The Big Idea: Is the Term 'Gamer,' Um, Played Out, And If So, What Should We Replace It With

Via NewsWeek: "Given that more and more people are beginning to embrace games, it's finally time to dump the anachronistic 'gamer' label. We longtime players of games need not feel sad about this change. Opening games to, well, everybody can only result in a wider selection of genres and ideas."

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PimpHandHappy3902d ago

by being called a gamer

its the best form of entertainment i can think of...scrach that

I love a good metal band live with the crowd going crazy. I think thats more entertaining then a game but that doesnt last weeks let alone a year...


Again We Rise

VigorousApathy3902d ago

Replace it with "person" instead. It makes more sense to identify non-gamers at this point. I suggest dusting off the old word "retarded" for this one.

"Hey, what kind of games does Cindy like?"
"None, she's retarded."
"That's ashame, she's so hot."

ThatArtGuy3902d ago

Books = bookworms
Music = audiophiles

VigorousApathy3902d ago

When I see someone reading a book I don't think bookworm. I think normal person...

Joesus34503901d ago

as a non serious way to describe gamers... "Paddle-Jockeys" Because where im from all the older people call controlers "paddles" for god knows what reason, most likley because they hit their kids/grandkids with them when the wouldn't shut the system off and do thier homework or some other reason like that.