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My Wife, the Casual Gamer, Reacts To: Dragon’s Crown

FrontBurnr: It's like an after school special. My wife and I play Dragon's Crown and talk about what was wrong or right about the game.

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Community1516d ago
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kingdip901516d ago

Remind me to call sony and complain about how degrading it is to my gender the next time kratos is in a game wearing next to no clothes

agentxk1516d ago

Sure, I'll also remind you to read the story too

kingdip901516d ago

I did, I especially liked that the wife of the author (assuming its not you) realized that the game in of ir self wasn't overtly sexualized and that it was just the art style.

I only made that original comment because of the original offense of the art style people only seem to be offended at the objectification of womem and not men, in the past battle for sexual equality it seems people really lost focus.

The peoblem is the objectification of any gender, not one over another. If we are going to be sensetive we should be so accross the board

agentxk1516d ago

Ok, I understand. Yes that is my wife and she didn't so much take offense as she was more perplexed. She's seen worse.

After she saw that males got the exaggerated treatment as well, she was a little more relaxed about it.

RememberThe3571516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

@kingdip: Well thats how our society works. And honestly I like it. The mystery of whats underneath is kinda what keeps me going. When I step into a club it's the one that looks the classiest that catches my eye, it's like that Santana song Smooth comes on lol.

But on topic, I'm not surprised in the least how this guys wife reacted, the art design is a bit over the top. But understand that the perception of gender has a lot to do with this. Kratos nearly naked equals strength while these chicks nearly naked means sex. It's just how we look at it. It might be cultural but it is what it is.

Army_of_Darkness1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

I hope they have unlock-able bathing suit, monokini outfits for the ladies after you clear the game;-)

miyamoto1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Its nice to know many gamers prefer the Amazon as their avatar or first lady of choice to kick major butt.

It was love at first sight for me with the Amazon and kindled a fire desire for me to play her as soon as a get this game.

Yup I know it when I see it.

Good article.

My girl (who is a non-gamer")after watching 10 minutes of The Last of Us said, " It looks like a beautiful game dear." I was so happy to hear that from her.
Sometime non gamers are great critiques of a video game.

Remember Yamauchi of Nintendo approved games just by seeing them and not playing at all.

dredgewalker1516d ago

I've been exposed to too many anime and manga to see the designs as over the top. In the end the design controversy gave the game more public exposure.

Kevin ButIer1516d ago

lol sure ...the art style...

If u know what I mean

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1516d ago
kingdip901516d ago


Yes kratos being naked is a show of strength and power which also ties into virility, lets not forget the mini game in god of war where you have to pump women to climax.... because its manly!!!! And no I'm in not way saying thats a good steriotype

Mounce1516d ago

Yea, I agree with kingdip90.

Both genders get their own obvious roles of over-exaggeration. Most cases though is males don't give enough of a fuck and just go with it.

Most cases you got men like Heavy from TF2 or Bob Parr from The Incredibles all being girthy men with STUBBY thin little twig legs while women are twiggy-bodied with curvy-proportions or exaggerated boobs while men have exaggerated muscles that can also be found on characters from Gears of War who have the body structure as if their muscles were infact Watermelons being shoved under their skin at every bicep, tricep or hamstring.


Course the Sorceress has overly-giant-god-damn boobs that'd for sure annihilate her spine if it weren't thanks to likely her own magic or Space Magic making it so she doesn't dislocate her spine from the HEAVINESS OF THEM. Buuuut, yea....that's the guys' art style and if you don't like it. Don't buy the game as they always say.

Stallion1516d ago

Okay, now imagine Kratos has a massive, outlined bulge with its own physics.

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Rushing_Punch1516d ago

No feminazi going on? What is this world coming to?

Lovable1516d ago

Send this article to Gamespot NAO!!!

dragonyght1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

serious question why ppl discriminate against woman with big breast being represented in games or any other media. they were born with. they didn't ask for it. why is it a taboo thing, why it is acceptable for every other category for lack of better therm but not them

ifritAlkhemyst1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Women should cover themselves up they want to be taken seriously. They should be ashamed of their bodies.

Dunpeal1516d ago

We of the TALIBAN conglomerate are now recruiting. We see you're of the proper mindset.


ifritAlkhemyst1516d ago

Since people apparently cannot understand blunt sarcasm please know, I'M JOKING!!! I'm a huge supporter of women's rights.

Please stop PM'ing me about much of a misogynist asshole I am.

ifritAlkhemyst1516d ago

How about who cares?

Talk about the games and leave the politics out of it, regardless of what position you take.

We put way too much stock in the power of "discussion". It's really fairly pointless.

cleft51516d ago

Good read and it was interesting to see what this writer's wife thought of the whole thing. For the most part I agree with her, but I really don't mind any of the characters. The point of this game is to be over the top ridiculous in character design, they achieved that.

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