely running within their optimum parameters, and perhaps the change of MHz is still within the zone for all the other components to be maintained as is.

Another thing is that all these changes need to be tested out for confirmation on its viability. Testing products can take a long time depending on what tests are being run. There are a battery of tests with different scenarios and I doubt that xbone has been run through all of these in such a short amount of time. This is a timebomb just waiting to blow if you ask me.
#21.1.2 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
nukeitall  +   797d ago
The difference is that when you overclock at home, your silicon isn't necessary tested for that heat output nor the stress, hence the reduced time.

If you test it properly, then it is no different than shipping a part that is designed for it. That is how they chips anywhere.

Chips that fail the test, gets booted down the hierarchy and sold as a lower spec part.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   797d ago
The final hardware to be unveiled this month at the Hotchips Symposisium on Aug 27 .
SpecialK  +   797d ago
I dont think they did this in response to the PS4.

Just like how the esram preformed better than expected. They probably just found out that the GPU could give more without overheating, so they did it.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   797d ago
They are tweaking the GPU it is cusrom GCN 2.0
FITgamer  +   797d ago
If they already had the more powerful system do you think they would have done this? If not it's in response to the PS4.
CC-Tron  +   797d ago
Why would they be responding to the PS4's specs? The PS4 has shown no games (I mean literally none) that would force them to react in the least. Think about it. X1 games were running on powerful X1 dev kits and later MS announces each X1 will be a dev kit (or THE dev kit). Coincidence? We'll soon find out at Hotchips.
#23.2.1 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
annus  +   797d ago
GPU drivers are very common...

It's like saying every PS3 update was in response to 360.
SpecialK  +   796d ago
Its such a small increase that if it really is a response to the ps4, its a very weak one.

I think that its probably just a driver update, or they found a way to make the system a little more efficient. The ps4 had no part in it.
PSjesus  +   797d ago
That's stupid if they dont have the time even to upgrade the software that shipped with Xbox and you need first update to remove DRM
so how it's possible they got the time to open each box and replace hardware
hobohunterz  +   797d ago
They don't have to replace the component to up the speed by 53mhz
tigertron  +   797d ago
Increasing the GPU speed is good, but I'm concerned that the console is coming out in 3 months time and it appears as though the specs still haven't been finalised, not to mention over-clocking the system could cause overheating issues...
JohnCartenper  +   797d ago
It's a mobile GPU stuck on a HUGE cooling-oriented machine.
I'm sure 53 mHz overclock are not gonna do much heating-wise, especially since they didn't touch Voltage.
DJ  +   797d ago
They'll launch this year, but it'll be a soft launch due to manufacturing issues. They're 3 months behind, so we'll get units on shelves. But expect something like 500,000 units at launch and not much after that until January. Sure their PR can spin it as "Hey we're totally sold out!", but then Sony can say (assuming all goes well) "We outsold them 4:1 this holiday season."
thexmanone  +   797d ago
bromtown  +   797d ago
53MHz? I'm surprised Microsoft didn't announce it as 53000Hz EXTRA PERFORMANCE... 5 BILLION TRANSISTORS... XBOX ONE! Haha... That is like pouring a glass of water on a forest fire, it's not going to allay anyone's fears.
andibandit  +   797d ago
Did they stop teaching math at school or something?
bromtown  +   797d ago
Haha, oops.

*53,000,000, but you get my gist.
DJ  +   797d ago
5% increase from before? So it's now PS4 is what, just below 50% faster in GPU terms? I'm really curious about Microsoft's hardware team. The Surface Tablet was low resolution, slow and overpriced. And now the Xbox One is slow, huge, and overpriced.

Goes to show just how good Sony's development team is if the PS4 is half the size of an Xbox One and cheaper to build.
mmj  +   797d ago
This is quite surpising seeing as how not long back there were reported to be yield problems, I hope they haven't disabled portions of the GPU in order to increase yields (and therefore been able to increase clockspeed).

For those who don't know what I mean it's normal practice within the GPU industry for manufacturers to disable some portions of the GPU when yields are poor, this enables them to have more functioning chips and because the weakest portions of the GPU have been disabled it often means that clockspeed can be increased.
#28 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ATi_Elite  +   797d ago
53 MHZ increase....WOW OMG, that's like MAYBE another 1 to 3 FPS increase and that's without POST PROCESSING or fancy Eye Candy.

If MS can do this without a major HEAT increase then GREAT but you need a 100MHZ increase before Overclocking "Magic" begins to happen like better OVERALL performance.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   797d ago
Confirmed NO heat increase...

"Hey guys

Lots of interesting comments on the GPU upgrade.

Let me put this out there. I know there is doubt about the “truth” of what we say, so some of you will believe me, and others won’t. But here goes…

We set aggressive targets for reliability, performance, yields, and noise. Those things always have to be balanced. We want this box to have rock-solid reliability. We want it to be DEAD quiet (and let me tell you, X1 is quieter than the new Xbox 360 we just released). And we wanted killer game performance. But those targets are in conflict with each other.

What we’ve found through the development process is we were able to actually exceed our goals on the thermals and acoustics. This gave us headroom to increase the clock speed without any hit to noise, reliability, or heat, so we took the opportunity to bump the GPU. I get it’s only 6% or so, but that could translate to a few FPS in the real world.

I know there are many conspiracy theories out there about how and why we make decisions. I can tell you – this was something we were hoping to be able to do for a while. So we were prepared for this. Nobody should worry this puts us at any risk or people are scrambling at this decision.
voodoogts  +   797d ago
Mark Cerny said On Feb 2013 Sony sold two of there buildings for 1.2 billion dollars and laid off thousands of employees in order for the business to stay afloat.  They must be doing something right.
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