3DS Dominates the Japanese Market

Nintendo’s grip on the Japanese market seems as unrelenting as Darth Vader’s grip on the empire. With the latest figures coming out from Famitsu showing the Nintendo 3DS games sheer domination in the Japanese games chart, occupying more than 6 positions in the top 10 charts.

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SignifiedSix911759d ago

I don't think anyone will ever dethrone Nintendo from the handheld market lol.

Miscommunicative1759d ago

There was one who could. But Jobs is gone now.

Shad0wRunner1759d ago

Apparently it dominates the North American market too.

Did I fall into a coma for a century and wake up into an alternate reality where millions of people prefer to play games in their hands, on a little screen? o_O

What happened to the CONSOLE gamers?

gamer421759d ago

We live in a fast paced society, convenience is key for products to be successful in today's world. Why do think smartphones are so popular? Handheld gaming has evolved to a point where we can get console quality game in our hands. How can gaming be more convenient than that?

Stsonic1759d ago

3ds is not console quality. Vita had a good chance but it seems no one wants to support it.

Themba761758d ago

I think vita will catch up now mainly because of ps4 support and I believe they will probably start getting alot of jrpgs soon.

Misaka_x_Touma1758d ago

well console only gamers cares more about big budgets wanna be hollywood popularity games with endless quick time event, 10 hour long and not so much replay value.

swice1758d ago

I feel as though handheld gaming is much more personal. I'll get on my console to be social, but when it's just me and my 3DS, it's really just me.

memots1759d ago

Didn't we know this already?

dcj05241759d ago

Slow news day /:. Next up: 5 reasons the PS4 can beat XBOX ONE. Ugh.

PSNintyGamer1759d ago

Nintendo knows Hand-Helds

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