The Daily Five: Reasons to Buy a Wii U by the End of 2013

"Nintendo’s in a bad way with the Wii U, so they’ll have to convince gamers that now’s the time to jump in. And it kind of is! If you squint hard enough, I mean." - Joe Garcia

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abzdine1758d ago

if they cut the price to 199$ with a Wind Waker bundle i'll consider getting one by december or early next year. but PS4 comes first i want that Killzone sooo bad!

Thatguy-3101758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Naw PS4 for me and if I had a choice to get a second console it would have easily been an xbox one. I honestly don't see many ps4/xbox one owners purchasing the wii u. If a person gets the ps4 they will get the xbox one later and vice versa.

abzdine1758d ago

i dont agree, PS4/Wii U seems like the perfect gamer combo this gen, for me at least!! new ways to play and next gen at its best.

andrewer1758d ago

"I honestly don't see many ps4/xbox one owners purchasing the wii u"
Indeed. If you get a Wii U you're probably a Nintendo fan (like me :D ). But Wii U is going to get a lot of games so sales will definitely get better.

ArchangelMike1758d ago

Naa I'd rather invest my time and money in 'real'next gen consoles. Probably a PS4.

AbortMission1758d ago

As well as a console that is guaranteed 3rd party games Lol

3-4-51758d ago

* Wind Waker HD

* Pikmin 3

* Super Smash Brothers

* 3D Mario World

* Legend of Zelda U

* Mario Kart 8


* X

kreate1758d ago

Those are all good but I wish there was something other than mario, zelda, pikmin, kirby, or anything pink or cute in it.

There's gotta be a variety to justify the purchase.

I've known mario ever since my life was born. Just want something new refreshing for a change without the fanboys throwing fireballs at me.

Neonridr1758d ago

@kreate : but I bet you'll have no problem lining up to purchasing God of War 15 or Uncharted 22 right?

kreate1758d ago


im more of a heavy rain, alan wake, fable type of guy. uncharted is also a great game.

im not into god of war, just cant get into it. i also cant get into halo or gears of war. although i have all those games cuz its dirt cheap.

last great mario game i played was super mario rpg and mariokart64. i still got my nes,snes,n64,gamecube.

i think i spent more money on nintendo products than sony/microsoft combined.

that being said, is it too much to simply request some games other than mario?

or u guys have to be a goomba everytime such request is made?

i understand mario and his friends will keep the nintendo fanboys happy but what about the gamers who are not fanboys? does mario need to be shoved down our throats too?

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Murad1758d ago

I personally might buy the Wii U later in the year, maybe at that price the one listed in the article, but there's no way I'm buying it until i see a friggin Fire Emblem game. Screw Mario and the other titles. I want my Fire Emblem and hardcore RPG titles on this system.

Myst1758d ago

Bought mine for Monster Hunter and slowly starting to find enticing games that will be coming out later. Wonderful 101, Mario Kart 8 ( since I can't have F-Zero ), and maybe smash.

Xer0_SiN1758d ago

im still waiting for the first reason.

Williamson1758d ago

Going to pick one up again tomorrow(after returning the deluxe one which ended up costing 395$ with tax), the 8gb model is going to be 199$ at walmart in Canada. If I can get a family member who works at Target to pricematch and use the 15% discount then it will work out great for me. Sonic,3d world,ww hd,bayonetta 2, donkeykong and X being titles I have my eyes on.

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