Orlando Bloom Not the Prince of Persia

A rumor is spreading fast through the internet that Orlando Bloom has landed a $40 million payday to star in a movie trilogy based on the "Prince of Persian" video game. The rumor stated that he had beaten competition from Zac Efron to take the role and even said that Jerry Bruckheimer will direct.

Walt Disney Pictures, however, tells that there is no truth to these rumors.

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thedude176553610d ago

must have been pretty good to make it on the tickertape of G4 yesterday.

Kami3610d ago

didnt the real prince of persia had the role?

Yi-Long3610d ago

... that's good news, cause Orlando Bloom SUCKS.

As a bit-part player, a side-character, he's OK, but in a leading role, he fails as he aint got the acting-skills to carry a movie.

They should give the role to an arabian guy.

JoelR3610d ago

Real Prince of Persia: David Zindi
I hope he still is the front runner for the role!

jinn3609d ago

steven segal would be even better