Call of Duty: Ghosts Pre-Orders ‘Well Below’ Black Ops 2, Activision Preps for Increased Competition

MP1st - Heading into the next console generation with their flagship first-person shooter title Call of Duty: Ghosts, publisher Activision is ramping up sales and marketing investments in order to keep up with the increasing competition from titles like Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 4 and is preparing for a shaky console transition.

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thekhurg1759d ago

This is good news. Maybe they'll finally make this series better.

Marz1759d ago

it's sad that this is good news. They really need to up their game and innovate. Ghosts is looking to be the weakest next-gen title.

abzdine1758d ago

Fish in COD: Ghost has best AI ever! They move while you swim :D

AngelicIceDiamond1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

he announced. “However, our quantitative consumer research indicates that hesitation among past COD pre-orderers is primarily due to not knowing which platform they will be playing on, which is natural at this time in the console transition.”

Its funny how he blames it on next gen coming out. If that's the case then GTA V should be "well below" GTA IV's pre-orders as well.

Since a console transition is happening soon.

Sorry, I don't think a choosing between next and current gen version of the game is the main problem here.

dark-hollow1759d ago

Well now they have major potential threats not from battlefield only, but from games like destiny and Titanfall.

Dirtnapstor1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

If they were to drop the "Call of Duty" tag, I'm thinking many more would be interested in Ghosts as a game unto itself rather than another COD...?

Killzone will mop up! I'm pumped for it!

1758d ago
MWong1758d ago

@ thekhurg
I think everybody is happy to hear this for 1 reason or another. To me it means IF & TreyArch will create a new engine and put more work into the next COD installment.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1759d ago

This is great news, maybe it can finally give more attention to games that deserve it and maybe cod can just go away for a little bit.

Hey a man can dream.

corvusmd1759d ago

This may also have to do with the fact that there is a new console release right around that time, and people may not be pre-ordering yet cause they aren't sure which system yet....

Cam9771759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )


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