Final Fantasy VII – The Web Series Kickstarter taken down by Square Enix

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Square Enix forced Kickstarter to take down the project page for the Final Fantasy VII - The Web Series earlier today.

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Lucreto1510d ago

We all knew it was going to happen.

If would have been cool if it happened.

azazel6651510d ago

Should have made it smaller. $400,000 was way too big.

Chrono1510d ago

Can't blame them. Asking for $400,000 while using copyrighted content without written permission?

Hitman07691510d ago

Agree with those above. This was seen coming a mile away. We still don't even know if it was legitimately ever a fan project or just an attempt at flossing the gaming public. Besides, they could have easily made a flick for 5K and pocketed the rest. Just had NO written all over it from the jump.