Battlefield 4 Battlelog May Include Map Preview Feature

There are a number of improvements being made with the new Battlelog for Battlefield 4, which is coming out on October 31st. Among those improvements, according to MP1st, is a map preview feature.

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SpitFireAce851724d ago

I hope there is a beta for BF4 soon.. would love to test it out for the devs.

Plagasx1724d ago

Oh man, I can't believe this wasn't included in BF3....

nitrogav1724d ago

This was mentioned a few days ago . Yes about time too . Even bad company 2 had this , couldn`t believe bf3 didn`t .

mep691724d ago

Sooooo. Are you still going to have to join games through a browser or have they made it so that battlelog ( that I don't give a fuck about ) is just an app ?

6DEAD6END61724d ago

Is this going to also work on the Vita?