Microsoft patents "Fortaleza" glasses, here's what it does

New patent for Fortaleza has been uncovered. This was registered by Microsoft.


Site is down, but I've added a cached copy of the page as credit URL. ~cgoodno

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Docknoss1694d ago

I saw thIs awhile back but the name of the project wasn't known. This is good stuff and I could see this being a real game changer. If it actually works properly.

Thatguy-3101694d ago

Seriously what are the chances of it working?

1694d ago
maniacmayhem1694d ago

You underestimate the magic of science!

GrownUpGamer1694d ago

"Seriously what are the chances of it working?"

Seriously None. Here for the majority of the PS fans around here NONE BUT!!! in the hands of apple, or SONY this will be awesome rrriiiight???

HammadTheBeast1693d ago

Seems like Google Glass.... so much for innovation.

The_Con-Sept1693d ago

Available 2020. I wouldn't buy it. Having a screen that close to your eyes would make you lose eyesight faster than being to close to a tv in the first place.

Looks cool, but not really worth it. Like a half million other projects that are currently being worked on by every other company in America this one will remain a theory.

Saigon1693d ago

I don't get it MS fans are rampant because some say good luck or they don't think it is going to work. I have followed the computer industry my whole life and though I am a programmer, degree wise, (I don't do it for a living). I noticed that MS has a habit for innovation but seems to fall short each time. I can't remember what it is called but MS had a tech that was in works for years that allowed users to interact with a computer from any table. For example you could go out to eat, order from your table, request additional information for your table, see your bill as you include items at your table, as well as pay at your table by placing your CC or cash on the table. The tech, was implemented with T-Mobile to test and there were a lot of errors. I wish that tech did survive, but if I am not mistaken they are still testing it out in small scale now. People seem to think MS is allows pushing something forward, when it is not true. This tech MS is coming up with is pretty cool. But they need to work out the bugs and maybe the reason why it will be a while before we see it nationally. Google glass will be out sooner than most think, and lets hope MS doesn't fall too behind because of that.

MarkusMcNugen1693d ago


You know that was never more than a myth right... sitting close to a television is not going to ruin your eye-sight. Cant believe people still believe that drivel.

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Docknoss1694d ago

Probably enough to woo over millions like the wii did this gen using motion controls.

Hicken1694d ago

It has to be simple, cheap, and effective enough. That's how the Wii did it: it worked, it was easy, and it was cheap. I dunno that all three of those things will be present, if it's aiming for the same crowd.

SilentNegotiator1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Isn't this like...all stuff that Kinect is supposed to be able to do?

PSVita1693d ago

There's been head tracking and VRs for a long time. Lets stop trying to push these ridiculous things on consoles and leave them to the arcades where they belong.

Docknoss1693d ago

I'm gonna hold you to that bc I believe don't will try do the same thing if this tech catches on. One reply by you prasing this type of tech if it comes to ps4 or vita will result in you being rediculed by me.

Docknoss1693d ago

Don't should mean Sony* in that sentence

PSVita1693d ago

God, why do fanboys alway try and turn everything into a Sony/MS bashing contest... FYI Sony and many of other companies already have this type of tech OUT now lol

And don't get me wrong there's nothing bad about VR but without a controller it's useless.

MarkusMcNugen1693d ago

Dont forget the Occulus Rift PSVita, but yeah, without a controller it would be an exercise in futility.

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1693d ago
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SignifiedSix911694d ago

Yes, more gimmicks. Lets not invest into the future, guys! /s

Have fun living in the past, bud.

elhebbo161693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

He never said, he just said its a gimmick. If MS actually creates these and people enjoy it than whatever, more power to them I guess. but from a gaming stand point I could just hit a couple of buttons to send a game invite, no need for some high tech glasses. I could see it being used in other fields though.

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ArmrdChaos1694d ago

Kind of like Wonderbook? They each have their gimmicks. Corporations are like that.

PSVita1693d ago

Wonder books actually cool IMO it's a game for kids same with the wii and kinect sports.

ALLWRONG1693d ago

Next week "Sony Announces Glasses For Gaming"

Greatest thing ever!

kneon1693d ago

Actually they have already released 2 iterations of their glasses, though it's a different kind if approach. I expect a third version sometime after the launch of the ps4.

Xsilver1693d ago

what u think is new with Ms Sony was already doing so calm down and do some research.

ALLWRONG1693d ago

So you guys are bashing something Sony has already done?

Hypocritical don't you think?

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Jagsrock1694d ago

Why do gamers always call new ways of playing gimmicks? New technology is good, learn to keep an open mind.

KwietStorm1693d ago

For the same reason that innovation is the magic word these days. Some are going to call something a gimmick, while others believe, or at least act as if, "innovation" or new is automatically a good thing.

PSVita1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

It's trial and error. When people can tell something wont last they call it a gimmick and if it does its innovation. For example motion controlled games are a gimmick. It exploded but burnt out quick and is just being dragged along now. While two analog sticks was an innovation.

AceBlazer131694d ago

I swear to God what the fuck do you people have against controllers.I'm all for innovation but until VR is a reality and done right I'm good with my controller everything in between can burn.

Rivitur1693d ago

Oculas rift + treadmill is the closest thing we go right now.

JamieL1693d ago

How is it ever supposed to become a "reality and done right" if they don't start somewhere? This could be a step in the process of it becoming a reality. What do you think that kind of thing is just going to "POP" into existence? They have to start somewhere. Man I’m glad the Sony crew on N4G isn't in charge of gaming in reality; we would be playing the prettiest version of Pong ever right now. Anything unfamiliar on N4G is bashed as a gimmick by these clowns, unless it’s about ANYTHING Sony does. A light on the controller, put there specifically for a camera that’s no longer included in the system, “Oh that’s revolutionary, but MS still sucks, it’s getting f$%#ing pathetic.

AceBlazer131693d ago

I understand that an I was cool with both of them releasing whatever toys they wanted for their consoles but when it reaches the point that they force them onto us that's where the line should be drawn.Now I'm stuck with a retarded light atop my ps controller that I could care less about and a camera bundled with the Xbox that not much people bought in to in the first place.If they have to drag us into the future kicking and screaming then don't you think that means where fine right where we are?

JamieL1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

You say drag "us" kicking and screaming, when only one of us is crying about it. It's the popular opinion on this sight for gaming to stay just how it is only prettier. If that’s how you feel then the PS4 is for you. All its doing is improving the exact some things we've seen over and over gen after gen, and making them look better. That is what Sony does and there's nothing wrong with that when you're as good at what you do as Sony is, but I'm ready for something new. If all I cared about was power I wouldn't even game on consoles. I thank MS for trying new things and cranking the competition up to get the best out of Sony as well. I guess this will come as no surprise but N4G=keeping everything the same=Sony's PS4.

Edit: I wanted to add one more thing so I don't come off too bias. I am not saying the XBone will be better, different, revolutionary, or any of that, I don't have any clue, but they are obviously trying new things. Sony tried new things last gen and it backfired; now they HAVE to play it safe. I feel MS has a LOT to prove, but I think they are going in the right direction, and we will have to wait and see anyway.

AceBlazer131693d ago

I really hope these devs prove me wrong and make use of these features but I truly and honestly don't see their capability to be practical towards gaming in any way.

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