Three Games Single Players Should Look out for in August

OnlySP: As the Sun begins to set earlier and earlier with each passing day [for you northerners - Ed], it’s time for us gamers to retreat back indoors (providing you were brave enough to go outside at all) and begin playing some awesome games until the early hours of the morning. August will be the first month to give us some of the truly brilliant games that are released toward the end of the year. So abandon your work, retreat to the comfort of your gamer chair and pick up a controller because we’ve got some big hitters coming up.

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PockyKing1729d ago

I'll certainly be grabbing Splinter Cell, everything about that game just looks good in my opinion.

1729d ago
calvincrack1729d ago

I am single. And i am a player

GamingAngelGabriel1729d ago

All 3 of these come out August 20th. I'll start with Splinter Cell and The Bureau.

Master-H1729d ago

Screw August games, In August i'll be getting my body ready for the September beast know as GTA V !