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Major Nelson: Why I’m Excited about Online Gaming with Xbox One

This morning, xbox announced a new beta program for Xbox 360 called Enforcement United, that lets Xbox Live members like you get involved to help make Xbox Live a more fun, fair and safer place for everyone to play. (Major Nelson, Xbox One)

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malokevi  +   640d ago
"These are just a FEW of the thing that make gaming great on Xbox One. There are lots more to come, so be sure to stay tuned for more exciting details as we march towards the launch of Xbox One."

AngelicIceDiamond  +   640d ago
"These are just a FEW of the thing that make gaming great on Xbox One. There are lots more to come, so be sure to stay tuned for more exciting details as we march towards the launch of Xbox One."

Hopefully that means Gamesharing also.

Hey one can hope.
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malokevi  +   640d ago
Definitely! I'm pretty confident that eventually there will be something along the lines of game sharing. We'll see, though. Personally, I want to see something unexpected and cool!
nix  +   640d ago
"These are just a FEW of the thing that make gaming great on Xbox One. There are lots more to come, so be sure to stay tuned for more exciting details as we march towards the launch of Xbox One."
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JokesOnYou  +   640d ago
So when micro talks about some cool new X1 features you get "well he works for microsoft"

...but when Cerny talks about ps4 features its gospel.
"Mark Cerny, has revealed some important details regarding GPU of the PlayStation 4 and how it is extensively customized and will be future proof."

"Mark Cerny on PS4: GDDR5 Latency Not "Much of a Factor""

-Look at the reactions on those threads, aahh no doubt about; "I must belive".
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badz149  +   640d ago
he's excited ha?


is he more excited about it than that guy at the end?
DragonKnight  +   640d ago | Well said
@JokesOnYou: Notice how those headlines don't contain Cerny's opinion but a statement of his knowledge about the system. Major Nelson is a PR guy, he literally IS paid to be excited about anything Xbox related. Cerny is the system architect, so what he says carries a lot more weight than a hype man.
gaffyh  +   639d ago
@JOY - There's a difference between opinion and someone just explaining features. The title of this story is stupid because of course he will be excited by it, really the title should have something to do with the features that he talks about in the story.

Also, Cerny is a developer, and the engineer of the PS4, so he knows what he is talking about although there is an element of bias. Major Nelson is just a popular exec, he's like Reggie, people like him, but he knows crap all about the actual system he is flogging. Just look at the Angry Joe interview with him, Joe asked him about DRM and that he "knew it was a switch they could flip", and Major Nelson went all defensive saying he can't know. A week later, complete DRM reversal.
MazzingerZ  +   639d ago
Difference is that M Nelson lied big time to all xbox potential customers about DRM not being able to be removed, it was impossible due to technical reasons....then we know thw rest
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mewhy32  +   639d ago
Well of course he's going to say he's excited!! I mean he's the face of Xbox!! DUH. What's he going to say???? Ummmm well we're going to put a spy camera in your home so our friends at the NSA and watch and listen to everything you do in your living room and we're going to charge you 100.00 more for a vastly inferior piece of hardware and that makes me excited!!!!!! Oh this is just too funny. xbone fanclub getting wound up because the fanclub leader says he's excited about a product being released from his employer which he has the responsibility of marketing????? Hello?
UnHoly_One  +   639d ago

He didn't "lie" about anything, give me a break. You seriously think he knows everything about the inner workings of how the console is designed?

He said it's not as easy as just flipping a switch. And it obviously isn't, because it technically isn't changed yet.

The XB1 still REQUIRES an internet connection when you first hook it up, so that it can download an update that makes the necessary changes to allow it to work offline.
BallsEye  +   639d ago
It has been confirmed that game sharing will come back but will not be available at launch. I belive I read about it on OXM.
Pro Racer  +   638d ago
Another great MS propaganda piece. Can't wait to watch movies and tv for 30 seconds while the game finds a match...
ABizzel1  +   640d ago
This is one if the much needed positives for the XB1. They're at least attempting to move online gaming forward. Everything sounds beneficial, but we'll have to see real world experience first.
greenlantern2814  +   639d ago
it is not like he was going to say the reason i hate xb1 or hey here are some reasons you should buy a ps4. it would be like Cerny going man the ps4 is terrible.
on a side note the xbox1 matching could be bad or good since it is a good thing to be matched with people who are not gonna call you raciest names but a bad thing if you never get matched with anybody out side your skill level. if your goal is to improve you need to play people better than you.
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iamnsuperman  +   640d ago
Well I hope you are. Really worrying if you didn't

Edit: I am excited to see what they (Sony and Microsoft) are showing at Gamescom. Might be the best gamescom yet
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EXVirtual  +   640d ago
Because yoy like controlling what people do in their games. This guy gives me a very bad vibe.
GodGinrai  +   640d ago

I read your posts in every post. Your funny.

But this time it looks like you foiled the evil majors plans to control how we play games on X1. I appreciate the concern you show for us in every X1 post.

What console are you buying again?
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EXVirtual  +   640d ago
I didn't say anything about the XB1 did I? I'm just saying, I don't like this guy.
EDIT: @memots, sorry, I'm a tap typer.
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optimus  +   640d ago
the only way i'll get "excited" is if they knock the price down by $200...although i have to say editing and adding your own game clips is a nice feature that will surely saturate youtube.
theWB27  +   640d ago
That means the PS4 should be selling at 200 bucks since they're already cheaper. I swear some gamers think they're the recipients of some type of charity. Where they think prices should be is just crazy. WiiU should 50-100 bucks also. DS 15 bucks, Vita about 30 bucks.

Games? Where should games be? You know what...F it they all should just go F2P. Give us the full game, we only pay for things like extra skins if we want to, but we should get the full game nonetheless. Who cares about business.
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lastofgen  +   640d ago
Knock the price down to 300 bucks??
Lol, are you crazy? 400 bucks to 450- I can understand, but a 200 price cut would be disastrous for any company to do.

Things cost money and not everything is going to be as cheap as you want it to be.
optimus  +   640d ago
I'm sure it will be 300 eventually; i'm tired of shelling out top dollar on games that are not worth it...

@wb27...way to take things out of context...what kind of logic is that? why should the ps4 sell at 200?? they can very well stay where they are and not lose any market share since as it stands they seem to offer more for the money...
If you notice i quoted the word excited as a play on what would make major nelson "excited" which is simply microsoft promotional jargon since he really isn't going to say anything negative about it outside of his house...so yes it would take them knocking off $200 for me to actually be excited for the xbox one since nothing it has really excites me since the ps4 can do most of it anyway for less money...and this coming from a sony hater; until e3.
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thebudgetgamer  +   640d ago
Get out of town.
No_Pantaloons  +   640d ago
I believe him as much as I did when he said: "We can’t just flip a switch to turn off DRM. The console was built around it."

quenomamen  +   640d ago
Saw that video, I believed it too ! Then a week later they hit the airbrakes on the whole DRM thing. Now I dont buy anything coming out his mouth.
Halochampian  +   640d ago
It wasn't a switch. You're crazy if you truly believe all they did was comment out a while() statement somewhere and Voila no online framework!

There a bunch of pissed off engineers who thought that they were almost finished with getting this thing ready to ship, who got tapped on the shoulder and told, "Remember those requirements we had you build this thing around? Well we just threw those out the window. Good luck with these new ones!"

They are still working on those changes, because the infrastructure of the One was built around an always online environment.
Christopher  +   639d ago
Comparatively, removing a system solely about checking if a game is online is a fairly easy thing to undo once it is done. Sure, it's not as easy as commenting out a statement, you have to update the database and clean out the system in general as other processes required the validation, but it's definitely an easy task compared to developing it or other processes to begin with.

I mean, do you know how easy it would be to change n4g to allow guests to post comments? Comparatively no time compared to how long it takes to develop the authentication process to begin with.

The real question is why they implemented a system with such stringent authentication in the first place when gamers have been arguing against DRM more and more each year? It took one E3 for then to realize tanners wouldn't like this? No, the only rain they changed is the news went mainstream. If only gamers complained and reported on it, it wouldn't have changed.
Fireseed  +   640d ago
I'm excited for the new Xbox Live too... but let's be serious here. Did we expect to hear anything different from Nelson? lol
lastofgen  +   640d ago
Well, same thing as our expectations on hearing nothing but positive things about the ps4 from cerny or any other sony exec for that matter.
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davidj88  +   640d ago
I'm not trying to cause anything here, but this quote from the site is somewhat contradictory.

''The key here is that you no longer have to sit and wait for a game to match you with other players. With Smart Match on Xbox One, I can put in my match request, then switch over and catch up on the posts on Xbox One or watch TV or a movie.''

So from my point of view what this is saying is if you want to play a game using ''Smart Match'' you have to wait for it to match you....even though he states you no longer have to sit and wait. Now my second thought was ''well you can now do it from the title screen'' but wasn't one of their features the ability to hop in and out of games? Surely then you could just hop in, start multiplayer, then hop out until it's loaded up. Maybe i am wrong, if i am then feel free to correct me.
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   640d ago
The key here is that you -no longer have to sit and wait
for a game to match you with other players. With Smart Match on Xbox One, I can put in my match request, then switch over and --catch up on the posts on Xbox One or watch TV or a movie---

. When a match is found, Xbox One tells me so I can re-enter the game instantly.

(seems like if your watching a movie, that's a pretty long wait)
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davidj88  +   640d ago
You do have to sit and wait, if you are looking for a match to play a game then whatever else you do you are still waiting for that match to become available. I could start a search for a S&D match on COD, turn to my laptop to check my emails but ultimately i'm waiting to start the game.

And even you said at the bottom ''(seems like if your watching a movie, that's a pretty long wait)'', it is a pretty long wait if you actually have time to watch TV or a movie. From my point of view this feature that is supposed to improve your gaming experience only delays it and tries to cover it up by allowing you to watch TV while you wait....but ultimately you still have to sit and wait.

The only benefit i see with this is that it tells you when it's ready, but how long it will take to find that match you want we don't know.
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MineHaxx  +   640d ago
Xbox One will be a big hit.
lifesanrpg  +   640d ago
"Have you seen Titanfall!?"

I'm surprised that's not one of his reasons
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NeoTribe  +   640d ago
This is comming from the guy who said by no means can xbox online polices change because its built into the system. Nelson is a complete PR tool.
Rhinoceros  +   639d ago
I hate apple let me go on apple forums and tell the millions of drones how dumb they are, you Sony trolls are so defensive just admit your a loser troll trying to make your self feel better by expressing your fears and insecurities in the Xbox forum. Sony's days are numbered, you know it and so does the rest of the business world, does that give me.a right to make an ass of myself on the PS forums to ruin people happy discussions, NO. If truly you believe in your console of choice rejoice and expresses it with like minded gamer's on the forum of console you like.
blackmanone  +   639d ago
Nowhere did Neotribe mention Sony. Troll harder.
Enigma_2099   640d ago | Trolling | show
ducimus118  +   639d ago
What an arrogant goof!

Red_Devilz  +   639d ago
Why I am not excited about anything Major Nelson says anymore? Because I've seen the "future" of gaming with him. The one where anything can be shoved up consumer's @ss just because you can't flip a bloody switch.
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