Gamer Girl of the Month: Brittney Brombacher

GamersBliss' Gamer Girl of the Month for August is Brittney Brombacher! Brittney has been gaming for over 20 years and even has her own gaming blog, She’s a huge fan of RPGs and collecting video game memorabilia. Read our exclusive interview below to learn more about Brittney Brombacher.

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TheSuperior 1753d ago

I like that Zelda themed bathroom she made!

1753d ago
Mounce1752d ago

Where's a Gamer Guy of the Month.

Woe is this societal praise of women being in an opened-access hobby, where women are superseding all males and there is absolutely no equality! Where's Mega64 when you need them to pose for Gamer Guys of the Month! WHY GIVE THEM ATTENTION FOR JUST COINCIDENTALLY BEING FEMALE GOD DAMNIT!

bunfighterii1752d ago

I'll be gamer guy of the month?!?

-Mika-1753d ago

I hate attention seeking girls like this. It give us girl gamers a bad image.

NihonjinChick1753d ago

You give yourself a bad image.

Ripsta7th1753d ago

She actually has a gaming background unlike others tho, but i agree most girls do it for attention

MoveTheGlow1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Is it the girls themselves, though? Or is it a system in which sexualized girls get ad revenue and clicks, and which sexualized boys are viewed immediately as "gay," since we're imagining a default hetero male viewer, therefore only generating "gamer girls" and no highly-visible sexualized "gamer guys" articles? Wouldn't it be the viewers first and the writers/editors second? Then the girls who accept the deal?

And even if it's usually that particular system, it won't always be for the money or popularity-type attention. Sometimes people just like to be seen, and like to be sexy, even sexualized. I can't assume this particular girl has a monetary or social capital-focused motivation. Perhaps it just makes her happy.

One thing I do know from the article: She's played games for longer than many commenters on this site have been alive. Two: She's cute, what can I say?

modesign1753d ago

beeing 300 pounds gives girl gamers a bad name.

MoveTheGlow1753d ago

Wait, so does that mean Gabe Newell at some point gave girl gamers a bad name? I mean, he did fund and publish Portal through Valve...

blackmanone1753d ago

Movetheglow, no need to feed the trolls :)

deafdani1753d ago

Ladies and gentlemen, look at Mika's post. Irony in its finest form.

GodGinrai1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I think it has a lot to do with how the industry would like to perceive girl gamers, as well. But to be fair I think she knows what she is doing, so fair play to her. And She plays RPGs..that pretty hardcore in my books. ;)

plenty of us know girl gamers (I know a few potty mouthed ones too...I think Im rubbing off on them, lol), we know better than to assume we know them, just because they are a "girl gamer". A gamer is a gamer.

If I ever ran into her on halo, BF etc. I would shoot and teabag her just like she was one of the lads. Thats equality for ya!

I like doing it on BF, because they HAVE to watch you do it for about 4 seconds. lol..Im such an ass hole!

EDIT: Mika does have a point though. Any time we see a girl gamer, she is usually in cosplay or short, shorts. sex sells right?

dark-hollow1753d ago

Guys who goes apeshit as soon as he hear a female voice in an online game gives us males a bad name.

dcj05241753d ago

My friends piss me off when they do that. Girl joins our squad and its all HURP ARE YOU A GIIIRL. They usually end up leaving -_□

aawells071753d ago

She's one of the coolest girls on YouTube I've seen. I wouldn't worry to much about her, if I were you.

M-M1753d ago

You're not even a girl lol.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1752d ago

I agree with you because clearly a gamer girl would strip down in her panties and take a photo. Fake ass gamer girl if you ask me

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SheaHoff1753d ago

I need to check out her blog now

evilkillerk1753d ago

Just because certain girls are proud of what they do doesn't mean they go around flaunting it in other girls or even guys faces.

cleft51753d ago

It also doesn't mean they shouldn't. Some people are quiet as a mouse and others are bold and open about their lives. Neither one is necessarily a bad thing so long as they have class.

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The story is too old to be commented.