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Submitted by denisx04 926d ago | news

Final Fantasy VII Web Series Now Threatened With Legal Action

Last week Square Enix Origin reported that a Kickstarter came up for a Final Fantasy VII web series. No surprise to us, the people who brought up this Kickstarter are now being threatened with legal action from Square Enix claiming to protect their intellectual property. Keep reading for more details. (Culture, Final Fantasy VII)

juliajuli   926d ago | Spam
Shad0wRunner  +   926d ago
LOL Well...that didnt take long.
Abriael  +   926d ago
Is anyone surprised?

"hey, we're making a series based on someone else's intellectual property without their permission! Give us money!"

I'm amazed people backed them to begin with.
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Pancit_Canton  +   926d ago
Final Fantasy Lawsuit.
Williamson  +   926d ago
Cant really blame SE for doing this.
CLOUD1983  +   926d ago
Well that was something every1 I think anticipate to happen, it was their fault in the first place when they didn't take the rights from SE, I don't know if this is going to happen in the end but I hope they choose better actors for the main roles because the actor they have choose to play Tifa sucks & doesn't suit the real char at all...
kalkano  +   926d ago
As if we needed more reasons to hate SquareEnix. I'm not claiming they didn't have the right to do this. But, this is just another instance of, "IF YOU'RE GOING TO STOP US, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT YOURSELVES!"

I know why they do it. It's a "just in case we change our minds" type of thing. But, there's nothing more annoying than a company shutting down a project on something they're completely ignoring on the business side. Grrr...
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KwietStorm  +   926d ago
I think Square has been trash this entire generation, but no, there is nothing I can say in defense of the people behind the web series. Square's own shortcomings have nothing to do with this one.
Lionalliance  +   926d ago
Off course this would happen.
Agent_hitman  +   926d ago
SE did Summoned Aeons and blast the fiends. /s

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