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Submitted by Lavalamp 919d ago | opinion piece

Is Final Fantasy Dead?

The USgamer team ponders the fate of Square Enix's flagship role-playing game series. (Culture, Final Fantasy)

Godmars290  +   919d ago
As far as older fans are concerned, ones who'd rather see some semblance of exploration and story depth instead of pretentiousness and doesn't blatantly exploit nostalgia, yeah, it is.
I have been a Final Fantasy fan since the very beginning and while the Final Fantasy XIII set of games had flaws I really enjoyed them very much and I found a lot of artistic value in them. I would appreciate it if you would just speak for yourself when talking about about the current state of the Final Fantasy series instead of speaking for all old school Final Fantasy fans.
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Godmars290  +   919d ago
If you had comprehended what I wrote, you'd know that I wasn't speaking for you.
Tales RPG addict  +   919d ago
I really hope not cause FFXV is starting to show that the FF series still can have some Energy left in it though, but regardless I find that gradually their Competitor "Namco Tales" continues to get better and gain more fans WorldWide.
levian  +   919d ago
They make two bad games, and everyone seems to think that the series is dead.

I personally don't think Final Fantasy CAN die. Final Fantasy isn't a continuation of a story. It's not even like Call of Duty, the same game with updated graphics and new maps each time.

Final Fantasy is a new game each time, with new core gameplay mechanics. The only similarity between them is that they are all JRPG's, developed by Square Enix. And that's the beauty of the series. If one game tanks, it's not a big deal, because the next one will be completely different (unless its an actual continuation, 10-2, 13-2).

I really hope XV turns out to be as amazing as it looks. I loved the older games, from the REAL ff3 all the way to ff12, but turn based combat is slowly dying. I really loved the combat in Kingdom Hearts, and I personally think this is an amazing direction for the series to go.
Thisisjuju  +   919d ago
"They make two bad games, and everyone seems to think that the series is dead."

Depends on your perspective. I don't think they have made a good Final Fantasy game since FFX.

"Final Fantasy is a new game each time, with new core gameplay mechanics."

I agree for the most part, but FFXIII-2 just seemed to recycle the same and lightning returns looks to be doing the same. At least X-2 had a completely revamped combat system.

Im more excited about FF15 and A Realm Reborn, they both look like they will freshen the series up a bit.

"I really hope XV turns out to be as amazing as it looks."

Me too!
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levian  +   918d ago
I'd agree for the most part about not having made a good game since FFX, but I did love FFXII. FFX is a great game, but it's actually my least favourite personally. It was really linear compared to most of their games, and I really didn't like Tidus or Wakka haha.

Your definitely right about FFXII-2, but even though X-2 had a different combat system I would still say it wasn't a different game like a new numbered game, just because it followed the same story. If you didn't like the story of FFX, chances are you know you wouldn't like X-2, or the other way around.

I've played the beta for A Realm Reborn, and it's great so far! Waiting on phase 4 to begin, hopefully very shortly! I'll be playing this to hold me over till XV, it's probably my most anticipated, next to KH3
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dumahim  +   919d ago
For me it is. I have a pretty big FF collection and Lightning Returns will be the game that seals the deal for me and I'm done with it.
I am an "older fan". You said " As far as older fans are concerned, ones who'd rather see some semblance of exploration and story depth instead of pretentiousness and doesn't blatantly exploit nostalgia yeah, it is." which means you are saying that the "older fans" such as my self think that Final Fantasy is dead and feel that exploration and story depth are gone from the series when there are plenty of "older fans" that dont' agree with that so yes you were speaking for people like myself.
iBlackyi  +   919d ago
I never played any FF and i have no clue about anything and why there are so many of them.
iamtehpwn  +   919d ago
Final Fantasy is more of a genre in itself than a game series. Each game in itself is completely unrelated except with commonly reoccuring themes, mythos, summon beasts, and creatures such as Moogles and Chocobos.

Despite the fact that Final Fantasy constantly reinventing itself and trying new ideas (Materia, Sphere Grid, Junction System, etc) 'Final Fantasy', if this title means anything, it means that you're entering a grand world with plenty of things to do/see on an epic adventure where you'll meet an incredible cast of characters and join with them to save the world.
iBlackyi  +   919d ago
Ah ok. What FF game can you suggest me to beginn with?
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Asuka  +   919d ago

i would start with ff6 imo. however, if you are looking for something a little more modern i would play ffx. ff7, ff8, and ff9 are good as well.

you can get ff7 ff8 and ff9 pretty cheap in a number of different places, namely the psn store.
wishingW3L  +   919d ago
those are all the best ones. 6, 7, 8 and 9.
iamtehpwn  +   919d ago
I personally recommend starting with X and then working your way backwards, and of course since HD remaster of X is coming out.
Hicken  +   919d ago
I'd recommend X. Then VII, IX, VIII, and XII, in that order.

Interestingly enough, this isn't the order of my favorites, not even close. But I think X is rather easy to get into, and would set you up to be able to grasp VII's mechanics a little better. IX is like somewhere between VII and VIII in that respect, which is why it's next. XII is its own thing, considerably different to the games before it.

I'd say to play X-2 and XIII after XII, as XII's huge difference from the rest would help you accept how different the games can really be, which will hopefully encourage you to see XIII and X-2 (and XIII-2, for that matter) as their own games.

Edit: And no, FF is NOT dead.

Edit 2: Since I haven't BEATEN any of the games prior to VII, I can't really recommend them, personally, but VI gets high praise.
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I_am_Batman  +   919d ago
I'd say start with a PSone FF (7,8,9) if you don't mind the graphics. The games are all seperate that play in different worlds with different characters even though there are some traditional elements that are carried through the series.
cerpintaxt44  +   919d ago
why dont we have this discussion after FFXV comes out 13 sold a ton of copies
TopDudeMan  +   919d ago
My thoughts exactly. It's not over til we see how good XV is.
josephayal  +   919d ago
FFvs 13 is dead
EXVirtual  +   919d ago
No. Final Fantasy XV will surpass VII.
Godmars290  +   919d ago
That's a low bar. Very low as far as plot goes.

Portraying cities and towns though, that would be high bar.
I_am_Batman  +   919d ago
FF VII is a low bar? Are you serious?
Godmars290  +   919d ago
Could have sworn there was a "XII" where that "VII" is now.
I_am_Batman  +   919d ago
Well that explains a lot.
Summons75  +   919d ago
No....looks very much alive to me. Can't wait for all three of the next games =]
XboxFun  +   919d ago
No, Can't wait to play Versus and Kingdom hearts III on the Xbox One.
EXVirtual  +   919d ago
It's FFXV. Enjoy it on the XB1, but it might run worse. MIGHT.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   919d ago
Thats just stupid speculation.
XboxFun  +   919d ago
Yea, the black colors might be a little darker for the X1, due to all the much more power the PS4 has.

I'm willing to accept that.
iamtehpwn  +   919d ago
Whether you detested the XIII trilogy or not, I think it'd better if we judged the future of Final Fantasy after FF14:ARR and FFXV have released.
silvacrest  +   919d ago
for me, it comes down to XV, if its junk im pretty much done FF
zerocrossing  +   919d ago
Nope but it could do with returning to what made the franchise great to begin with, exploration, great story, depth and interesting characters.

Wouldn't hurt trying to implement a more traditional combat system, or give it better depth and complexity either.
Ksar  +   919d ago
10 millions of Final Fantasy XIII sold.

Hum... pretty good shape for a dead.
wishingW3L  +   919d ago
there are many people like me who bought the game only to realize it was a piece of trash. That is why FF13-2's sales are so bad compared to FF13.

And BTW, FF13 didn't sell 10 millions, it sold 7 millions and FF13-2 less than 3 millions. Not even by combining the sales it can reach 10 millions.
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Godmars290  +   919d ago
Where is this 10 million number coming from?

If you're talking about the first of three parts which are suppose to be their own game, its an invalid comparison to the prior singular entries in the series.

Nevermind that mentioning "X" amount sold doesn't touch upon questions of quality. That many people who bought the first FF13 both didn't finish and/or soon returned it. Didn't buy 13-2 and likely wont touch 13-3.
Edito  +   919d ago
Yes it is Dead.
Firan  +   919d ago
I feel FFXIII tried to be FF game instead of being one naturally. Releasing the unfinished and broken FFXIV didn't help either. They have won some fans back with their FFXIV ARR commitment and FFXV.

It's not dead. This gen was just a bumpy ride for us fans. I hope they keep making traditional FF games though. I'm excited about XV but not as much as I was with older FF titles.
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It was dead ever since Square-Enix took over. This guy must've been living under a rock.
CLOUD1983  +   919d ago
It's easy to answer that question by checking the sales of the franchise on PlayStation after FFX after the merge with Enix, btw FFX sold over 8 million copies & it's the 2nd best selling game in the franchise so let's see what happen after FFX:

FFX-2 - 5.29
FFXII - 5.95
FFXIII - 4.98
FFXIII-2 - 2.38

As every1 can see the sales drop from one game to the next & although FF went multi-platform remember that once upon a time back in the glorious days of Squaresoft, FFVII sold over 10 million copies just in 1 platform the PS1 & FFX over 8 million copies also in 1 platform the PS2.

Compare to those days the 5 millions sales of FFXIII which most of them was when the game get a huge discount & sold for 10 $ or less I have even read articles that some stores selling the game for 5 $ so those sales was just to increase the numbers no real profit was made from them.

So yeah see how much sales drop from FFXIII to FFXIII-2 (less than half) if that doesn't tell every1 how much fans disappointed then there is nothing else to say any1 who can't see that FF lost the fans support & trust once have it's obviously blind.
Magnus  +   919d ago
As it stands right now yes the franchise has hit a wall. Only great title coming out is the HD remake of Final Fantasy X. Final Fantasy 13 I just couldn't play there are fans of this title all the power to them. Final Fantasy VS13 fans have been waiting for and now some new info on it. Becoming Final Fantasy 15 this one title maybe the game that breathes new life into Final Fantasy title. If Final Fantasy 15 turns out to flop instead of a master piece then I would say yes the franchise is dead. As it stands right now Final Fantasy is on life support and only Final Fantasy 15 can decide its fate.
MoveTheGlow  +   919d ago
Guys, seriously, read the actual article. Parish and Davison are some of the best in games writing, especially anything old-school. The amount of crazy ephemeral knowledge they've got about these old franchises is staggering - check out Parish on Retronauts, for example.

They're not talking sales figures directly, they're wondering if Square can re-establish Final Fantasy as setting the bar for the genre and industry the way it once was. That doesn't mean shamelessly pandering, as they opened with in Kohler's statement. That means making the game that everyone who loves a great story is waiting for, instead of just pretty graphics for their time and fan service on the side.

I think they don't have a great chance of re-establishing Final Fantasy single-player without a complete shakeup in that team. Get someone who wants to do way, way more with less. With middleware. Without a billion CG cutscenes. Content stacked to the heavens, diverse towns and hidden secrets, maps that branch out and give you options. Understandable mechanics, improving on the ATB from Chrono and X2. Time is money, and if you throw all of your money at making yet another engine in 2013, you sacrifice content. Content should be first, and content should be king. Anything less and they're catering to a dying niche.

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