Dragon’s Crown Sells More than 300,000 Units in Japan Between Retail and Download

The good news keep coming for Vanillaware's masterpiece Dragon's Crown, as the publisher Atlus just took to Twitter to spread some smiles about the sales numbers of the game.

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Need4Game1880d ago

Great Games need Great Boobs for Great Sales.

chestnut11221880d ago

Great Game even without the boobs :) Multiplayer is really the most important part of these game :)

Abriael1880d ago

Exactly. The game is great. It'd sell awesome even without the bewbs.

chestnut11221880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )


Why did we get a lot of dislikes in just a short amount of time o_0

DOes it mean people buy it just for the boobs?
-_- .

savaroth1880d ago

It means guys like boobs. Get over it already ;)

kreate1880d ago

I kinda doubt ppl bought this game for boobs...

miyamoto1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Not only will I have a great awesome game on August 6, 2013 I am supporting Atlus in the process.

In August 6, 2013 Atlus and Vanillaware will take my $50 I won here at N4G for my comments!

$50 Well spent!

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1880d ago
Calm Down Sunshine1880d ago

There are words somewhere on this page... I'm sure of it..

fsfsxii1880d ago

Glad to hear, Vanillaware deserves it.
Now now, august 6th better hurry up

SIX1880d ago

Atlas: suck on them melons Capcom.

Abriael1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Not just Capcom, but also all the ignorant and stuck up reviewers that docked points off the game because they can't stand to see some pixel flesh like Polygon or the Escapist.

r211880d ago

Wait, the Escapist? They didnt do anything against DC. They even gave the game a 4/5.

P_Bomb1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Escapist gave it the lowest score on meta' actually. 3/5 for a 60%. Both the lowest reviews came from women actually. Hmm.

The Vita took a couple of the highest reviews as well. One bugger about Vita double releases like this, are the good reviews cannibalize eachother, usually lowering the PS3's average on meta' (eg. Guacamelee, Sound Shapes, Machinarium, PS All Stars, this).

Toon_Link1880d ago

I really want to pick this game up. If it wasn't for the promotion for fire emblem and shin megame I'd be buying it this month. It's been a tight month for extra spending money and I can only afford 1 game and its really hard to pass on the 30 dollar credit Nintendo is offering. Maybe ill try and sell my body on the street.

Damn responsibilities, damn them to hell!!

TongkatAli1880d ago

Idk, when you compare those two games to the masterpiece that is Dragons Crown.

Toon_Link1880d ago

Lol great reply. You sir have changed my mind.

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The story is too old to be commented.