Lonpos WiiWare DLC detaled, priced - 4500 Wii Points

Nintendo's new WiiWare service has received its second helping of extra downloadable content in Japan today, with Genki now offering players the chance to get their hands on new boards and visual themes. Like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King, though, it isn't gonna come cheap.

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PS360WII3874d ago

Ouch Lonpos is oh so cruel with that price. Might as well just make a retail version and end it.

ChickeyCantor3874d ago

.....this is madness XD
thats just lame, atleast FF:CC is much softer with their price of ...26 was it? ( all the download files)

this is just wrong

Fux4Bux3874d ago

You all let them get away with charging $10 for tiny ass ROM downloads they're obviously going to try and charge more for a new game. Nintendo is just a bunch of greedy bastards overcharging as much as they can for everything.

George Washington3874d ago

dang 4500 wii points? i have no idea how it translates but it sounds like alot. like 45$ or something lol

ChickeyCantor3874d ago

Really Fux4bux, you are retarded....this isnt a game from nintendo !
GENKI developed this game! not even Square is asking this much for their FF title.

get your head out of your @ss and do some damn research.

Fux4Bux3874d ago

Duh it's not from Nintendo but they're the ones who control pricing on their service.

Intrepid3874d ago

Actually, any developer can release whatever they want for whatever price they choose on WiiWare. Nintendo has very little to do with it, in fact.

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tweaker3874d ago

That is insane pricing for DLC, especially for a game that looks like a flash game that can be found at sites like