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Submitted by SethoN4G 925d ago | opinion piece

Why Shenmue is a masterpiece of its craft and a victim of its medium

Shenmue isn't amazing because it's so different from the video game norm. It's amazing because it shows the potential of what a video game can be. (Retro)

GEO9875  +   925d ago
Is 2013 and that shenmue milk is still being rubben on... Seriously people, freaking just acept there isnt gonna be a part 3, DEAL WITH IT
SethoN4G  +   925d ago
I don't really even talk about sequels. Shenmue is an important game regardless of whether it gets a continuation or not. That said, Shenmue should at least get a proper ending in some form if not a game. It deserves at least that much.
juliajuli   925d ago | Spam
thezeldadoth  +   925d ago
shenmue is one of the best video games ever made. If anything deserves a sequel, its Shenmue 2 and Kotor 2. Yet gamers keep begging for more third person shooter sequels, generic zombie game #50, and the next mp shooter.
ifritAlkhemyst  +   925d ago
I'm fully prepared for the public stoning I'm setting myself up for but...

I really thought these games were terrible. I do not see the value of playing a game where I hold a job as a forklift operator, where the combat is some pathetic excuse for a Virtual Fighter clone, and a story spread so thin it was supposed to be like 10 games until it concluded.

People should be clamoring for more Jet Set Radio and more Panzer Dragoon than this game that I thought was craptastic.
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SethoN4G  +   925d ago
I'm all for Jet Set Radio and Panzer Dragoon too. I don't think Shenmue is "craptastic" though. Public stoning? This is N4G man. Where everybody is as gentle and caring as a mother goose.
zeroskie  +   925d ago
There's no need for a public stoning since you're clearly already stoned. Shenmue was a masterpiece of its era. Does it fully hold up now? That's debatable but give credit where credit's due.
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Deadpool616  +   925d ago
Shenmue was one of the main reasons I own a Dreamcast. It's one of those games that transports you into another world. I actually felt like I visited a part of Japan after I was done playing the first game. The game was really groundbreaking on so many levels. It's unfortunate that some people will never understand that experience.
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HugoDrax  +   925d ago
I was fortunate enough. It was one of the reason I still own my launch Dreamcast. Such a great game! Although.......


I am still bitter about never getting a chance to kick Lan Di's Ass
Williamson  +   925d ago
Would be amazing if somehow sony got shenmue 3 on the ps4 as an exclusive. The creator of shenmue Yu Suzuki and Mark Cerny were spotted together on a pic online,(some rumours even say they were discussing the possibility of shenmue 3 on ps4) so it would be something special if it were to be announced at TGS. Then maybe we can Shenmue 1&2 hd on ps3/vita.
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SethoN4G  +   924d ago
Mark Cerny? The Mark Cerny? That would be awesome. He's always talking about bringing the magic back to video games. Perhaps that would make him feel the same way of Shenmue, which undoubtedly had the magic.
Pillsbury1  +   925d ago
Shenmue was a memorable experience as was the dreamcast. I will never forget you and the memories you have brought me.
sypher  +   925d ago
Such an amazing series. And honestly with the better/cheaper tech they have now wouldn't cost half as much to make. I just think it would be hard to sell it to the non-Shenmue audience. Those of us from that era and have played through those games seem to be few and far between. Which is sad :/
Agent_hitman  +   925d ago
Unless Sony, Microsoft or 3rd party publisher approach them and offer a partnership proposal to make another Shenmue game..

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