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Eve Online TV Series Directed By Baltasar Kormáku

On Sunday July 28th, 2013, GamerFitnation got the chance to speak with Baltasar Kormákur Director of the 2014 film 2 Guns starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. They talked about a few of their favorite things such as his film 2 Guns, Video Games and Comics. One thing that stuck out was that Kormáku is working on an Eve Online TV series, and hopes to make a movie. (Culture, EVE Online, PC)

BLACKBIBLE  +   365d ago
We also mention to him about checking out The Last of Us as a possible TV series.
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fredolopez  +   365d ago
it even sounds good, The Last of Us on AMC.
BLACKBIBLE  +   365d ago
I'd rather another channel that way it would be in competition with the walking dead. I say HBO!
ArchangelMike  +   365d ago
God No! Leave TLOU alone. don't ruin it by making it a TV series. Leave it as a powerful gaming experience.
blackmanone  +   365d ago
Eve Online the TV series? I just blew my loa... errr mind.
BLACKBIBLE  +   365d ago
Be careful with that. I never played eve online but hear it's a big deal.
Shad0wRunner  +   365d ago
We already have a hit sci fi tv series. It's called falling skies.
BLACKBIBLE  +   365d ago
Haven't seen it how is it?
Shad0wRunner  +   365d ago
It's awesome.

Check it out:

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