Don't Count On A New Super Mario RPG Any Time Soon

Kotaku: "Last week I had the opportunity to talk to Yoshihiko Maekawa, the Japanese designer who directed Super Mario RPG and now works for a company called AlphaDream, where he works on the Mario & Luigi games. We were mostly talking about the newest Mario & Luigi, which is out on August 11 for 3DS, but I slipped in a question about Super Mario RPG. I told him it was one of my favorite games, and I asked if he has any interest in revisiting that world at any point in the future."

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Misaka_x_Touma1693d ago

bummer it would be a Wii U killer app

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Firan1693d ago

A new SMRPG or a proper Paper Mario would make me happy.

Jagsrock1693d ago

doesn't matter since the game lives on in spirit through the Mario & luigi and paper Mario games. It would be nice to see a true sequel on wii u eventually.

thomasmiller1693d ago

This is sad, but oh well, I have wonderful 101, pikmin 3, mario 3d, Donkey Kong tropical breeze, sonic lost worlds, bayonetta 2, monolith X, mario kart and smash bros. coming to keep me happy!!

TongkatAli1692d ago

Those games look good, enjoy.

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