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Submitted by gijsbrecht 848d ago | video

Killzone: Mercenary multiplayer footage escapes beta

Two high definition playthroughs of Killzone: Mercenary Warzone matches, including the Zenith map. (Killzone Mercenary, PS Vita)

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neoMAXMLC  +   848d ago
Even though I already got hands on time back during E3... I still can't freaggin' believe this is on the Vita.
Septic  +   848d ago
Yeah this really makes me want to get a VITA. Looks great and a lot of fun.
imahustla19  +   848d ago
this is worth getting the Vita. im in the beta going on right now and the game is amazing can't put it down while im at work lol.
SonyStyled  +   847d ago
you might as well pick one up now and get through a few great titles you missed
Knushwood Butt  +   848d ago
Can't wait.

My order is in.
USMC_POLICE  +   848d ago
I love how you already have one disagree must be a jealous halo fan. Jk
OlgerO  +   848d ago
Yeah man we never had something like this on a handheld
Maddens Raiders  +   848d ago
Guerilla Gods.
Ju  +   848d ago
Seeing this the second time now. It still blows me away. Can't wait for this game.
Aceman18  +   848d ago
this is how a FPS is suppose to look and play on a handheld. this would not be possible on a phone or tablet physical controls will always be the different between handhelds and other mobile devices.
thechosenone  +   848d ago
I would have thought it was running on the PS3 it looks that good. :O
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annaleo   848d ago | Spam
sherimae2413  +   848d ago
its still hard to believe this is a vita game... hope guerilla cambridge's next project is still a vita game ^_^
Kingthrash360  +   848d ago
pleasure overload. I got the home beta code ..i cant wait. a friend of mine is on right now.....teasing me with his joy.
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bigcupofSTFU  +   847d ago
quick,question When does the home beta start? i got a code earlier from a good friend of mine
Kingthrash360  +   847d ago
sometime at the end of the month...
in other words, an ETERNITY!
windblowsagain  +   848d ago
Looks great, Wonder if the gameplay is smooth enough.

Hopefully steady 30fps.
mafiahajeri  +   848d ago
Its smooth havent had any frame rate issues.
Sheikah  +   848d ago
Same experience for me.. Had someone lagging in my game, but that's it.. That's him having a piss-poor latency, and nothing to do with the vita ;).

It plays awesomely, though. Can't wait for this.
H4all  +   848d ago
Great Developer.. ♥♥♥
gameforall  +   848d ago
Only gripe is that it's 4v4.
Realy wanted it to be 8v8
jon1234  +   848d ago
the last of us is 4v4, and its fun as hell! this will work
Kinger8938  +   848d ago
4v4 suits the last of us though, i wonder how it will suit killzone
SlapHappyJesus  +   848d ago
I can't think of any other shooter on any handheld that looked nearly this solid.
Really does seem like a proper console experience on a handheld. This is what the Vita is really capable of and more games need to show for it.

This is certainly one of those games that makes concrete the thought that I will own a Vita sometime down the road.
HammadTheBeast  +   848d ago
Last great MP on handheld I remember was either Resistance Retribution 6v6, or the massive (for handheld) 32 player Medal of Honor on PSP. Both were great until they got destroyed by hackers.
Ju  +   848d ago
I hope it will trigger some sales so more developers start actually treating the Vita as a separate console and put some budget behind making games for it. Obviously it's not the tech which limits the games...
bunfighterii  +   848d ago
Looks great but needs more than 8 people, there's a lot of empty time
gijsbrecht  +   848d ago
Warzone matches in Killzone actually are more strategically orientated and last longer than matches in most other shooters. Personally I like it just fine how it looks right now.
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memots  +   848d ago
Damn , this coming out so soon and I want it so much. Between tlou , grid2 , soon gt6 and a ps4 I think my wife is going to kill me.
byeGollum  +   848d ago
This is actually quite impressive. .
mayberry  +   848d ago
I absolutly love Killzone, so this is great to see such polish!
Game4life  +   848d ago
it reminds me of halo 3 multiplayer a bit tbh. (never played a killzone game)
SonyStyled  +   847d ago
youve missed out on 2 great titles. killzone 1 was kinda bland. never got around to liberation though
Game4life  +   846d ago
well im getting the killzone vita and shadow falls. Right now i have knack and killzone for ps4 preordered.
PiperMCFierceson   848d ago | Spam
SniperControl  +   848d ago
Holy s#!t, i first thought this was KZ:Shadow Fall and that it looked pants, i then re read the the title.
This looks bloody amazing!!
CoTton_MoUtH  +   848d ago
Traded my PS3 for a vita in preparations for my PS4. great to see there's something coming out that well hold me over till November
kwiksilver99  +   848d ago
gotta spread the way people are NOT gonna get a vita after seeing the beta gameplay vids.
CaptCalvin  +   848d ago
Voice chat without the need to be in a party?
davidrego   848d ago | Spam
GABRIEL1030  +   848d ago
The beep when you kill an enemy is very comforting !

Looks amazing, but I'd like much more 6 vs 6 . :/

Also in the game you can be able o choose sides, great !

This month Dragon's Crown, the next month Killzone and at the end of the year PS4, Vita's future is coming to be promising.
SonyStyled  +   847d ago
the chirp has always been a killzone mp feature. did you not know?
kwiksilver99  +   847d ago
finally,was thinking what to call it
the 'chirp' is great esp for killzone veterans,brings back memories when ever i hear it.glad that they kept it :)
rbluetank  +   847d ago
I hope this game does very well. I was just waiting on this game for my Vita. I bought my Vita on blk Friday with COD in 2012. I knew I was getting junk along with my Vita. I am finally going to get a great fps game for my Vita.
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SonyStyled  +   844d ago
i picked up my white vita bundle with AC3L last black friday myself
rbluetank  +   844d ago
I finish Cod on my vita. I download all the plus game for the vita on my ps3. I was playing Uncharted on my Vita. Uncharted is a great game for the Vita. my Vita has been in frozen mode for awhile now. my Vita will be unthawed when Killzone for the Vita hits the market...
DialgaMarine  +   847d ago
The graphics are beautiful and the maps are enormous for a handheld FPS. This is how you make an FPS, Nihilistic. Now go crawl back into the latrine that Sony tried to pull you out of.
kwiksilver99  +   847d ago
keep the multiplayer beta videos coming:)
_FantasmA_  +   839d ago
You know a game looks sexy even when YouTubes low quality garbage playback can't stop it from looking good.

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