Payday 2 Dev Not Interested in Gimmicks on PS4, Xbox One

It's all about the memory when it comes to the Xbox One and PS4.

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golding891631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

We want more .we want more..we really like it.. we want more! [Memory]

1631d ago
s8anicslayer1631d ago

He clearly referring to the xbone kinect when he talks about gimmicks to control your game

golding891631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

lol. "clearly"? where did you see that? or is it just your opionion?

s8anicslayer1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

“More memory [is most exciting]. In truth, as a player, I'm not looking for new gimmicky ways to control my games - I just want tight, well designed gaming experiences,” Viklund said. “So the best thing that the hardware manufacturer can bring to the table is a machine that is easy for devs to develop software for, technical requirement protocols that are easy to adhere to, and a well-built controller for the player to hold."

With that being said Microsoft is pushing kinect motion controls hard. Even with move you can control with your hands so I guess we don't think we need to call in captain obvious for conformation on whom he was indirectly talking about. Draw your own conclusions!

Redgehammer1630d ago

I use my Kinect daily., and if the reported improvements make Kinect 2.0 as precise as advertised, then where is the gimmick?

ATi_Elite1630d ago


I'm glad the Devs fixed all the things wrong in PayDAy and made it a better game instead of wasting time on adding in features that NO Hardcore gamer is gonna enjoy.

Kinect and Touchpads are for CASUAL FAMILY Games.

Payday 2 is a GIANT LEAP in improvements over Payday! The Devs really listened to gamers and made great changes.

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Fgfttfgff1631d ago

He's already disappointed a tier of gamers with that regard. Not me though I like both :3 a game focused on itself and motion seems neat.

walkincarpet1631d ago

agreed... just adding better graphics each gen gets old... in fact it got old last gen for many of us that have been gaming since the 1 bit era. I haven't been this excited for a launch. PS has great single player exclusives, but MS pushes technology so going X1 first all the way.

Grap1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

1 bit era? what is that my great grandpa?

Minato-Namikaze1631d ago

I absolutely love them now. (I loved them before as well)

desertpunk861630d ago

the kinect and touch pad are gimmicks,useful to entertain the casuals but doesn't do anything revolutionary for games.

the touch pad was made to compete with the wii u but the wii u gamepad never took off so right now that touch pad looks like a waste of space.

DeadlyFire1630d ago

Touch pad still seems more useful than WiiU pad and Kinect to me. PSvita games that use touch could be played with same controller on a PS4 system as an example.

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