Saving the Wii U

Concerns over the Wii U and Nintendo grew with the latest earnings report from the venerable game company. The results were well below expectations and Nintendo’s original guidance, and analyst Michael Pachter characterized the recent Wii U sales as “abysmal.” Nintendo’s revenue for the quarter was $833 million, well below the estimate of $1.19 billion. Hardware sales were off for the 3DS (only 1.4 million units, below the estimate of 2 million) and the Wii U sold only 160,000 units worldwide over the past three months – 90,000 in Japan, 60,000 in the US and 10,000 in the UK. The Wii U has sold 3.6 million units worldwide since its introduction last year.

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Benjaminkno1726d ago

It's still way too early for all of this speculation.

How many times has Nintendo been counted out?
Since the early 90's?

same old song and dance
...moving on...

Parapraxis1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

"It's still way too early for all of this speculation."

So at what point can people talk about the fact that the WiiU is nearly dead?
I own a the moment, but no console has ever been in this bad of a situation.
And every other console that has done this poorly was discontinued.

PopRocks3591726d ago

How about next year when the new consoles are out and all three have had a hand in the market? After the Wii U's first party games are all out by this holiday season?

Wii U's in a very low spot, no one is arguing this. But I don't believe it's too late to turn the console around.

Benjaminkno1725d ago

That's funny.. Don't you remember the 600 dollar Ps3's?

What about the Red Ring of Death?

Vita was in the toilet for over a year.

And I'm pretty sure the Gamecube had worse numbers.

try again

OmegaSlayer1726d ago

Save the WiiU.
Put it out of his misery and shame.

Miscommunicative1726d ago

I like how the photo provided is of a variant of Wii U they discontinued, seems fitting.

Shad0wRunner1726d ago

I dont hate rival companies, nor do I want to see them fail or go under.

I just wanna see them get their crap together. Stop making bad business decisions. Stop with the bad PR. Stop ignoring consumer feedback in favor of what THEY wanna do. Keep up with the Jonses. If you KNOW that your competitors are gearing up for the next gen and are in R& better get with the times and follow suit with something on equal grounds. Stop riding on the coattails of past gimmicks. Stop trying to invent new gimmicks. Stop trying to screw your fans and consumers over with orwelian policies and practices. Dont try to FORCE your vision of YOUR future onto us. Maybe we dont like your vision...or your future. Stop trying to limit our choices and liberties.

And dont you ever...EVER...try to shove mandatory DRM restrictions on us again!

And above all - We can make or brake you any time we want. DONT EVER FORGET THAT.

PopRocks3591725d ago

"And dont you ever...EVER...try to shove mandatory DRM restrictions on us again!"

This reads like a post meant for Microsoft and their handling of the Xbox One.

Shad0wRunner1725d ago

It was meant for all console devs.

Agent_hitman1726d ago

Wii U is a great system, but it seems that most publishers are not interested in making games for it.. Only Ubisoft.

EA is one dumb publisher, hating the system... Fortunately Activision is committed in supporting Nintendo all the way, I would say that they have earned my respect.

Shad0wRunner1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Thats because the Wii U is underpowered in terms of software development. Devs prolly could port next gen (or current gen) titles to the Wii U but because of its hardware limitations and disadvantages...those games are gonna be gimped in some way or another.

And if I was a software dev myself, I wouldnt wanna waste my time, money and resources trying to make a weaker, watered down version of a next gen game...just so the Wii U can have a little love.

Now, if Nintendo had done what they SHOULD have done and made a console on the same technical grounds as PS4 and XB1....we wouldnt even be having this conversation.

EDIT: Copied and pasted from a previous article I commented on, to save me the headache of having to explain this again.

PS: EA has always been a dev with questionable practices. Nothing new here.

MEsoJD1726d ago

Businesses are meant to make money and there isn't much for devs and publishers at the moment when the Wii U is involved. They tried so I can't blame them.

blackmanone1726d ago

Wii U will be saved when it becomes hackable. It was the same thing with the Wii.

Shad0wRunner1726d ago

Oh yes...because everyone is totally gonna trample over eachother to buy a Wii U, just so they can hack it and install WiiBrew onto it. /s <--- Implied Sarcasm.

Hint: It wasnt the hacks that saved the Wii. It was the motion wand gimmick and casual games.


Actually thousands of people WILL run out and buy a Wii U once its hacked. Why do u think the PSP became so popular? Why do u think damn near everyone with a Dsi has a R4 card? U may not want to accept it but piracy Will help the Wii U's sales.

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