Metal Gear Rising Sequel Teased by Official Survey

A sequel to Platinum Games' Metal Gear game could be on the way.

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xHeavYx1575d ago

I had a blast with the first one, I just hope the 2nd game has a better story

1575d ago
NYC_Gamer1575d ago

I couldn't stand the gameplay/story of the original but hope the sequel gets made for fans of MGR

user55757081575d ago

like a raiden game that actually bridges the gap between mgs2 and mgs4

in that case im hoping for a prequel

Mr_Pinky1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

I'd rather they work on something else. I was a little disapointed with Rising overall.

Take away Metal Gear from it and it's just a typical hack and slash. Raiden isn't really the character in my opinion to stand on his own in a full game. I really can't stand him, the ninja thing from MGS4 onwards felt like they were trying to get people to like him. Gray Fox there's a ninja and a hack and slash game I'd like to play

zerocrossing1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

I still thoroughly believe that the only reason MGR: Rising exists is because Konami wanted a new IP but thought setting it in the Metal Gear universe would help encourage sales.

Not that I'm complaining, it was probably a smart move.


I agree, and I'm not at all saying Rising was made for a fast buck, I just meant that they probably used the Metal Gear setting due to how popular the franchise is, instead of taking a bigger risk and creating an entirely new IP that could have very easily failed.

Salooh1575d ago

You kidding ?. Maybe that's one reason but the game wasn't made for fast buck , If it was aiming for that they wouldn't go and try something original and skillful , The game is a classic . Raiden fit to the gameplay so it was reasonable to made it in MG universe ..

They could make a sequel with the same gameplay but with the character that kojima always wanted . Don't remember the name though...

Let's just hope it's for next generation and use FOX engine with the help of platinum not the other way around. If they do that no one will underrate this awesome game that can be one of the best sword game eveeer ...

ginsunuva1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

No it was because MS paid Konami to make some type of game with the word "Metal Gear" in it for the 360.
So that at that one e3 Mattrick can say with his evil grin, "We has metal geerz on teh exbaux 360"

gano1575d ago

Have you all forgot.
Kojima said he wanted to keep on using raiden, but because his reception was not well liked, well you know.

I liked mgs2 that was more real story wise after mgs.
But because americans didn't dig him, he came with this half story
Mgr story was half assed period. Fucin senator!? Ex high school football jock? Stop playin, the story was the only bad thing, even for koji. But it was a collab, so whatever.

But he did want to use raiden and i see potential there, but be fair for his vision. Shyt its kojima for cryin out loud. His games hardly soft on story.
Dmc is nother story, clowns keep tryin to say its a prequel to devil may cry. Wasn't that the point of 3. How he hell a new team go make a pre of something they never made. Fuc Dmc and his momma.

dcj05241575d ago

I like raiden. What did people not like about him? He is quite gullible though.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1575d ago

By typical hack n' slash, you mean the only action game with depth left? LOL Go back to your God of War(no offence to GoW, it's good but combat lacks depth)

Firan1575d ago

MGR was fun. I would be happy for a sequel.

XboxFun1575d ago

Had a blast with MGR, loved the game to death and it was a gorgeous game at that.

I'm hoping for a sequel...But how about Vanquish guys?

NYC_Gamer1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

SEGA owns the Vanquish franchise

Yes,but some other publisher would have to buy the rights from SEGA like Nintendo did with Bayonetta.

XboxFun1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Can we still get a sequel...

How about something simple like Platinum make the sequel and Sega publish it to the systems. That is all i'm asking.

SuperLupe1575d ago

Vanquish 2 would be sweet. One f the best action games I played this gen. I dont dare imagine what it would give on next gen consoles.

dcj05241575d ago

Oh god. I cant think about it. My mind would blow up and stop function.

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