Pay and Play: A step up for Nintendo WFC, or a crash and burn?

From Wii Live...

GDC 08 was a nice place for some little announcements for Nintendo. Around GDC, Nintendo announced official release dates for Wii Fit, and WiiWare. But also announced another interesting feature…

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ChickeyCantor3902d ago

im betting on DLC for Wiiware.......thats Pay and play

DriftMax3902d ago

I really cant believe how much Nintendo sucks.
Its quite a shame actually

princejb1343902d ago

starting to hate nintendo
the online sucks
im gonna sell my wii cause its useless now since you cant even play a descent online battle in smash bros brawl without lagging

Durffen3902d ago

It is very rare to find a good online match in Brawl. But don't sell your Wii. Mario Kart Wii will is going to have your online needs. And plenty of other games as well.