In Pursuit Of The Truth About Gamers

From eGamer, "Over the last few years, I’ve been in pursuit of the answer to the complicated question of: what defines a gamer? To answer this question, I have been writing a research thesis, although specifically focused on gaming in a subcultural sense, owing to my academic background in studies revolving around culture, subculture and consumerism. This is what many Humanities (or Liberal Arts, if you’re American) students do in the latter years of academia, particularly when it comes down to the postgraduate grind. To say that this has been a grind is no mere understatement of how much of a conundrum this very topic has been. There have been a couple of articles on this very site, mine included, that have attempted to conceptualise hardcore, casual gamers and actually define what a gamer is. The problem herein lies with the lack of coherence within the cultural paradigm of gaming, and the inter-subjectivity of gamers themselves. In more layman terms, gamers can be a picky bunch and coming to some actual conclusive criteria that discern what constitutes being a gamer, is a most tremendous task".

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