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Gaming: PS4 jumps into the early lead over Xbox One

post-gazette: The Xbox One or the PlayStation 4? This is the question hovering over the video-game industry until the consoles hit shelves later this year. Any enthusiast who doesn't want to spend $900 on both systems will be forced to choose, and both companies are promising big things when the consoles are available.

Plenty could change before the consoles arrive four months from now, but Sony currently has the favorable strategy, giving the PS4 an early lead in the console race. (PS4, Xbox One)

malokevi  +   800d ago
$900? HAHA! One on my own dime in November, and one on my girlfriends dime for Christmas. There is simply no other way.
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SavageKuma  +   800d ago
It is not bad at all and just re-opened Ps4 pre-orders, so that will boost them even further.
golding89  +   800d ago
I will be spending 900 bucks :-p
Drakesfortune  +   800d ago
im spending £349 on the most powerful console...
G20WLY  +   800d ago
You're spending LESS to get MORE?!

Intelligent bubble for you!
josephayal  +   800d ago
the PS4 looks completely unstoppable
Syntax-Error  +   800d ago
How can they make this assumption off pre-orders? Walk ins have to be factored in as well as people like myself that are switching their pre-order on launch day. Pre-orders are capped, so it's impossible for them to have accurate numbers. Sony had 38 slots available at GameStop while Microsoft had 15 available, so if they judging by that, this article is nothing more than nonsense. I tried getting an X1 pre-order but they were all filled up and they had a waiting list.
G20WLY  +   800d ago
It's not nonsense. It says PS4 is taking an early lead, not that it's more popular than XBone.

Sony's producing consoles (it would currently seem) faster than MS. So more pre-orders are available for Sony buyers.

Hence why this article's title is fact. Stop looking for controversy that doesn't exist and buy whichever you prefer. :)
malokevi  +   800d ago
Wasn't there a report a week ago that stated Xbox consoles would have a 3-1 advantage over PS consoles in terms of available stock?


Not necessarily a hard truth... but its better than some random gamers conjecture.
SniperControl  +   800d ago
I read that as well.
Wasn't that a analyst's prediction based on rumor and conjecture.

Patcher and his cohorts have never been reliable on thier forcasts.
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malokevi  +   799d ago
Actually (and I quote) it was based on:

""supply chain checks" suggest the Xbox One will have a "2-3x unit advantage at launch"."

Keep spinning it however you want. "rumors and conjecture". lol.

I don't even care, I'm just saying that he was wrong, as are you. PSfanboy logic permeates this site. "Ignorance" seems to fit.
SniperControl  +   799d ago

"don't even care, I'm just saying that he was wrong, as are you. PSfanboy logic permeates this site. "Ignorance" seems to fit"

Oh the irony........
SniperControl  +   800d ago
Pre-orders are always used by retailers as demand forcasts for ordering stock in the future.

Dont kid yourself thinking walk-ins will make a massive difference. By now, 90% of gamers have already made up there minds as to which console to get, the other 10% are sat on the fence. Gamers dont decide to switch allegiance because there favorite console is not in stock or cant be pre-ordered.
Syntax-Error  +   800d ago
Again, where did you get your facts by saying 90% have made up their mind and 10% are on the fence? I know that's not accurate because I am switching my pre-order and I don't fall in any of your made-up fact stats, so you're the one kidding yourself. You speak for the N4G community not the general public.

G20WLY - You are correct. Sony is manufacturing faster than expected since they have now reopened pre-orders until further notice instead of giving slots, but I can't help but wonder what if they under-deliver. Looks like 2005 all over again when the 360 launched and systems were selling on ebay for $5000
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SniperControl  +   800d ago

My percentages may not be accurate, but Amazons(biggest retailer in the world) best sellers list gives the facts.

A lot of gamers have made up there minds already as to which console to buy, just look at forums all over the internet not just on N4G.(by admission you have already made up your mind that you are buying a X1)

Just because you disagree with an article does not make it BS.

I am not dissing you for buying an X1, that is your god given right to buy whatever you want.
Cam977  +   800d ago
The Xbox One is the Nemesis whereas the Ps4 is Jill Valentine. By that I mean the Xbox chases the PS4 for glory, but in the end the PS4 reigns supreme, regardless of the relentless pursuit.
nosferatuzodd  +   800d ago
indeed lol
Dlacy13g  +   800d ago
Nah.... Sony = The Empire ....dominant for years, lost a few battles but still in control. MS = The upstart Rebel Alliance that won a few key battles but still need to find a way to destroy the Empires grip on the universe. Nintendo = the Ewoks, unassuming and not thought of as a threat but when needed they can deal some damage.
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No_Limit  +   800d ago
Doesn't matter, it is a matter of preference. I am getting a Xbox One first due to the early games and IMO a better online service in Live.

Forza 5, Dead Rising 5 and Killer Instinct are the games I wanted to play at launch.
G20WLY  +   800d ago
How do you have an opinion about online services of PS4 and XBone, when so little has been announced about either?
No_Limit  +   800d ago
I based it on the fact that I have experience these networks on both PS3 and X360. IMO, Xbox Live is far superior than PSN and that is the network I play all my online games.

With the XB1 announcement of all games on dedicated servers and the fact that PSN now requires paywall to play online, I'll go with the trusted network if I am going to pay for one of them. Each person has their preference and if someone feels like the PSN network is better, then that is their opinion and choice. I'll respect that.
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thrust  +   800d ago
Easy look at xbox live now and psn now.

live is years ahead.
G20WLY  +   800d ago
No limit, but you're talking about PS3/360, which is a different generation? Consider the online improvements from PS2 to PS3; if you want to work with past experience - and it seems you are - then is it not logical that we should expect a leap in performance again for PS4?

Each to their own, of course, I do respect that you prefer the current Live over PSN ;)

You could also apply past learning to games and suggest that Sony is likely to have more/better exclusives again - regardless of the currently announced launch exclusives.

Remember; a console is for life, not just for christmas!

*or is that puppies..?! :/
Bennibop  +   800d ago
YOu do realise Sony is already using dedicated servers and has been sinse the PS3 was released. You do also realise that the PSN will be completely diffrent on PS4 to additional RAM and more services such as Gakai, Party Chat etc.
JBSleek  +   800d ago
But what if I genuinely prefer the Xbox One games over the PS4 games at this moment?
Africa-Garvey  +   800d ago
The Wii U is the most U ltimate console in this new generation.
But i will be pulling out $399 by november for another Japanese giant.
As for micro, the smaller it goes..........
Africa-Garvey  +   800d ago
The Wii U is the most U ltimate console in this new generation.
But i will be pulling out $399 by november for another Japanese giant.

As for micro, the smaller it goes..........

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