Skyrim Composer Creating the Music For Everquest Next

Revealed at SOE's keynote event earlier today, Elder Scrolls composer, Jeremy Soule, will be composing soundtrack for Everquest Next!

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Festano1271d ago

He's very talented, no doubt about that.
Let's hope that the rest of the news later today follows "in tune".

annaleo1271d ago Show
Mainsqueeze1271d ago

This guy did the music for Guild Wars 2 I think too.

Kevlar0091271d ago

I love this man's music. The oldest work of his I know of is Total Annhilation, my favorite RTS of all time

Thefreeman0121271d ago

Doesn't sound like the other themes at all

Cueil1271d ago

was a beta in the first EQ... really excited about this