Gran Turismo 6, Why You Should Be Eyeing The New Movie Sony's Fuelling

Gran Turismo 6 is the latest instalment of the prestigious Gran Turismo series. Since the original Playstation game, the series has gone from strength to strength with each new iteration, and now we're even expecting a movie from Sony based on it. So why should you be keeping an eye on this movie? What's going to make it better than every other movie made from videogame source material?

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Maddens Raiders1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

I love GT, but I'm not loving the site. That thing needs some work. The article is poorly edited and discusses the "power of the PS4" and says "Sony have been able to develop AI for multiple aspects of the cars players will be driving..." as if GT6 for the PS4 has been officially announced for this fall.

I will watch GT the movie, but not because of this article.

1782d ago
CRAIG6671782d ago

Not buying until it's inevitable PS4 release...

Cam9771782d ago

This website isn't very good. The film, however, will be.

blanket141782d ago

I love gt games since the first one but how could they make it into a movir?

Me-Time1782d ago

It's totally open to interpretation. It's in the hands of the writer(s).