Microsoft Confirms That Windows 8 Apps Run On Xbox One?

It seems that you may be able to run Windows 8 apps on your Xbox One according to an advertising document from Microsoft.

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golding891596d ago

If this is true, It would be really awesome.

JokesOnYou1595d ago

Yeah I'm not too familiar with it but if it has some useful apps I'll take it.

Genesis12951595d ago

Also, I'd like to see what this could resolve into, could be very unique if used properly.

Kayant1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

It means all Apps on Windows RT (App Store) could be available on the one

JokesOnYou1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Yeah Kayant thanks but what I meant is I use a few Android apps which can be very useful, like the one I use to track my workouts, but there is also alot of garbage apps too, so I guess my my question is will it basicly like Android or is the Win app environment more specialized for pc/xbox type apps? You know what nevermind, I think I might be over thinking this a bit. I'll just do some quick research on it.

malokevi1595d ago

This is fantastic. MS is validating my purchasing of the Surface more and more every day.

dcj05241595d ago

Thats pretty cool. And it comes with internet explorer. No more crappy console browsers.

Kayant1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

If true MS has won the entertainment and app world. Sony wouldn't be able to compete.

THC CELL1595d ago

Windows 8 is a fail. Enjoy.

Electric-flamingo1595d ago

Grow up.

Man Sony sure has been quiet latley

sly-Famous1595d ago

Could not agree more Windows 8 sucks that is why I reverted back to 7 after a week.

JBSleek1595d ago

Give me one reason why Windows 8 is worse than Windows 7?

It runs fast and it is more effective. Also you will likely give me a bogus reason about the new interface which is a stupid argument to make considering they not only have a desktop view you don't spend your time on a computer on that start menu, you use the applications.

Kayant1595d ago

You're not getting the picture here. Yes Windows RT is a fail but it has a lot of apps already developed in it's ecosystem compared to Sony's were apps have to be developed from the ground up vs a simple update being required for already developed apps to work on the Xbox one.

As much as I don't like MS I have to say Windows 8 is not that bad and you can easily use it without touching or seeing the metro interface.

mcstorm1595d ago

Lol I love the windows 8 is a fail comments. Please back it up with something. Has OSX, Google Chrome, Linux out sold windows 8 since it came on the market?

Windows 8 had 7.5% of the tablet market in its 1st 3 months on sale.

The Surface RT sold 1 million devices in its 1st 3 months and it was only available in select country's and each country it was out in old had one or 2 shops selling the device. Now look back to the Moto Xoom Google's 1st android tablet it was on sale world wide and in every big named shop and it managed to sell under 250 thousand devices in its 1st year on the market.

Windows 8 is far from a fail. Yes it is not selling as well as Windows 7 did but windows 7 came after Vista which was a bad OS and a lot of businesses needed to upgrade when 7 came out so picked this OS over Vista. Windows 8 is just the next step up from windows 7 so there is no big rush to upgrade but also company's are not buying a new pc every 3 years now due to how much power they have and its now every 5 to 7 years.

Windows 8 tablets were also never going to out sell the IPad as this is the name everyone goes to at the moment but as you can see from sales people are starting to look at other options and once the next gen of windows 8.1 devices come out with a cheaper option sales will start to get up to the 30 to 50% of market share.

Im not saying windows 8 is perfect because no device or Software is but to say it is a fail is blind and wrong. MS are on the move again and out of Google and Apple are the ones that are growing with the services they offer.

The Xbox one is the final peace of the Microsoft eco system that brings Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox together as one OS with one language to help make them all work together.

ALLWRONG1595d ago

"Man Sony sure has been quiet latley

That's because they been trying to figure out how to announce that RAM problem.

cybervike1595d ago

Sorry but the Windows 8 interface is bad. Why do you think so many people complained then Microsoft rushes to release Windows 8.1 (which is still a joke) I for one wouldn't go around celebrating my console works with Windows 8. Under the hood it's good but that interface is an abomination.

Death1595d ago

In all honesty the entire RAM BS has been blown way out of proportion. 7 gigs was never better than 5 anyway. It was wasted resources. Having a single pool of ram is very flexible. Developers can use what they need. The next gen of console is limited by 1080p screens so GPU ram in excess of 1 gig is over rated. The CPU needs the extra ram, not GPU's.

cee7731595d ago

Microsoft lost over 700 million on the surface RT so yes its A fail this is why they are restructuring

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sly-Famous1595d ago

And thats why Sony is so far ahead of MS because consoles are for gaming. MS wont be able to compete.

No_Limit1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

By your logic, a mid-90s Motorola Razer would also be better than a current Android or iPhone since cell phones are for talking. The Wii U is just a game console for traditional games, and it is not doing great right now because believe it or not, people outside of diehard gamers want their consoles to do multiple things and do them well. The days of tradition systems like the SNES and PS1 are long gone and wouldn't be accepted in today's environment. As we already seen with the PS3 and X360 that have other services like video rental, music, and apps, in addition to just games, expect more features to be added to both new consoles like DVR game recording and since MS has Windows, it will ultimately give them a huge advantage when it comes to integrating more features.

LackTrue4K1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Didn't people hate windows 8!?!? Now it's the best thing on earth?! Haha
If it is supported just add keyboard/mouse support!! That would be sweet!!

Edit! Edit...! "I dont want crappy Bling support!!!!!!"

Ron_Danger1595d ago

My question would be: since it has windows 8 and can run windows 8 apps, why not just save yourself some money and hook your computer to your tv?? Titanfall is on PC... Much like Kinnect 1.0, Kinnect 2.0 will work better in pc... And now that there a trend with the MS fanboys to call games that are on both Xbox and PC "Microsoft Exclusive", why not just stick with the pc you already have?

JBSleek1595d ago

So since you can't call PC+Xbox games exclusives.

Do you call PS4+Vita games exclusive?

Somebody1595d ago

It's probably because MS will be giving the AAA titles exclusively for X Box One while the PC will only be given tablet-like games and F2Ps.

illtownNJONE1595d ago

get your facts straight drone kinect 2.0 is incompatible with pc would not fit due to the connection of the port

ALLWRONG1595d ago

JBSleek you'll go insane trying to wrap your head around PS fanboy logic.

dark_1011595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

That means Microsoft will get your money via the entertainment department, even if you dont own an XBox. probably Titanfall on PC will require downloading windows live marketplace for PC "Like some current games" which you can download DLC and stuff .

So no matter what you do, you will find yourself supporting Microsoft. Even if you didnt intend to buy an XBox in the first place.

Death1595d ago


It's probably the same reason that PS4 fans that want the most powerful gaming system don't just use their PC. Xbox fans buy Xbox consoles for the games and the overall gaming experience that Sony has been trying to replicate for close to a decade. If you are a diehard Sony fan and want to buy the handful of games that are Xbox and PC exclusive, so what? It's no different than the Xbox fans that buy a Playstation for the exclusives. Congrats, it makes you a gamer.

1595d ago
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1595d ago
No_Limit1595d ago

Man, I just started to think that there might be a possibility MS will make the XB1 into a PC as well if all Windows 8 Apps and cloud software like Office 365 also work with the One.

MS don't sell their own PCs or laptop so by having all the apps and cloud programs all tied up into the Windows ecosystem, then with smartglass to be used for apps that requires pinch and zoom features, I think that is a strong possibility. I think at Gamescom, we will learn more about such features.

Geezus1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

its a good possibilty it would coincide with their all in one motif. Honestly it would be a good idea with some keyboard and mouse support.

Kayant1595d ago

That makes the report of them marketing the Xbox one to small business as a business expense more true but I still don't think it's a valid business expense because they will need to pay for Xbox live to access the features they need and sacrifice probability and the x86 app ecosystem. So it will still be better for a business to buy a laptop IMO.

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