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About Twenty Companies Including Sega Made a Bid on Atlus, 20 Billion Yen Offered

Looks like things are starting to get heated on the war for the acquisition of Atlus. About twenty companies including Sega made a bid on the studio. (3DS, Atlus, PS Vita, PS3, Sega, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Jreca  +   259d ago
They are worth it. I hope some third party retailer can take them and assure it's independence.
Kevlar009  +   259d ago
3rd party does seem ideal. Everyone wins
Toon_Link  +   259d ago
3rd party would be great, but I was really hoping Atlus would have bought their independence.
ZodTheRipper  +   259d ago
Are there any 3rd parties that could support Atlus enough? Sega would be a joke, I'm still hoping for Sony, I want to see some RPG greatness for PS4.
Need4Game  +   259d ago
SONY !!!
DeFFeR  +   259d ago
I'd be okay with Sony buying them, but I would definitely miss playing ATLUS games on my 3DS.

It would also probably kill any chance of the Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem cross-over game that was in the works :/
Ritsujun  +   259d ago
Sony and Atlus both deserve each other.
Reibooi  +   258d ago
3rd party is what I hope happens but more then that I want someone who can provide the funding they need and just leave them alone so they can continue making the great games they make without someone dumbing them down for stupid reasons.

Atlus games are so great because they don't fear taking on very mature themes and subject matter and if the wrong people get them then they may screw with that.
guitarded77  +   258d ago
I'm for 3rd party, but I can't think on one big 3rd party pub that would be a great match.

As for Sony or Nintendo... I'd trust Sony more to allow them to take chances, and make more adult driven games. I don't see an ideal situation with either though.
DragonKnight  +   258d ago
I hope that none of the following get Atlus.

Sega, Capcom, EA, Activision, Microsoft.

All of those companies would be the death of Atlus.

It would be interesting if Square-Enix picked them up, but still worrisome.
pixelsword  +   258d ago
That could be a console game-changer; DS and DkS were the "Castlevania" of this gen, and I could see myself buying the console that went exclusive on.

The only problem is if companies like EA gets their hands on them because they love to impose things on games which don't need them.
gaffyh  +   258d ago
They're in a 24.5 billion yen debt, and have bids of up to 20 billion, surely they would just take the highest bid? Although, Atlus themselves probably have a say as they probably don't want to be bought out by a company that will ultimately change the publisher for the worse.
AbortMission  +   258d ago
I agree. I want Atlus to remain free but if a Big 3 company were to buy them, I definitely would want Sony to do so. Sony is very lenient and encouraging with their devs to make the best games. MS is horrible at that and Nintendo is a dying ship at best.

But for now, I want Atlus to stay independent and 3rd party. Or perhaps one day they'll be able to buy themselves off?
knockknockannefrank  +   258d ago
honestly if sega/sammy is the name mentioned in the article then i would say its a safe bet that they are the largest and most well known company bidding on atlus

if sony or nintendo were bidding i think it would have been leaked
AzureskyZ  +   258d ago
I dont want sega to win this-- they have a history of not releasing jrpgs out in the states-- pso2 , shinging series, valk 3-- i think marvelous or nis is the best choice
RedDevils  +   258d ago
Come on Sony!
miyamoto  +   258d ago
Atlus will have my $50 this August 6,2013.

Come to me Dragon's Crown baby!
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TronEOL  +   258d ago
It's gotta be a damn good 3rd party (Ubisoft, Valve, etc), or Sony. If they want to keep their creative freedom, it's gotta be one of those choices.

I can only see Sega or Sony knowing what to do with them though. And at least with Sony, they're guaranteed creative freedom, and help from Sony's other first parties, using Sony's in-house dev engine if they choose.

My only issue with that is that they'd become Sony exclusive if Sony bought them, and I'd feel bad for others since Atlus makes games for all platforms.
zeal0us  +   259d ago
I just hope Atlus don't experience the same situation Rare went through after they got brought out by Microsoft.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   258d ago
Reason Nintendo need them. Bith Intelligent System and SMT, Etrian Odyssey, Trauma, Persona same developer are working together anyway. Not only that Index owes Nintendo over 100m.
DonFreezer  +   258d ago
What are you smoking about?What game did Rare ask Microsoft to make and they refused to cooperate?Are you that buthurt? I think Nintendo should be the winning bidder. The Wii U needs a huge rpg alongside Xenoblade to become the must have console for rpg gamers. And since most publishers are buthurt on Nintendo they should buy them.
Myze  +   258d ago
Main problem with Nintendo, at least for me, is that they would probably never have a major release on a console again. The handheld games are great and all, but I'm a MUCH bigger fan of console games. I don't want to see Persona be exclusive to handhelds (3DS or Vita).
Donnieboi  +   259d ago
Hell NO not SEGA! They don't even publish Valkyria Chronicles 3 in the west. SEGA is a total mess right now. Would prefer Gung Ho!
Protagonist  +   259d ago
Here is hoping for Sony, since its "a bid on the studio behind Persona and Catherine"
nirwanda  +   259d ago
Segas not in a mess the made $131million profit last quarter, sega are good at making the right game for the right pc/console.
KillaManiac  +   259d ago

Where current Atlas would bring over SO much we can't even get Valkyria Chronicles 3 or hell where is the Phantasy Star Online 2 that was announced for the west but suspended indefinitely over a year ago.
ziggurcat  +   259d ago

... And they published demon's souls, as well as 3d dot game heroes...
Donnieboi  +   259d ago
Why do they only mention SEGA? Who are the other bidders?
Muffins1223  +   258d ago
My guess sony
pixelsword  +   258d ago
Yeah; the big boys are probably breaking bread with Atlus because I can't see any independent game company kicking around the big numbers.
Xer0_SiN  +   259d ago
as much as i would like them for be strictly independent, the most logical choice for them is to be acquired by sony. sony would give them the freedom they deserve and atlus already has a fantastic standing with sony and their products. its a win-win really.
MrMister  +   259d ago
Although 3rd party would be ideal, the best of the 1st party companies would indeed likely be Sony. Sony's company named Aniplex produces and distributes Atlus's films, and soundtracks. So at least there's no worries about their films being cancelled or cut off. Also Sony would never censor them.

If I could choose a 3rd party, it would be Gung Ho (wealthy, acquired niche japanese devs such as the makers of Tenchu and the devs of Mind Zero (a blatant Persona knockoff), and works with Suda 51 (who is NO stranger to controversial games). Also XSEED's parent company (Marvelous AQL), would be good as they already acquired Atlus's online division not too long ago. But Marvelous AQL may not have the money to buy them. Gung Ho Online, however, makes about $4 million a day (due simply to their Puzzles and Dragons game), and is already worth countless billions. Plus they've published console games like the recent Ragnarok game and some others.
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helghast102  +   259d ago
That would mean either breaking their contract for SMTxFE and getting sued, or Sony paying for Wii U development.

They need to remain third party, you fanboys just want to shove your exclusives in everyone's face.

I hope Nippon Ichi Software is trying to get in on this, they'd be a great choice.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   258d ago

SMTxFE is a 3ds game, not a wii u.
helghast102  +   258d ago
Please don't try to correct me with falsities.
It's a Wii U game.

Myze  +   258d ago

I believe Atlus Co. is well over twice the size of Nippon Ichi Software, so I don't that's gonna work.

I do agree they should stay 3rd party.

However, about the SMTxFE project. They could require, on being bought, that all current projects are completed if bought by, say, Sony. That would not be an uncommon occurance, as similar situations have happened in the past. Also, it is very unlikely they could be sued for abandoning development, and we know zero details about any contract in play.
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Xer0_SiN  +   258d ago
the great thing about atlus is they are edgy. they arent afraid to take a chance. you guys remember demons soul? they arent afraid to fill the gap for the niche market. i a way they remind me of working design. those of you that are privelaged to remember that company.
rainslacker  +   258d ago
Even being a Sony fan I would prefer Atlus to stay independent, even if brought out by a big 3rd party. Although IF a first party was the only choice, I'd say Sony for the same reasons you listed.

As far as those concerned for crossovers, keep in mind that if those games are in the works, contracts will already have been drawn up, and anyone buying them would have to honor any existing contracts as they would be part of the purchase, even if it's a first party publisher. It's possible they could break the contract if they felt it was a serious threat to their own brand, however given the nature of Atlus games, it would likely still be profitable, so best just to ride it out for future exclusivity on new games.
Tr10wn  +   259d ago
Apart from Persona and shin megami tensei and maybe growlanser i don't know how you can justify 201 millions for that company, Sega is seen something i don't.

nvm, they make bunch of 3ds games now i understand the interest in that company, 3ds=money.
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MoveTheGlow  +   259d ago
Not only that, they make some of the best 3DS games out there if you've got a love of RPG's and the guts to face down some of the most cruel developers in the business. Maybe 3DS doesn't equal money from the start, but with the following they have on that system, they sure do.
nirwanda  +   259d ago
JRPGs sell like crazy in Japan for obvious reasons and right now the 3DS is by far and away the most popular console, so being with a publisher that deals with Nintendo is probably essential.
rainslacker  +   258d ago
Because that's what they're worth, or have the potential to be worth. Companies are looking at their potential revenue/profitability, and Atlus has already proven to have both high revenue and profitability. Only gamers judge a companies worth based on the games they make...although a lot of times the quality of a studios games is directly linked to their worth.

BTW...those 3 IP's you mentioned alone are probably worth at least 100 million. Do you have any idea how many copies they sell on any release holding those names. Atlus itself is both a publisher and developer with several studios under it's wings. They have quite a few IP's that are quite valuable.

Here's a list of all their games as both publisher or developer

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Craigatorian  +   259d ago
why did they specifically point out Sega?
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ABizzel1  +   258d ago
Sony, Nintendo, and Namco would be best for Atlus IMO

Capcom, Square, or Sega are possible if they get their stuff together. (Capcom stop the ripping off, Square stop over spending, Sega start developing better games).
showtimefolks  +   258d ago
here is hoping sony gets them
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Kevlar009  +   259d ago
The plot thickens. Wish we knew more on who all bid, guess we'll have to wait and find out
_QQ_  +   259d ago
but who had the highest bid? wish we had a list of the bidders.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   259d ago
I dont think a list like that will be available, but i'd wanna see a list like that also.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   259d ago
wish sony would pick them up. Atlus has some serious front runner potential with a lot of its software. would be great to see sony promise us some crazy exclusives down the road.
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Abriael  +   259d ago
No, a first party would just cut Atlus' wings instead of making them a "front runner".
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edgeofsins  +   259d ago
Cause Sony limits their first party? From what we see they give them plenty of time and a ton of help in their projects.
Groo  +   259d ago
I'm sure EA, Activision or Sega wouldn't cut Atlus' wings right?
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   258d ago
what in the world would ever give you that idea? many of the most creative, beautiful and truly outlandish games are exclusives, be it sonys, nintendos or microsofts. i dont know where youve been for the last 6 years, but its definitely multiplatform mindset that often kills creativity and ambition.

also, several development heads have stated how great and supportive sony is as a company to work with.
Firan  +   259d ago
No because Atlus develops and publishes many games outside Sony platforms. Making Atlus any platform exclusive would just limit their overall offering.

If you really like Atlus then you know that 3rd party is the best solution.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   258d ago
absolutely not. historically speaking, most of the more creative, and whacky higher quality titles have definitely been exclusive. multi platform is a creativity killer. 3rd party does definitely not expand their horizons by any means.
Firan  +   258d ago
Exclusive yes but their series are for many consoles. If Sony, Nintendo or MS would buy Atlus, then they would only develop for one brand. That would suck.

3rd party does not expand their horizons? Of course it does. Instead of 1 console, they can develop and publish games for any console they want.

I don't know why are you mentioning multiplatform since the only multiplatform game they have developed is Catherine. Their other games were released exclusively and some were ported for other consoles later on.
rainslacker  +   258d ago
I think for the discussion you have to seperate the games that Atlus develops, and the ones they just publish. Atlus doesn't own all of the developers of the games they publish. Sometimes they will fund developers projects, or seek out 3rd party developers to create a game they want to publish.

Going first party may cut out a lot of those types of games. However, things like Persona, SMT, Growlanser, etc, would belong to a new 1st party effectively making them exclusive.

I personally would rather see them stay 3rd party. I don't want anyone to have to not play their games because they don't want to get a particular system. If they do stay 3rd party, I hope they remain autonomous and can continue to run their company the way it's always been run. I'd imagine the really big 3rd parties would bring those IP's under their own banner to increase it's brand recognition.
DiRtY  +   259d ago

Zipper Interactive: Bought by Sony in 2006, closed forever in 2012.

BigBig Studios: Bought by Sony in 2007, closed forever in 2012.

--> Sony is so supportive!

Rare: Bought by MS in 2002, still running and expanding.

--> MS killed Rare, because I don't like their games even though they sell great.

<3 N4G
Groo  +   259d ago
and how well are the ones that Sony owns now doing these days?
DiRtY  +   259d ago
Well it depends. Naughty Dog, Santa Monica are doing just fine and have good sales numbers.

Team ICO and the Last Guardian on the other hand is probably the perfect example of mismanagement.
trouble_bubble  +   259d ago
Rare was a disaster this gen considering MS paid 375 million for 'em. Staff left, management changed, games tanked, the whole studio was restructured from AAA to Kinect shovelware, peaking with Kinect Sports.

"Sony is so supportive!"

Jenova Chen and David Cage seem to think so, and they're 3rd party to boot
#4.3.3 (Edited 259d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(3) | Report
DiRtY  +   259d ago
Yeah, you don't like the Kinect Sports games, but they sold 8 million copies with 2 games. That is more than God of War 3 and GoW:A combined...
trouble_bubble  +   259d ago
Really? You wanna play the "combined" game VS God of War?!?!

Okay here. God of War 3 per 2012 E3 press release http://www.videogamer.com/p... sold more than all FOUR of these Rare titles COMBINED

Perfect Dark Zero = 740,000
Banjo Nuts n Bolts = 720,000
Conker = 710,000
Viva Pinata = 430,000

Get it? Got it? Good. I didn't write the articles, post the estimates or do the press releases. tis what it is
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Concertoine  +   259d ago
Sony did indeed introduce some nefarious buisiness practices when 3rd party devs were perplexed by the needlessly complex cell architecture. Youre forgeting

Zipper interactive (SOCOM, MAG)
Super Bot Games (a studio created BY sony for PSABR)
SE Liverpool aka Psyknosis (wipeout)
SE Cambridge
989 Studios made the new Twisted Metal
Incognito (old twisted metal)

All studios were bought to get exclusives out when all the crappy ps3 ports were still out there, then went under because their games sold below expectations and sony didnt care enough to give them a boost. Theres at least a few more too. Sonys good and im sure this was all fueled by the ps3's troubled early lifespan, but this doesnt deserve to be neglected when everyone bitches about MS's Rare aquisition. Because these were all great studios, and at least MS made the right descisions to keep Rare alive.
DiRtY  +   259d ago
Viva Pinata sold 1.52 million and not 430k like you claimed. You have to use the global numbers, not the NA ones.

That is 300k more than God of War: Ascension by the way.

Pretty big self own IMO.

And I said Santa Monica is posting healthy numbers anyway. All I said was Rare, as it is today, is a very healthy and profitable studio. And when you see studios dropping left and right, like SCE Liverpool. BigBig and Zipper, this is not a given.
cee773  +   258d ago

The viva piñata numbers are global in fact all the links is global.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   258d ago
-zipper was nothing but a lackluster team of developers for years. glad sony gave them a chance but what it comes down to is that the developer talent just isnt there. nothing sony could have done about it. but OKAY, ill even give you that one.

-Bigbig studios? HAHAHAHA! IS THAT THE BEST YOUVE GOT? bro...their sole purpose was to develop small portable games for PSP. theyre one of the smallest companies out there. im so sorry you were apparently so deeply affected by their closing, but rest assured their parent company (evolution studios) is alive and kickin'. so no worries there! ;)

lol who even brings up rare as a strong point for MS's? Rare is trash since it was bought by MS. they ruined everything about the company and they have not produced a single worthwhile game since. most gamers would agree.

sony owns a slew of companies that have produced game of the year games year in and year out. most AAA games that are exclusive to xbox are made by companies they dont even own. not to mention each and every one of those companies is now developing for playstation as well. (bungie, epic, valve, ext)
TronEOL  +   258d ago
It's worth noting that most of the developers Sony shut down were offered to join up with other Sony studios. They shut down the other entity, but kept the talent.

This saves them money obviously, and retains the talent pool from the previous company.

But I hope you enjoy your casual motion games. I'm sure you'll just have a blast playing Rare games for the rest of your life.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   258d ago
after they just post a loss, spent a lot of money on PS4 development that going to go well when Atlus games get overshadowed by western games as a oppose to being on Nintendo where Atlus been more successful.
MrMister  +   258d ago
More successful? Does Nintendo let their studios be their own publishers? Atlus is a publisher. Will they let them keep publishing? Also, does Nintendo show any interest in producing (financially) Animation films, music soundtracks, comic books (manga)? Does the modern Nintendo have absolutely ZERO reserves about publishing risque content (other than Bayonetta 2)? Especially after Nintendo had banned "The Binding of Issac"? Hmmm?

Well Atlus is interested in all of those things. So if Nintendo owned them, we would see a change so drastic in atlus that they would never be the same again. Ever. I don't mind it if Nintendo still has some or even all of Atlus's games on it's system, but NOT as an exclusive first party dev. The amount of things that would be stripped from Atlus would render it as a totally different entity. 3rd party is the best option...even for Nintendo fans. Because as a 3rd party Atlus is more free and can be as offensive (violence, sexually, and religiously offensive (unlike The Binding of Issac was allowed to be) as they want to be. It's far better for Atlus fans who fell in love with all aspects and it's edginess. Nintendo may let them get away with it as a 3rd party. But I don't want to risk it as a first party. No one knows FOR SURE that they will allow them to opperate as usual. So a 3rd party with similar interests as Atlus (publishing, animation/media, etc, very offensive and sensitive subject matter, etc). And don't give me that hoopla about Nintendo buying edgy games like Bayonetta 2. Games like that are a needle in a haystack with Nintendo (especially with the current way it's run). A 3rd party with Atlus's interest in mind would ease alot of worry in the hearts of Atlus fans, as well as allow Atlus to run as a publisher while still getting financial support from it's 3rd party owner/partner.
#4.4.1 (Edited 258d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report
Megaton  +   258d ago
Yeah, I think Sony's their best option. We all know what happens when Microsoft buys game companies (RIP Rare), and I think they'd just be exploited into the dirt by companies like EA, Activision, etc.
Bluepowerzz  +   259d ago
sony would smash with atlus vita would soar too
savaroth  +   259d ago
So roughly 200 million dollars for Atlus studio?
They'd better sell a lot of Persona 5 games ;)
Donnieboi  +   259d ago
I hope it was a misquote (especially sin e it said "company" that makes Persona and Catherine, as opposed to saying "development team"). I hope they meant for ALL of Atlus. To buy only the Persona team would be bad since they all help each other out. In fact, some smt guys helped with persona 4 while some persona guys helped with SMT 4. Plus what will happen to their film and music divisions?
#6.1 (Edited 259d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sherimae2413  +   259d ago
as much as i love sony! please let it be a 3rd party, let it be gungho or tecmo for the best! and........ and .........

and capcom and square enix for the worst?...... nooo....
im still bummed by that breath of fire 6! capcom!!
#7 (Edited 259d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Hicken  +   258d ago
It'd be best if they could be bought by someone who wouldn't ruin the good thing they've got going. But most of the third party companies with the money to acquire them aren't exactly reliable, in that respect. Like Capcom, as you mention.

I said it to someone else before, but I'd like it best if Sony bought them, but allowed them to continue the franchises they have on other consoles. It'd never happen, but that would be the best outcome for ATLUS, I think. And for us gamers, too.

Edit: Perhaps Sony and Nintendo could each buy like a 50% stake, so neither could get in the other's way, and both could still get all their games.
#7.1 (Edited 258d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sherimae2413  +   258d ago
is that possible? a share between ninty and sony? well if it happens... sounds good ^_^
TronEOL  +   258d ago
That last Edit you did was actually a fantastic idea. It'd probably be the first thing of it's kind happening in this industry.

I vote for this mystical option. (50/50 buyout from Sony and Nintendo)
#7.1.2 (Edited 258d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
TimeSkipLuffy  +   259d ago
I wish Sony would buy Atlus and then output more and more exclusive RPGs for the Playstation brand + some new IPs :3
MegaLagann  +   258d ago
No, no just stop with the whole "Atlus should go with Sony/Nintendo" rhetoric. The only people who would benefit are fanboys who can brag on forums that they got Persona 5 on "X" system. You know who would not benefit? Half the fanbase. If Sony were to buy Atlus, half the fanbase (the Nintendo fans) would lose, and if Nintendo were to buy Atlus, half the fanbase (the Sony fans) would lose. Also, that would mean no more Atlus USA, no more distributing and localizing games that would of never gotten over here like Dragon's Crown, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Code of Princess and more. And I know some people will bring up how I said "a first party Atlus is better than no Atlus". Yeah, but that's worst case scenario for me. Anyway, no Sony, no Nintendo, just stay third party Atlus. There, can we stop...

Oh and on a petty side note if Sony were to buy Atlus that would mean no more Etrian Odyssey games and i'd be D*MNED if that were to happen (I like the series...)
doogiebear  +   258d ago
Gee, and I was so close to clicking agree, until you did that part at the end of your statement where you tried to do that little Nintendo plug-in. Oh well. Anyway, Nintendo is only the publisher of Etrian Odyssey in Europe. They don't own it. Atlus retains that IP.
MegaLagann  +   258d ago

That wasn't a Nintendo plug-in. Etrian Odyssey only works with two screens. If Sony were to buy Atlus, that would mean no more Etrian Odyssey as you can only do it with two screen (PS4 with Vita as a controller doesn't count as it would require people to buy a separate device just to play it and no company would be stupid enough to try that... unless you're Nintendo). I'm a big Etrian Odyssey fan, so I wouldn't want to see the series go the way of the dodo bird. I don't see what's so wrong with that. People on this site have been saying for a month they don't want Nintendo to buy Atlus because they would "ruin" Persona, but no one bats an eye to that. But when I say I wouldn't want Sony to buy Atlus because Etrian Odyssey, a series I love, would cease to exist because it needs a second screen it's an "pro Nintendo agenda" even though I didn't mention Nintendo AT ALL in that last part. And in the same post I said BOTH Sony and Nintendo fans needs to stop begging for Atlus to be bought because it would be bad for everyone. But apparently that flew over some people's heads. But yes, I have a pro Nintendo agenda.
#8.1.2 (Edited 258d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
rainslacker  +   258d ago
While I admire your commitment to Etrian Odyssey, the fact remains no matter who buys them, there will likely be loses occured for many gamers around the world. The only way that things would stay the same is if Atlus is allowed to operate in it's current state as a completely separate entity from the larger corporate structure...not unlike they were with their current set up.

It's really hard to say if Sony or Nintendo would do that, or if they would want to bring it under their wing.

Keep in mind, it's possible for a 1st party to buy the company, and keep it a subsidiary operating completely independent of it's parent company. Atlus delves in quite a few areas of media, and much of it's worth would be lost if a 1st party were looking to buy it simply for their game IP's. However, it is hard to imagine they would want a company making products which benefit their competition.

I think one thing that many people are overlooking is that it's possible for a company completely unrelated to gaming specifically to buy it. Say like Viacom, AT&T, or any other various media outlets who want to gain revenues off of new business ventures. If this is the case, then it's likely to be business as normal for Atlus...or at least hopefully business close to normal.

In this I think people are being way too myopic and not seeing the bigger picture. There are way more than game companies that would be interested in Atlus as a whole. OTOH, it's quite possible that Atlus itself could be broken up into different parts for sale.
GenericNameHere  +   259d ago
With Capcom and Square Enix's astubatory-may of mobile games, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I pray to thee, Yu Narukami and Flynn and every big-breasted girl in the Devil Survivor series, PLEASE don't let those two horrible companies get a hold of Atlus! AND DEAR NO TO EA and Activision either!!!!

"bid on the studio behind Persona and Catherine."
Why Persona? It's a spin-off game, and the full title is still "Shin Megami Tensei Persona". Only Persona 4 The Golden removed the "Shin Megami Tensei" name
#9 (Edited 259d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Kaiou  +   259d ago
I doubt there are any bids from either nintendo or sony because they are not stupid enough to buy a third party company that develop on multi platforms only to significantly limit it's potential by making it release for one console.
Bluepowerzz  +   259d ago
pacostacos  +   259d ago
i want atlus games to remain multiplat!
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MegaLagann  +   259d ago
I don't know how I feel about this. Sega's been pretty shoddy with localizations lately (Yakuza 5, Phantasy Star Online 2, Valkyria Chronicles 3, anything to do with Shining Force) so the prospect of a Etrian Odyssey or Trauma Center staying in Japan doesn't sit well. On the plus side though, maybe Atlus games will finally be released in Europe... not two years later... and with a game breaking bug. Oh and the prospect of Atlus making games for iOS or digital only games? *Cringes*

Also, if Sega were to buy Atlus, what would happen to Atlus USA? Most of the games they bring out over here were not developed by Atlus, Atlus USA just got the distribution rights. So does Atlus USA go away, and say goodbye to games like Dragon's Crown, Gungir, Code of Princess and more? Or does Atlus USA absorb into Sega of America and become a little localization branch. If that were the case I would be all for that buy it remains to be seen. Hell Sega might not even win the bid. Could be a company like GunHo or Marvelous AQL.
Donnieboi  +   259d ago
Lets pray it's GungHo or Marvelous AQL. I mean, literally pray :O
SlapHappyJesus  +   259d ago
Keep it 3rd party.
Keep the player base as large as possible.
r21  +   259d ago
Capcom, SE, Sega...stay away from this studio. Some 3rd party multiplatform supporter would be grand and ideal.
Weetrice  +   259d ago
If Tecmo Koei or NIS is in the bid I'm rooting for either of them
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majiebeast  +   259d ago
Nis doesnt have the cash for this.

I dont want Sega to buy Atlus, we have been begging for ages with Yakuza and VC3 and it falls on deaf ears. Sega is a company that sabotages itself and its developers every step of the way. Only thing Sega does well is PC games.

Gungho,Marvelous or a holdings group outside of gaming would be a good choice.

I dont want
Square Enix,Capcom or Konami touching them because everything will become a freaking shitty mobile game no1 asked for.
#15.1 (Edited 259d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MrMister  +   259d ago
Damn, it's funny that you mentioned Konami. Apparently Konami is a minority shareholder for Atlus, Genki, and Sting. Also, Atlus has exclusive publishing deal to publish Sting's games. So it wouldn't be too far fetched to think that Konami may be a bidder too. But I also hope Konami doesn't get involved.

Damn, what a fine mess Index Co. made for Atlus. SMH.
Weetrice  +   259d ago
Mmm I guess your right about NIS since they don't potentially have the cash to outbid the other companies.

Gung Ho Online or Tecmo Koei are my top choices atm. I would like a company with EU/NA branch so localization for Western fans is faster.
#15.1.2 (Edited 259d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
zekk  +   259d ago
won't mind namco Bandai
blackblades  +   259d ago
Sony, namco, temcokoei mainly namco.
Agent_hitman  +   259d ago
Sony should buy atlus lol.
fsfsxii  +   259d ago
Sega... lol
We'd never see any thing outside japan from them again.
Namco... lol even more
Either go with Gung Ho and stay 3rd party, or 1st part with Sony
Moncole  +   259d ago
I hope they stay third party.
Baka-akaB  +   259d ago
Someone needs to pry this away from Sega's stiff hands . They'd be the kiss of death to some properties
CaptainSheep  +   259d ago
Aw, **** no. Not Sega.
ApolloTheBoss  +   259d ago
So long as it doesn't go to Sega, Square, or Capcom I don't care who it goes to. NOTHING will stop me from buying Persona 5.
wingman32x  +   259d ago
The plot thickens. As an NHL fan, this reminds me of trade deadline drama lol.

High profile player gets put on the market(Atlus). It draws a lot of potential suitors. The team holding the player's rights(Index), takes time to narrow the list and ultimately decide on a partner.

Now, I know this isn't a 1:1 analogy, obviously, but that's honestly what it feels like to me at this point.

Hopefully a third party gets it so things can go on as normal.
andshesays  +   259d ago
this is so worrying...

they will completely ruin Shin Megami Tensei :(..
Misaka_x_Touma  +   258d ago
Then Nintendo is the only choice.
Kratoscar2008  +   258d ago
Its the one that makes most sense too, and they probably have the biggest bid of them all they are really rich.

Iwata open tha checkbook!
nigelp520  +   259d ago
Only if Sega was more into Localizing their rceent games ill say im all for it. I kind of understand their reasons but most Atlus games are for a niche audience.BTW how many companies and studios has Sega bought in the past few years?? If their Sonic team studio was amazing I wish they would get back into hardware
Baka-akaB  +   259d ago
Even if they localized better , they have an awful record on handling their old franchise .

The only IPs they managed right were new or their newest like Yakuza or Miku . Hell they started great with Valkyria Chronicle only to fold on it .

One look at what they did or are doing with Golden Axe , Shining Force , Skies of Arcadia among many others , tells me how they'd treat most of Atlus' properties
#25.1 (Edited 259d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tiffac008  +   259d ago
Please let it be the likes of Kodakawa, Marvelous AQL, Gung Ho, Tecmo Koei or Level-5. They know how not to kill games and will have a good chance of localizing JRPGs outside of Japan and let Atlus remain 3rd party.
#26 (Edited 259d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Baka-akaB  +   259d ago
I'd hope to see a publisher used to doing dual audio games finally get a hold of atlus
listenkids  +   259d ago
Stay away Sega, when you say Shenmue and Skies of Arcadia HD releases are expected almost a year ago, you shove Sonic further down the pit and say a Wii U exclusive is for the fans? We're done.
KittyEmperor  +   259d ago
I guess since Sega was the only name really mentioned in the article that means that either Sony nor Nintendo made any bids for Atlus. We will have to wait until later to see the full list but I think that it's a safe assumption that neither of them bid on it. I guess I would be ok with Sega buying them. The only problem I have with Sega is that they aren't exactly quick with localization. Still waiting for Yakuza HD and Yakuza 5.
#28 (Edited 259d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BlaqMagiq24  +   259d ago
The only ones I can see picking Atlus up is:

Tecmo Koei
Namco Bandai

As long as Sega, Square and Capcom don't get them I'm all right with whoever.
josephayal  +   259d ago
I really hope Activision buys them
PopRocks359  +   259d ago
You're insane.
Roper316  +   258d ago
why so they can make Call of DOO Doo like every other acti dev?
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