Is Final Fantasy Dead?

The USgamer team ponders the fate of Square Enix's flagship role-playing game series.

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Godmars2901689d ago

As far as older fans are concerned, ones who'd rather see some semblance of exploration and story depth instead of pretentiousness and doesn't blatantly exploit nostalgia, yeah, it is.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

I have been a Final Fantasy fan since the very beginning and while the Final Fantasy XIII set of games had flaws I really enjoyed them very much and I found a lot of artistic value in them. I would appreciate it if you would just speak for yourself when talking about about the current state of the Final Fantasy series instead of speaking for all old school Final Fantasy fans.

Godmars2901689d ago

If you had comprehended what I wrote, you'd know that I wasn't speaking for you.

Tales RPG addict1689d ago

I really hope not cause FFXV is starting to show that the FF series still can have some Energy left in it though, but regardless I find that gradually their Competitor "Namco Tales" continues to get better and gain more fans WorldWide.

levian1689d ago

They make two bad games, and everyone seems to think that the series is dead.

I personally don't think Final Fantasy CAN die. Final Fantasy isn't a continuation of a story. It's not even like Call of Duty, the same game with updated graphics and new maps each time.

Final Fantasy is a new game each time, with new core gameplay mechanics. The only similarity between them is that they are all JRPG's, developed by Square Enix. And that's the beauty of the series. If one game tanks, it's not a big deal, because the next one will be completely different (unless its an actual continuation, 10-2, 13-2).

I really hope XV turns out to be as amazing as it looks. I loved the older games, from the REAL ff3 all the way to ff12, but turn based combat is slowly dying. I really loved the combat in Kingdom Hearts, and I personally think this is an amazing direction for the series to go.

Thisisjuju1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

"They make two bad games, and everyone seems to think that the series is dead."

Depends on your perspective. I don't think they have made a good Final Fantasy game since FFX.

"Final Fantasy is a new game each time, with new core gameplay mechanics."

I agree for the most part, but FFXIII-2 just seemed to recycle the same and lightning returns looks to be doing the same. At least X-2 had a completely revamped combat system.

Im more excited about FF15 and A Realm Reborn, they both look like they will freshen the series up a bit.

"I really hope XV turns out to be as amazing as it looks."

Me too!

levian1689d ago

I'd agree for the most part about not having made a good game since FFX, but I did love FFXII. FFX is a great game, but it's actually my least favourite personally. It was really linear compared to most of their games, and I really didn't like Tidus or Wakka haha.

Your definitely right about FFXII-2, but even though X-2 had a different combat system I would still say it wasn't a different game like a new numbered game, just because it followed the same story. If you didn't like the story of FFX, chances are you know you wouldn't like X-2, or the other way around.

I've played the beta for A Realm Reborn, and it's great so far! Waiting on phase 4 to begin, hopefully very shortly! I'll be playing this to hold me over till XV, it's probably my most anticipated, next to KH3

1689d ago
dumahim1689d ago

For me it is. I have a pretty big FF collection and Lightning Returns will be the game that seals the deal for me and I'm done with it.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1689d ago

I am an "older fan". You said " As far as older fans are concerned, ones who'd rather see some semblance of exploration and story depth instead of pretentiousness and doesn't blatantly exploit nostalgia yeah, it is." which means you are saying that the "older fans" such as my self think that Final Fantasy is dead and feel that exploration and story depth are gone from the series when there are plenty of "older fans" that dont' agree with that so yes you were speaking for people like myself.

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iBlackyi1689d ago

I never played any FF and i have no clue about anything and why there are so many of them.

iamtehpwn1689d ago

Final Fantasy is more of a genre in itself than a game series. Each game in itself is completely unrelated except with commonly reoccuring themes, mythos, summon beasts, and creatures such as Moogles and Chocobos.

Despite the fact that Final Fantasy constantly reinventing itself and trying new ideas (Materia, Sphere Grid, Junction System, etc) 'Final Fantasy', if this title means anything, it means that you're entering a grand world with plenty of things to do/see on an epic adventure where you'll meet an incredible cast of characters and join with them to save the world.

iBlackyi1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Ah ok. What FF game can you suggest me to beginn with?

Asuka1689d ago


i would start with ff6 imo. however, if you are looking for something a little more modern i would play ffx. ff7, ff8, and ff9 are good as well.

you can get ff7 ff8 and ff9 pretty cheap in a number of different places, namely the psn store.

wishingW3L1689d ago

those are all the best ones. 6, 7, 8 and 9.

iamtehpwn1689d ago

I personally recommend starting with X and then working your way backwards, and of course since HD remaster of X is coming out.

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Hicken1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

I'd recommend X. Then VII, IX, VIII, and XII, in that order.

Interestingly enough, this isn't the order of my favorites, not even close. But I think X is rather easy to get into, and would set you up to be able to grasp VII's mechanics a little better. IX is like somewhere between VII and VIII in that respect, which is why it's next. XII is its own thing, considerably different to the games before it.

I'd say to play X-2 and XIII after XII, as XII's huge difference from the rest would help you accept how different the games can really be, which will hopefully encourage you to see XIII and X-2 (and XIII-2, for that matter) as their own games.

Edit: And no, FF is NOT dead.

Edit 2: Since I haven't BEATEN any of the games prior to VII, I can't really recommend them, personally, but VI gets high praise.

I_am_Batman1689d ago

I'd say start with a PSone FF (7,8,9) if you don't mind the graphics. The games are all seperate that play in different worlds with different characters even though there are some traditional elements that are carried through the series.

cerpintaxt441689d ago

why dont we have this discussion after FFXV comes out 13 sold a ton of copies

TopDudeMan1689d ago

My thoughts exactly. It's not over til we see how good XV is.

EXVirtual1689d ago

No. Final Fantasy XV will surpass VII.

Godmars2901689d ago

That's a low bar. Very low as far as plot goes.

Portraying cities and towns though, that would be high bar.

I_am_Batman1689d ago

FF VII is a low bar? Are you serious?

Godmars2901689d ago

Could have sworn there was a "XII" where that "VII" is now.

I_am_Batman1689d ago

Well that explains a lot.

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