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Submitted by fo3n1x 851d ago | opinion piece

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Could the Playstation 4 'Crush' the Xbox One?

Recent reports put the PS4 in position to "crush" the Xbox One when the two go head to head this fall. What does Sony have that Microsoft maybe did not figure out yet?

Techradar reports that every console cycle usually has one system that comes out on top as the most dominant. Two of the last three times it was a Sony console. The original Playstation beat out the Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn. The PS2 beat Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube, and the original Xbox. The Xbox 360 and PS3 went back in forth with the slight edge to Microsoft. Meanwhile the Nintendo Wii outsold both of them, but was not even close to being played as much as the other two. (PS4, Xbox One)

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PopRocks359  +   851d ago
Right now it's looking pretty likely.
XmarksDaSPOT_   851d ago | Spam
Maddens Raiders  +   851d ago
Crush? I don't know, that's pretty harsh but I expect Sony will do quite well. I wouldn't bet against them in a fair fight, especially this time around.
DiRtY  +   851d ago
Buzz7S  +   851d ago
You posted this on a pro-Sony website. Enjoy all your disagrees, because they will be coming once they set their pitchforks on fire.

Not sure if you have a Vita or at least had one, but its only good use is the homebrew stuff.
NewsForge  +   851d ago
A trillion to one easily!
Fireseed  +   851d ago
Could it be possible that we not see recycled topics on N4G?
Dunpeal  +   851d ago
Future's looking grim on that one
Majin-vegeta  +   851d ago
It has already begun.
teezy  +   851d ago
Short and sweet ...yes.
ape007  +   851d ago
there are two scenarios in my head right now, the first one is that ps4 will outsell xbox one in sales by a small to decent margin, i say the difference is going to be from 10 to 15 million units due to cheaper cost

the other is that xbox one's "all in one approach' will win people over sony's approach and especially if they had a non kinect 399$ xbox one

in the end both consoles will be super amazing, super awesome and i just can't wait
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SignifiedSix91  +   851d ago
Aren't you guys getting sick of these articles that aren't even news? Its nothing but biased opinions from piss poor "journalists" from both sides.

People need to get over themselves.
deputyspade  +   851d ago
The PS4 will certainly kill the xbone in worldwide sales.
Karpetburnz  +   851d ago
Well, I'm not sure if the PS4 will KILL the Xb1, but I'm pretty certain it will maintain a decent lead, the PS4 is already getting a lot more Pre-orders than the XB1 in both North America and the U.K, which were considered Xbox treritories this gen, if the PS4 is winning in those markets then I don't see how the XB1 can keep up with the PS4 in worldwide sales.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   851d ago
Christianpost, -this is starting to be the sentiment of the main stream,.
corvusmd  +   851d ago
No, PS4 will not crush the Xbox One. Counting out Xbox One would be a dumb idea. I do see that PS4 will take an early lead, but once they've been out for a while, and people see that all the negative reports about the XB1 are exaggerated or just flat out false, and people see the benefits of its XBL and want to play the Xbox'll even out (most likely by the second Christmas)
deputyspade  +   851d ago
Once they actually play the xbone and see it's not as advertised, its sales will suffer. Those games will be underwhelming when they're not playing on nvidia gtx cards as they were at E3. Casuals will always buy the cheaper one anyway.
corvusmd  +   851d ago
ok, have fun this gen
PrimeGrime  +   851d ago
I will just say if the PS3 is beating the Xbox 360 now. What sense would it make, knowing the tables have turned that the PS4 will not be able to?

The PS3 was $600 and is still leading worldwide sales. The PS4 is quite cheaper and less than the Xbox One. The hype for the PS4 is nothing like I have ever seen in my lifetime.

Every poll out, there is not one that the Xbox One is leading in. PS4 is already dominating and it hasn't even been released yet.

Edit - I know I sound crazy but has anyone noticed the huge influx of Xbox One supporters lately? I noticed they all joined the site pretty recently also which I find even weirder. Maybe I am just being paranoid.
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deputyspade  +   851d ago
reputation managers, plain and simple. I don't buy for a second that the pro xbone comments are getting that many agrees. It's simply Microsoft astroturfing.
saint_seya  +   851d ago
If u check my comment history, you will notice that i said that a couple of days ago, and all this new "users" joined after the first xbox one reveal,(Adding more everyday).
That left me thinking if theres only old trolls spamming accounts to try to look more, of is only paid propaganda.
Btw on topic, i believe Playstation will be the console to have the biggest market share this new generation, but i dunno if will crush the xbox one.
It may sell 5 or 10 millons more, like i could sell 80millons more. The start wont tell us much, i guess by the second year on the market we will have a better picture of how its gonna be.
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Karpetburnz  +   851d ago
I know what you mean by the Xbone supporters lately, there was barely any Xbox fanboys on this site at the start of the year but now I'm seeing a lot of people defending the Xbone, but I think this site has more Playstation fans it seems.
urwifeminder  +   851d ago
If dropped of a building im sure the could crush each other either way xboxone only for me ps exclusives are not my bag.
Jury  +   851d ago
The only Xbox game I ever wanted that I couldn't get on ps was call of duty 2. Ps4 for me. Love the ps exclusives
raytraceme  +   851d ago
If PlayStation gets an even footing in the u.s. then the Xbox one stands no chance since ww ps4 will destroy the one. Europe is one of Sony's biggest strongholds and even in Asia PlayStation is top dog. And from preorders alone ps4 is destroying it's competition. Using amazon as a little poll the ps4 is on the 2013 best sellers list in all euro countries while xb1 is far below the ps4 or not even on the chart in some occasions.
cootdog123  +   851d ago
You bet your sweet ass it will lol.
CommonSense  +   851d ago
Why do people even play into this trash?
TheGreatBambinoX  +   851d ago
It always does. We all know that the playstation has been beast since the psone. Microsoft will always be behind.
ape007  +   851d ago
hate to break it to you but the xbox 360 has ended sony's total market domination

give credit where credit is due
Karpetburnz  +   851d ago
Of course PS4 will sell more, Playstation always has sold better and most likely always will, the question should be how much more will PS4 sell than the Xbone?

I think the PS4 will maintain a lead of up to 10 million this gen, possibly more.
PeEsFour  +   851d ago
As much as i love the Ps4, you cant tell that now. The things can change in the next years, thats what the Ps3 prooved. Although, if Sony continues with this mass of exclusives, i cant see why it would not do good. Because games make the people buy the hardware. Look at Nintendo. The Wii itself was just ok, but with all these games, the Wii managed to get so many sales. If an Uncharted 4, The last of us 2, God of war 4, Littlebigplanet 3 etc. comes, the console will sell like golden shit.
Shad0wRunner  +   851d ago
Console wars; the new WWE. LOL. We argue and fight about it because it's like trying to debate which wrestler is better in the ring. We know it's pointless. But it sure is FUN to watch. LOL

On topic: I think the PS4 and XB1 are pretty evenly matched, right now. It's too early to call it. I'd have to reserve my judgement for when the 2 consoles finally launch...and see how they fair, during the 1st year. Idk tho. Depends how many more times MS can screw up their own game. If they dont turn it around soon...sure, I have no doubt PS4 will crush the XB1.

I guess time will tell...
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heihoosilver  +   851d ago
If PS4 manage to aply a airdrop with the sharp angle on XBoxOne, it´s gonna be a mess...
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tubers  +   851d ago
Hell NO.. at least in the US.

Dem HALOs and family dancing!
ghostrider32  +   851d ago
I wish the stupid media didn't come up with this console war nonsense.
Tsukuyomi  +   851d ago
Its Playstation what do you expect? A crackhead kangaroo moving to New Zealand for outsource work for carpet lickers?
badboy776  +   851d ago
Don't you mean WHEN!

This November!
Brix90  +   851d ago
Competitions is always good so I respect someone that feels like there console is better even though I might disagree but as far as PS4 goes I think if they have a strong Gamescon presentation the PS4 will solidify its place as victor at least at launch as far as long term depends on Sony or MS.
MichaelLito79  +   851d ago
As of right now they are both sold out.You see articles that come out and claim winners but none truly provide numbers. It takes a lot to crush Microsoft. There are still 4 months left.
noctis_lumia  +   851d ago
alot ?

ps2 crushed microsoft and the ps3 despite all the problems now enjoy the second place and put microsoft AGAIN in last place
MichaelLito79  +   851d ago
PS2 was in a league of its own. PS3 is said to have catched up 8 years later. But all you see is lumped up estimates for the past 3 years. Sony never mentions PS3 sales alone. Always PS3/PS2.
ape007  +   851d ago
more 3rd party and 1st party games are sold on xbox 360 and more people are playing on xbox live than psn, that extra ps3 sales were for watching blu ray movies....
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fsfsxii  +   851d ago
More of these articles. -__-
N4G been the same ever since FEB, garbage articles, next gen crushing, fanboys fighting over crap.
noctis_lumia  +   851d ago
ofc it will

worldwide sales ps4 will crush the xbox one
No_Limit  +   851d ago
I am drinking an Orange Crush right now reading this old recycled article. What a joke N4G is becoming in getting these types of articles to start a flamewar. Have fun pounding your chest guys.
MasterCornholio  +   851d ago
-shakes magic 8 ball-

Signs point to yes.

Motorola RAZR i
BitbyDeath  +   851d ago
If these are any indication then yep.

edonus   851d ago | Spam
voodoogts  +   851d ago
On Feb 2013 Sony sold two of there buildings for 1.2 billion dollars and laid off thousands of employees in order for the business to stay afloat.  They must be doing something wrong.
THC CELL  +   851d ago
Wow unbelievable.
n4rc  +   850d ago
Actually pretty factual..

What's so unbelievable?
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