CryEngine 3 vs Frostbite 3: The Most Powerful Engines in Gaming go at it

With next gen gaming just around the corner, we at take a look at two of the more high profile game engines in the gaming industry and see how they compare as they both make their move into this new lucrative gaming market.

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Lior1757d ago

cryengine 3 has better prospects

1757d ago
ThanatosDMC1757d ago

But teh Unrealz Engine... lol!

Fireseed1757d ago

Idc whether Frostbite and CryEngine can pump out better graphics. Unreal is INFINITELY more friendly to work with and get assets in.

RegorL1756d ago

I guess you work for EA then?

Frostbite is in EA only, that it was bad to work with was one of their reasons for a major rewrite to FB2.

Every report I heard (inluding Swedish) says that it is easy to work with...

Why will DICE do Mirrors Edge 2 with Frostbite and not Unreal? (Don't say licensing cost, the are almost irrelevant for AAA games)

Fireseed1756d ago

Ok so first, I personally do not work at EA however I do have a buddy (for however much that's worth on the internet) who is a modeler on Command & Conquer, and from what I've played around with Frostbite it most assuredly is not by any means bad, I actually like some aspects of it better than UDK. So I guess the word "INFINETLY" was a bit of an overstatement cause I had just finished some particle effects pretty easily in UDK. Kinda that post work hell-yeah moment. My big gripe about Frostbite is how much radically different controls than Maya, which IMO is a bad thing because almost all major programs use Mayas control scheme and it's a bit weird to get used to anything different. It's like playing an FPS where the A button shoots, and SELECT reloads. Again not bad, just a bit unnatural at first.

And why will DICE use it for Mirrors Edge 2? Well idk... maybe cause they built the damn engine?!?! Idc how weird an engine is to make stuff for, having the ability to walk down the hall and ask for root engine changes to solve a problem has got to be the greatest thing EVER.

ATi_Elite1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

CryEngine 3 and Frostbite 3 oh boy that's a lot of eye candy! Both are FANTASTIC Engines and will WOW us for years to come. Starcitizen CryEngine 3 will blow minds and Command and Conquer on the Frosbite 3 will take destruction to new heights.

but right now I'll take Real Virtuality 4! Bells, Whistles, Candy, Ballistics, real world physics, and HUGE game worlds with super High detail.

When you can clearly see the Thread inside button holes well then you know you got Hi Res Detail

pabadamus11757d ago

Unreal engine 4 and the infiltrator demo look pretty as well.

Mr-SellJack1757d ago

meh who cares about engines it's the devs effort that matter plus these engines get blown out of the water by many other engines especially the japanese engines,fox engine,panta rhei,and luminous engine

fabiani1756d ago

yea engines arent a big deal lol i make lvls n charachters n it really depends on how good ur pictures r for textures n poly usage.engines r just a space n do lighting.

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