Nintendo: Give Us A Wii U Ambassador Program, Now

GaminRealm: "In the wake of the latest news that Nintendo only mustered 160,000 Wii U sales for the months of April-June, it really made me kick back for a second and reflect on everything that has happened post-launch. But as I was sitting there, I realized that I couldn’t think of anything that happened, and that’s the problem: nothing has happened."

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diepdiep1756d ago

I'll rush to buy the console if they do implement the Ambassador Program. That's pretty much what made it worthwhile to own a 3DS early.

1756d ago
Apex131756d ago

over priced for a handheld is what stifled it and the price drop was what rescued it along with a sick catalog of games..

People said the same crap about the 3ds funny enough due to the lack of power and the ps Vita. Clearly power doesn't always win.

If anyone can Nintendo can.

3-4-51756d ago

Yea Ambassador, depending on games, would make me buy one a lot sooner than I planned.

Murad1755d ago

Same here. I'm personally looking forward to buying it when the price drops to around 200 dollars.

Phil321756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Shouldn't have bought a Wii U after knowing how horrible Nintendo botched the 3DS launch. Nintendo owes you nothing. It sucks, but it's true. That's the price of being an early adopter.

Doing a second Ambassador program would set an even worse precedent for Nintendo platforms. Why buy the next Nintendo platform at launch when you can wait and get free games?

SliceOfTruth8881756d ago

i agree with this. I expected to have already played 101, pikman and Rayman. So far i have played about 10-15 hours max of total gametime on my wiiU

BIGTAMR1756d ago

Clearly you didn't like the games as I've sunk 560 hours in already

Murad1755d ago

Holy crap, that's more than the gametime I've marked for DOTA 2 D:. Just goes to show that game must be fun.

Jyndal1756d ago

I'm expecting Nintendo to abandon this console. It's going down the toilet and I don't see anyway of them recovering, next to making the system $99.

AbortMission1756d ago

To add oil to the fire, I sold my Wii u for more PS4 preordering cash

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The story is too old to be commented.