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The Wii U is the GameCube (but not the Virtual Boy)

GamesRadar - In case you missed it yesterday, Nintendo released its April-June quarterly results, and the news was a mix of good and bad for the company. The worst bit was that the Wii U sold an impressively low 160,000 units globally. To give some context on how poor that is, the nearly seven-year-old (and functionally moribund) Wii sold 210,000 systems across the world in the same three months. On the plus side, Nintendo posted a (small) profit for the period, mostly thanks to the strength of 3DS sales. (Wii U)

n4f  +   503d ago | Funny
no its not, its the wiiu..
mii-gamer  +   503d ago
lol. Bubble up
juliajuli   502d ago | Spam
deno  +   503d ago
I was playing Mario Sunshine and F-zero gx on my Gamecube this Monday. If it is the Gamecube then more power to it. Had some of the best gaming on the cube.
cpayne93  +   502d ago
Gamecube was a really underrated system imo. The amount of hours I've put into smash bros melee with buddies can't even be counted.
deno  +   500d ago
I think that is exactly the problem with people today. They root way to much for a certain side and want the other to fail. Granted there's nothing wrong with having preference. For me, I grew up on nes, snes, genesis and the list goes on. I miss the 90's bro. I purchased my Gamecube day one and got rogue squadron 2 and luigi's mansion with it. later I got resident evil remake, resident evil zero, resident evil 4, smash bros melee and all the other great games like pikmin, Metroid.
awesomeabe1998  +   503d ago
Of course it did bad during those 3 months because little and i mean little games were released for it. Q4 is going to be awesome for Nintendo. The 3DS is doing pretty well and with the amazing launch lineup for the Wii U, it will sell better. I hope so.

Its just pretty annoying when something like THIS happens to Nintendo! Sony went through a drought with the PS3 and everyone forgets about that. How about the Vita?

It just boggles my mind.
LAWSON72  +   502d ago
I think it would be a fun system but that price just is not justified when the PS4 is only $400 with way better hardware, quality f2p games, and 500GB of storage. I would love to see it drop to around $250, then I would get it instead. I have no doubt if this thing dropped in price it could do really well just like the 3ds did after its price drop
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awesomeabe1998  +   502d ago
Its funny how everyone says this. In my opinion it does not need a price drop.
Wii U + Game + accessories = $350.
PS4 = $400
If Nintendo do give it a price drop it would become about $300. I am not sure it needs a price drop though. Hopefully they just sell more Wii U's.
LAWSON72  +   502d ago
I swear you fanboys really do pull stuff out of a hat to justify the price of the Xbone and Wii U.
The PS3 has f2p games that dont require ps+ and are quality titles, last time I checked Wii U owners dont go around bragging about getting NintendoWorld. Also, the PS4 has accessories included just like the wii u does.
Soldierone  +   502d ago
Wasn't the Gamecube actually the more powerful machine? Other than that, yeah I can see the comparisons.
EL Lanf  +   502d ago
Technically more powerful than PS2 but its disks had a much smaller storage capacity which hindered things a great deal. Ultimately not a huge difference between the two.

I had great fun with the 'cube but I never stick with a brand particularly long. Sega -> sony -> nintendo -> MS and now I've ditched consoles completely to go with my long-standing affair with PC.
Firan  +   502d ago
GameCube has a very good library so I'm more than happy if Wii U follows suit.
andrewer  +   502d ago
I like both, what's your point?
josephayal  +   502d ago
the wii u is the dreamcast, im so happy playing pikmin
boybato  +   502d ago
Not unless ps4 or xbox one clicks - which in my opinion is the likely scenario.
Abdou023  +   502d ago
Never played pikmin before but planning on buying WiiU, does it plays goos with the tablet controller?
josephayal  +   502d ago
just amazing, there's no excuse not to play Pikmin 3
cunnilumpkin  +   502d ago
resident evil 1 remake, resident evil zero, eternal darkness, baten kaitos, tales of symphonia, lost kingdoms, fire emblem path of radiance, paper Mario, Metroid prime, odama, skies of arcadia, resident evil 4, mgs twin snakes

hell no, the wii u ain't even close to the awesome that is gamecubbe, I still own all those games and they are all amazing

the wii u has NOTHING yet even worth mentioning, monster hunter is kinda cool I guess

maybe someday the wii u will have a library like the gamecube, but I kinda doubt it, Nintendo loses its way more every gen

the wii original had like 5 good games imo, that's being generous
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iliimaster  +   502d ago
gamecube... man that controller was the best one ive came across its so comfy
kirbyu  +   502d ago
The GameCube was, no, is awesome. But mine is on life support right now.
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