Next gen is also about the "innovations" you can't see, says Xbox One developer

It's not just what goes into the game, says Forza 5 boss, it's how those games are made

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golding891877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Innovations is what the Xbox one brings to the table..PS4 is just bulked up graphics..nothing my ps3 won't really do..except the Video record and sharing... Don't get me wrong .I will get a ps4 and xbox one within a month :-p but More excited for the xbox.

JBSleek1877d ago

That's how I see it.

PS4 stuck to the status quo and for people that's good but others wanted more from a next gen machine then graphics. If that was the case and people are so entranced in graphics why not buy a gaming PC?

The_KELRaTH1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

That is so illogical when you consider that the PC is the ultimate in flexibility. Consoles, however they're marketed, are just a cut down, non upgradable PC.
Now there's nothing wrong with that and in some cases there are benefits but don't kid yourself the Xbox 1 will be doing anything different to the PS4.
What you will find is that 1 might start off with a neat feature missing in the other but then up pops a OS patch and then both will have it - just look how different the PS3 OS is today compared to launch.

HugoDrax1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Right! If I upload screen captures I have taken of Tomb Raider running on my PC it will showcase the graphic power of a serious gaming PC.


I agree with you to a certain extent, but the biggest change in OS design goes to Microsoft. Look at the history of updates and how the UX user interface changed with almost every major spring update. PS3 pretty much remained the same in terms of user interface, just like the XMB never changed on psp. I remember getting my PS3 and being somewhat disappointed that the user interface was almost identical to my psp interface. Although, that wasn't necessarily a bad thing as cohesiveness of the OS across devices was the right move.

xHeavYx1877d ago

You guys keep using your gaming console to monitor your heartbeat and to switch between TV and Skype. I'll be over here using my gaming console to play games

JBSleek1877d ago

"You guys keep using your gaming console to monitor your heartbeat and to switch between TV and Skype. I'll be over here using my gaming console to play games."

You can be a gaming console and a multimedia console. Basically your statement is really one sided. So do you fault a gaming PC from being able to do more than gaming? No of course you don't.

Do you fault your phone for doing more than calling?

Do you fault the PS3 for playing movies and being the #1 streaming service on Netflix?

But you do find fault that the Xbox One can do more than just gaming?

Are you serious?

No_Limit1877d ago

" I'll be over here using my gaming console to play games"

I'll be using my system to play Forza 5, Dead rising 3, and Killer Instinct at launch, oh...and also monitor my heartbeat and to switch between TV, interacting with my NFL gameday, Windows 8 apps, and Skype.. :)

sarcastoid1877d ago

What's so innovative about xb1? The cloud? The entire cloud argument exists simply because MS found out the ps4 was going to be more powerful and thus they needed to create this huge spin that the cloud is somehow going to magically make games way better and faster. Sounds great, right? It absolutely cannot be what MS is promising it will be. It'll be nothing more than matchmaking, stat tracking & driveatars. The ONLY way this could theoretically work like MS wants everyone to think it will, is if the machine was always online. --not 24 hour check ins-- actually always online. And even then there's latency issues to deal with that I won't even get into.

Is TV innovative? TV itself isn't... I guess you could argue that running your cable box through your console is innovative but in reality it's doing something for the sake of doing something. It's not needed, nor will it enhance anything. Just a different way to do something we've always been able to do--switch over to TV after/while playing games.

Apps? ... I think I can safely say we all pretty much have MULTIPLE devices now to use apps with. Why is this necessary for a console? Again, just a different way to do something we've already been doing. It's not innovative.

And I'm not implying the PS4 is innovative, either. But it knows it's role. It's a gaming device. No spin needed. No BS.

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NegativeCreepWA1877d ago

I think we'll see innovations from both companies and third party devs next gen, especially in the online areas of games. Online gaming is going to be big or at least features that involve being online.

MWong1877d ago

Don't know why you got a disagree (haters are always going to hate and fanboys will always be fanboys).

I agree with you, we will be seeing a lot of innovations from both companies and third party devs.

green1877d ago

This is one of the reasons that i am happy that a massively improved Kinect is going of be included in the box of every X1. And if Microsoft confirms that WinRT apps can run easily on X1, then we could really see some very cool applications and gameplay features in the very near future.

As for Forza 5, i got to agree. Apart from the fact that it looks stunning, the drivetar concept if actually a game changer for racing games in my opinion if it works as advertised.

annaleo1877d ago

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stuna11877d ago

The question that I ask to everyone who agrees with your statement is, why can't the same hold true for the PS4? If people believe that the PS4 only have pretty graphics to offer, then their in for a rude awakening! Example, Sony revolutionised the physical format that we enjoy our gaming on today! No fanboyish comment either, this a known fact! They have accomplish this 3 generations in a row, some might not agree and that's fine, but reality speaks for itself.

Even something most people never even take into account is the PS2 was the first true backwards compatible console ever, because it had the hardware built in, without the need for an adapter. What does that say about innovation!?

What I'm saying is Sony has innovated in alot of areas, even outside of gaming, to think that is going to change, because it is the start of a new generation is just wishful thinking! And I'm positive there are plenty of features that haven't been discussed when it comes to both consoles.

All in all, I am happy that Microsoft are actively making changes first and foremost by listening to their fanbase, and I hope they continually listen.

green1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

What you say about Sony can be attributed to Nintendo and Microsoft. They have all innovated in the videogame sector and Sony and Microsoft outside of gaming. That is an aspect that can not be disputed so no need to talk about it.

What we are talking about now is the future and what the respective players are bringing to the table.

I am not saying that the PS4 has no innovation. If it does unfortunately i have not seen it or they have mentioned it and i was not paying attention. Microsoft has shown that as of now they are committed to games but also are committed to other entertainment aspects and innovative features like Kinect and cloud technology which i personally find appealing.

stuna11877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


And I get that! From your standpoint as of now, can you confidently and without a shadow of a doubt say you know everything there is to know about the XB1!? If you say "NO"! Wouldn't it be reasonable to say the say that the same would hold true concerning the PS4?

On the other hand, if you say "YES"! Some cold hard facts would be needed to validate your claims.

IMO the things that we have heard, and are hearing are directly correlating to the fact that since the initial unveiling of the XB1, Microsoft has pretty much had an uphill battle ahead of them! Is it right? I really can't say, but looking at the results or, effects, I think people now are happier than they were when the initial unveil happened.

As far as the media aspect of my comment, Sony went to Nintendo with the disc format, Nintendo rejected the proposal, therefore ensuring Sony entrance into the console race, and Microsoft wasn't even in the equations.

rela82me1877d ago

As for PS4 innovation, they have the hardware, which may lead to innovative features in the future. The only real difference between ps4 and ps4 seems to be vita support, video capture, and better hardware. I could be wrong, and of course the overall console got enhanced, but as for something really NEW, I have a hard time finding a reason to pay $400 for an upgraded ps3.

If hardware were my main factor I would be building a PC rig, the innovation of new features in the X1 is what made it the first buy this generation.

No doubt I will pick up the ps4, but that will be when infamous bundle comes available.

Features I find to be innovative on the Xbox 1:

-Snap, being able to multitask on this level has never been done before on a console

-Online support, things such as their new matchmaking, cloud support, servers, and Windows RT apps make the online service that was nearly perfect for my needs even better.

-Gaming features, being able to capture gameplay is great for both consoles this generation. Using services like twitch and cloud support to enhance your gaming while multitasking is going to be great. Not to mention their new look on smartglass, I saw a demo of project spark using smartglass and they essentially was being used as a second screen.

-New ways to control, Kinect will no doubt be something that people will use in ways they never thought they would. I didn't see myself using the original Kinect in many ways, but it turned out to be not much more than 'neat' but it wasn't faster than using the control. Now however, to be in a game and be able to command the kinect to do things without even leaving the game will be a huge game changer. Not to mention the benefits of smartglass and various developer apps.
-Expandability, with features like kinect, and windows app store, this leaves so much room to expand what innovations they are able to provide in the future. VR gaming is a huge possibility this generation, and that would make great use of the kinect.

There are many other features but these peeked my interest the most.

Xsilver1877d ago

The innovation comes from games ok lets look at this gen all the groundbreaking games were mostly from Sony games are innovation tvs can do what the xbox can when it comes to Tv features ok not innovative kinect isnt shit probally wont be its the same from this gen no one wants to use it just because they showed the same shit improved doesnt make it an innovation everyone loved ps2 why because of games not gimmicks.

rela82me1877d ago

Kinect 1 was a gimmick, however there are actually useful applications for the new kinect. And when you say your TV can do everything the Xbox can do, well that is ridiculous and you know it.

The xbox can do things your PC can do as well as your phone, tv, cable box, stereo, and your ps4. Not only that it has things they CANNOT do. Refer to my list above. To deny that the Xbox One is equivalent to a smart TV is only going to dampen your possibilities as a gamer, your simply hurting yourself. You certainly aren't changing any of our minds.

Xsilver1877d ago

u can run emulators on a xbox one damn didn't know that don't ever say that the xbox can do what a PC can.

rela82me1877d ago

I never said it can do EVERYTHING a computer could do, but it takes everything that is necessary from all major electronic components that average gamers use. The xbox can do THINGS that the PC can do... Who knows though, it does allow you to use Windows RT apps now, which is going to lead to all types of innovative features by the community and MS. Which could easily allow it to run an Emulator is it doesn't violate the terms and conditions.

Xsilver1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

As restricted as Microsoft is that's a dream in itself they wont even allow people to connect kinect2.0 to their computer like they did with their first kinect, and u know how stupid they are they wanted to stop self publishing which would been a better incentive for indie devs to develop indie games that could utilize the kinect2.0 sure they allow it now but like most indies said they don't trust it will stay that way forever.And nothing the kinect can do is going to be anything gamers want. The first thing they should of did was at least show a groundbreaking game that utilizes the kinect to make people say omg that's for gaming not a bunch of developers saying oh we could add on some dumb gimmicks for it like put ur face in the game -fight champion did it don't know anyone that used it all people wanna do is play games i was playing last of us online and not once did an idea hop in my head to watch TV but i did think of Netflix and why push a feature that's not available in every country -__- pointless
even TVs have hand gestures .
P.s if they even try to operate like pcs prepare to see allot of hacked xbox's
like i said before Ps2 best selling console ever no gimmicks just games don't need an xbox to do things i can do on my laptop,TV or phone your a game console do what people expect from you. dont talk about windows like its good stop it with bing and internet explore as examples.
as far as im concern ur not in the market for a gaming console especially since the stuff u want are distractions from gaming.

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ANIALATOR1361877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

ahem 360 hasnt been relevent for about 3 years. Sony innovates with mature games like Heavy Rain, Beyond, The Last Of Us. Xbox just uses rehashes of Gears, Halo, Fable which are the epitemy of games for nerds and idiots who play games for "gunz and blood". Sony is always pushing for this entertainment sector to become more adult and not looked down upon as a geeks hobby. Microsoft are completely the opposite.

rainslacker1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Perhaps instead of making a broad general statement, you can say what Xbox One "brings to the table" and how that will improve our game play experience. Perhaps at the same time you can state why you feel that the only advancement that the PS4 gives is graphics, and why you feel that the Xbox One will deliver on a software basis, feature wise, that the PS4 is not capable of doing. I would personally ask if you could name something other than Kinect that will bring new game software features to the Xbox One, because like most 360 owners, and almost every other "hardcore" gamer this gen, no one gives a damn about Kinect or motion control

I have nothing against your view, just wondered why you feel this way. If more people put out what I ask above maybe there could be some real discussion instead of the apparent trolling that comes from statements worded such as yours.

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SuperLupe1877d ago

"Next gen is also about the "innovations" you can't see"

This alone is pretty much more valuable than what Mark Cerny has ever said about next gen gaming.

Me-Time1877d ago

Well, would you look at that. I was the 2nd Disagree to your comment.

elhebbo161877d ago

Why you have to bring up Mark Cerny?

Me-Time1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

No weather, no time change and I think no night tracks?

Hopefully the Indy license isn't the only new form of motorsport in FM5. And hopefully Xbox One will support more steering wheels than the "exclusive" Thrustmaster. I'm not sure how it'll end up being, but a new Thrustmaster will be the only wheel available for the Xbox One. Considering that my brother's going to be getting one, I would have care to get FM5 if my G27 could be used for it.

At most, two minutes after I made this comment, THERE was a Disagree. Explain yourself? Is it because you think I didn't read the article?

Edit 2 -
"In many ways I feel like the last ten years have lead up to this game for us. We would not be capable of making this game two years ago."

Let me be a fanboy. What about Gran Turismo? The 15 person team at the time took five years to make the first GT starting in 1992. Some thing(s) were possible on the PS2 that weren't on the PS3, so I'm saying that I really REALLY can't wait to see what the opposition to Forza will do. pCARS, Assetto Corsa, GT6 are the games to look out for when comparing to Forza Motorsport. Take into account what pCARS and GT does (I don't know much about Assetto Corsa) and think "the Drivatar" is better than those two games that I mentioned. At least with GT, we know that it's never had customization that rivals FM and the online infrastructure/system is too new to compare. With GT6, we can be fair about it.

Firan1877d ago

Don't be so concerned about dislikes. Doing that usually gets you even more.

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Seafort1877d ago

Sony advertisied the PS4 as a gaming console first and foremost. That's what it does best. No one knows what else it can do really as that wasn't their primary goal.

Its the complete opposite of Microsoft as they advertised their GAMES console as a jack of all trades with TV and skype at the forefront of their goals.

They both have video sharing/streaming, both play games, both have internet access and "cloud" capabilities.

But there's one difference for me and that's I don't trust one of the console manufacturers. They'll backstab you as soon as you turn your back. That's Microsoft for you.

I'm a PC gamer first and Playstation 2nd so I've had to put up with MS monopoly on Windows for 10+ years now and how they treated their customers with contempt.

You wouldn't trust a scorpion not to sting you as it's in their nature. Same applies to Microsoft.

CynicalKelly1877d ago

Sony didn't bother to encrypt your personal data and attempted to hide it from everyone for a week before the CIA investigated them but of course. Yes. Those guys are the trustworthy ones.

Don't fool yourself. None of these companies are trustworthy. If they didn't have to compete with each other in order to win over consumers, the consoles would suck because they would put as little time and effort into the consoles and charge far too much for them. As evident by history.

ironwolf1877d ago

They also thought it was a marvelous idea to insert root kits on millions of customer computers. Then when they got caught, and had to provide a way to remove it, they replaced it with another. They weren't concerned with the customer until they were sued and government investigations began. Yes Sony CARES about their customers.

WarThunder1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I agree.

Im also a a PC gamer...I see no innovation with the X1...

I never trusted MS and never will.

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