What's The One Game You'd Buy Any Platform To Play?

PSX Extreme:"Usually, one weighs a great many factors when deciding to purchase a new game console.But is there one game that, if it released only for a particular platform, would make you buy that platform instantly? With no questions asked and nothing more to consider?"

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Lovable1690d ago

Final Fantasy not spin off though.

Neoninja1690d ago

Freaking Shenmue 3! I'd buy anything to play Shenmue 3. By the looks of things though I doubt it'll happen.

Hicken1690d ago

Any Persona game, and if they continue Xenosaga.

RememberThe3571690d ago

God of War. Everything else, I feel, can be replicated or replaced. God of War is something else though. Santa Monica struck platinum when they made God of War. Nothing is as beautifully brutal; it elicits a primal, gladiator, blood lust. You know what your doing is f*cked up but you don't care cuz it's awesome.

Grand Theft Auto is probably one as well. I was not a fan of 4 but 5 looks mind blowing.

WeAreLegion1690d ago

If they can top God of War III, I will be surprised. Seriously. I don't think my jaw has ever dropped while playing a game, but they certainly pulled it off with GOWIII.

I've heard people complain about the story in III, but I personally felt it was much better than I or II.

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The story is too old to be commented.