GameDaily reviews Mr. Driller Online Review

Robert Workman reports:

''Namco Bandai's latest attempt to milk an arcade franchise for Xbox Live Arcade just turned sour. Mr. Driller Online is a halfway decent addition to the quirky arcade digging series, as it carries the same bouncy presentation and addictive gameplay as previous Drillers. However, the online portion is so broken that you might think something's wrong with your system.

In Driller, you select from a family of diggers and then work your way through a series of caverns throughout the world. These caverns vary in depth, ranging from a simple one hundred meters (easily beaten in a matter of minutes) to one thousand meters and beyond. Part of the challenge comes from picking up air capsules. It's hard to breathe that deep underground, so you have to snag them to keep your air supply from running out. The deeper you dig, the more unstable the surroundings become. Foundations shake loose very quickly, threatening to crush you flat unless you're smart enough to get out of the way.''

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