Top 5 Controllers Of All Time

With the prospect of getting our hands on the next generation of home console controllers,here at 42 Level One we have been talking about our favourites of the past and present and in a bid to determine the best controllers out there we have each come up with our top 5 controllers of all time.

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darthv721688d ago

My personal top 5:
5) Genesis
4) Dreamcast
2) DualShock
1) 360

I personally like the fit and comfort of the 360 controller above the dualshock. But big props to sony for revising it each time to make it better and more responsive.

No_Limit1688d ago

Great choice Darth, but I'll have to add in the Sega Saturn 6 button controller in-placed of the Genesis one. That controller was the king for 2D fighting games in its day. The D-Pad has yet to be surpassed.

darthv721688d ago

technically....the genesis 6 button and d-pad layout was the basis for the saturn model. the saturn added L/R bumpers though.

Masterman2801687d ago

GameCube controller is the best.

Relientk771688d ago

PS1-PS3 DualShock for me

then Sega Genesis controller is 2nd

Firan1687d ago

1. GameCube
2. 360
3. Dualshock
4. Wii U
5. Dreamcast

Masterman2801687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

4. DualShock (PS1-PS3)
3. Wii U GamePad
2. 360
1. GameCube

Kyosuke_Sanada1687d ago

I still consider Dualshock 3 and SNES controllers a fighting game's paradise for console.

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