Star Citizen Flies Past $15,000,000 in Crowd Funding, Are There any Records Left to Shatter?

Ladies and gentlemen, mission accomplished. Today Star Citizen officially passed the 15 million dollars mark in crowd funding, shattering just another barrier that just a few months ago seemed unreachable. It’s comfortably sitting on $15,027,349.

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modesign1573d ago

So when is this game releasing. And what will it cost

Abriael1573d ago

next year, and cost after release is still unknown.

OrangePowerz1573d ago

Next year, if you back it you get a copy of the game. They also release the first Alpha module this month. The hangar module where you can walk around and look at the ships you have.

ATi_Elite1573d ago

I backed the game so it's FREE for me! (after kickstarting $50)

releases mid 2014 and it's gonna set the world on FIRE! CryEngine 3 will be pushed to great limits along with a new level of gameplay.

Hassassin1573d ago

You get a copy of the game if you fund $30 or more

1573d ago
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OrangePowerz1573d ago

Cant wait for it, it has been ages since a proper big Space Opera came out.

ATi_Elite1573d ago

X Rebirth is also looming along with Elite:Dangerous so Big Space Opera's are the New Genre to be Cloned and over done next.

snyway lots of fun space gaming is upon us.

BattleTorn1573d ago

OK. Well, I had to go search what "Star Citizen" is - and after watching the 12minute video, I think it's pretty awesome.

Still can't believe people have donated 15million dollars!

Bonerboy1573d ago

Wow! I've never played this series, it looks really promising. Throw a nice 1080p Oculus Rift in there and Im sold. Oh, where art thou my fair Rift? Bask me in your soft sensuous VR glow.