Top 5 Problems with Rock Band

Ok, this top 5 list is really late to the party for this game. This article is not meant to take away from the great experience of playing Rock Band. Playing with your friends must be experienced first-hand to truly appreciate the greatness of this game. While the solo campaign can have its moments, this game is designed to be played with a group.

Now, after having put in more hours than anyone would care to admit, a few things about the game have emerged as more than just minor nuisances. Here are the top 5 things that need to be fixed in the next iteration of Harmonix's Rock Band.

5. The guitar is terrible.

Anyone that has played with the guitars from Guitar Hero 2 or 3 will immediately notice how cheap and flimsy the guitar is that comes packaged with Rock Band.

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niall773905d ago

with the ps3 "delay" it will work out cheaper for ps3 owners to inport a US version now, play it for a while then when the EU version is released just buy the Disc and get the extra songs and DLC.

you save about $100 buying the game twice :o

god bless PS3 being region free.

solar3905d ago

it really sucks the big one that activision is with holding the patch for the ghIII guitar to be used with the ps3 version of rock band. still chaps my hide that the 360 crowd gets the patch. lucky guys.

i love how the fender feels...other than that mush strum bar. a fender with the les paul strum bar would be dreamy.