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Exclusive Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay shows how the game looks in “Ultra” settings

Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay shows us how the game looks in “Ultra” settings (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Wizziokid  +   730d ago
This isn't the best map to show off the graphics imo it's such a bland setting, not much going on but it still looks amazing.
snipab8t  +   729d ago
I'd like them to show off some more destruction, I'm not talking about that scripted building falling down, I'm talking about walls being blown up and stuff like BBC2
skept3k  +   729d ago
I'd like to see more scenarios like with the underground pillars taking out a section of the road above to bring down a tank. That shit is badass.
jayswolo  +   729d ago
that wasn't scripted :)
FATAL1TY  +   729d ago
horrible BF 3.04
narked  +   729d ago
Agreed, somehow I prefer the destruction on bad company 2, even to bf3. You could easily level buildings in a whole map.
RegorL  +   729d ago
Buildings were smaller in Bad Company 2
- could you really take down ALL large buildings?
SideShort  +   729d ago
It's really give or take. BC2 maps were more like flat, wide fields with makeshift neighborhoods you could destroy. BF3 really conquered the natural feel of an urban landscape. I kind of preferred it over the destructible houses sprinkled here and there.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   729d ago
All of Battlefield's destruction has always been scripted. None of it is real-time damage. The pieces are already predetermined on how each single piece will break everytime the exact same way.
abzdine  +   729d ago
i didn't know they made a N64 version of BF4!! looks aweful!!!
Killzone is the definite monster FPS
malokevi  +   729d ago
Definitely looks amazing. The partical effects in particular, the water, fire, explosions, and smoke all look crazy good. The physics as well... the way that tank bounced on the suspension as it was rolling... really cool.

The textures themselves look a little bland and colorless, but that's being displayed on my crappy Dell monitor... so it will undoubtedly look 10x better on the HDTV...

Filling my cryogenic chamber, I'm sick of the present.
StoutBEER  +   729d ago
Hhaha awesome malokevi. Count me in on the cryo!
SignifiedSix91  +   729d ago
it looks bland, because there are no textures on the map. They didn't include them in the alpha beta, because they wanted people to focus on the gameplay and bugs, not the graphics lol.

So yeah, its not your monitor :P
malokevi  +   729d ago
Whats the point of showing Hyper-settings, then? I mean, if this really is the highest visual setting... they might wanna add some textures? lol.

If what your saying is true, than that's reassuring.
FantasticBoss  +   729d ago
Actually guys the textures are so bland up top because the world is covered in ash. If you look closer you can see a few spots where color peeks through,like the signs up on the building as he comes up the stairs. Basically everything is caked in a layer of ash and concrete dust.

Plus the level kind of looks weirdly sparse and unfinished for a modern Battlefield map. Probably due to being early footage.
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faysal  +   729d ago
this is a pre alpha mode that was leaked few weeks back... this is the same map DICE showed at e3 for its multiplayer reveal.
Ashunderfire86  +   729d ago
Yep and its playable... 64 players playable in the EA booth with the big Battlefield 40 sign. I was there too! If you wanted to play the game, you have to be first come first served; or the developers will give you a ticket and the time for the next set of 64 players. You have the choice to play with the X1 controller(Yes I confirmed that yes you will be playing X1 controller on PC) or PC keyboard.
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Lior  +   729d ago
It's not the alpha, the alpha was a blank canvas alpha
Mrmagnumman357  +   729d ago
I can't believe how long it took for someone to notice the lack of textures... this is completely unfinished. This really shouldn't be an article, because this isn't really ultra settings.
JsonHenry  +   729d ago
Wow. What a horrible video. The compression on it even at a 1080p stream made it look worse than BF3 on utlra settings. :/

Just take uncompressed screenshots and post those please.
oof46  +   729d ago
Youtube videos will always have compression problems no matter what the source.

Unfortunately, uncompressed screenshots and videos are HUGE.
Salooh  +   729d ago
Do you know any site that give us uncompressed videos ?. :D

I would love to see the difference.
papashango  +   729d ago
back in the day sites like file front or fileplanet would have just hosted the video for download.

Sometimes I miss that.
aim4dabushiz  +   729d ago
well it's bland because the building fell, leaving everything under that dusty smog... that being said, i agree that those brighter color pallets are a plus and it pains me the say thats that's the one thing COD does right!
RAYMEISTER  +   729d ago
Looks like the brown stuff that comes out of my butt
andrewsqual  +   729d ago
Lol "Exclusive Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay shows how the game looks in “Ultra” settings, releases footage on Youtube at 2000kbps." Lol.
Give the damn video to Gamersyde and they will let us download and stream it at its true quality :)
3-4-5  +   729d ago
Correct. I think they probably chose that clip because of the particle effects and amount of things on screen whilst also being in ultra graphics setting.

Can't believe I just typed whilst.
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JunioRS101  +   729d ago
it's alpha anyways, no polish at all yet
bayport  +   729d ago
It's hard to show off anything on youtube. Games always look so much better outside of youtube recordings. Youtube compresses too much, even on 1080p
Syntax-Error  +   729d ago
I wanna see a map with some foliage
sak500  +   729d ago
Didn't show much in terms of ultraness. Also what's with no HUD? Looked pretty bland.
ovnipc  +   729d ago
This its old. And its un finish. This its like 8 months old video. Its clear that its un finish.
nutcrackr  +   729d ago
The skyscraper fell, so there is ash on the ground.
AuToFiRE  +   728d ago
What if.. There isnt anything better to show?
slimeybrainboy  +   729d ago
YouTube is so bad, it makes every game look like games to me. I downloaded the Singleplayer 17minute demo from eurogamer 1080p 60fps, that looks like gameplay. YouTube just never looks as good as the real thing.
FRAKISTAN  +   729d ago
Do the ultra settings look just like the PS4 gameplay we saw
Xaphy  +   729d ago
Elit3Nick  +   729d ago
SlapHappyJesus  +   729d ago
NarooN  +   729d ago
Allsystemgamer  +   729d ago
TheOneEyedHound  +   729d ago
No according to you?
CRAIG667  +   729d ago
should have gone to specsavers...
MidnytRain  +   729d ago
Lol, how are you gonna give a biased opinion then say "No according to you" when someone else gives you theirs...
givemeshelter  +   729d ago
LOL You always have to have one
_LarZen_  +   729d ago
The color palette wants me to tear my eyes out.
Neixus  +   729d ago
It's gray because a building fell down, thus creating lots of dust around the city
DeadlyFire  +   729d ago
It will look better in the final builds. I expect heavy marketing at Gamescom up until release.
Crazay  +   729d ago
Holy schnikies that looks pretty.
yes.... yes they *ahem* yes it does ! :)
Einhert  +   729d ago
nothing amazing going on here besides the gameplay will be bland and generically modern military.

Witcher 3 is what I'm on board for.
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dcj0524  +   729d ago
Not really.the colors are gray and bland because theres tons of dust in the air and ground, details :D. The gameplay is resembling modern millatary gun play somewhat accuratley. If you're saying that modern millitary is blend & generic well then you'll never like this game lol. I'm excited for the witcher 3 too but if you find millitary combat bland and generic why would you even click on a game that is in the modern millitary setting? Odd.
Einhert  +   729d ago
sorry bro
Blastoise  +   729d ago
Bit of a rubbish clip to be honest. Still really looking forward to it though
venom06  +   729d ago
we all know BF craps ALL OVER CoD in terms a gameplay, technology and innovation year after year... but they need to show footage where the color pallettes are actually added... this PRE-APLHA footage is nowhere near what the game will look like come October when the colors are actually addded..
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DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   729d ago
I hope so...if not, you owe me $65.00.
Johnsonparts23  +   729d ago
BF has never come close to COD in gameplay........everything else ya, but gameplay? no.
Monkeysmarts  +   729d ago
Spoken like someone who played Battlefield like it's COD and got owned.
Baka-akaB  +   729d ago
Er yes gameplay . Actual recoil , no built in lag , destruction even when scripted , less auto aiming , more accurate weapons . Only thing cod ever got on Battlefield are 60 fps on console and being ultra accessible and easy to pick .

Both are mainstream titles , but you dont get more mainstream and simplified than COD . It's a fight between a nice bistro and a fast food .
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SonyKong64  +   729d ago
you ignorant child..

I pity the fool.
SpaceMash   728d ago | Spam
jhhood  +   729d ago
That is beta footage for sure. If you couldnt tell by the sprinting sounds to the speed and animations alone... Give it some time.
Nekroo91  +   729d ago
are you forgeting that this clip isfrom the alpha version
gedden7  +   729d ago
Yup thats battlefield running around and not finding anyone....
dcj0524  +   729d ago
You must play on 10 man servers lol. Ever play operation metro conquest lol.
gedden7  +   729d ago
Oh god yes..... Ive pc is much better becuase its 32vs32 but damn for these maps and this game to be good it must 64 vs 64...
jocomat9  +   729d ago
SignifiedSix91  +   729d ago
I didn't have any problems finding people in the alpha beta, so i think its fine.
bumnut  +   729d ago
That is never ultra settings, full of jaggies and tearing.
HeavenlySnipes  +   729d ago
Everything was grey lol

What a useless video (this is probably gameplay from the alpha version too)
FlyingFoxy  +   729d ago
Ultra settings on games, as i've learned in the past.. look barely any better than high, and really sink the frame rate too much.
1nsomniac  +   729d ago
This is bullshit!

I can clearly state 100% that is not Ultra settings, in fact its stupid just questioning it!

First of all play BF3 on ultra settings now understand that its going to look better than that. BF3 Ultra settings make this video look like current generation console graphics.

What a joke!
ATi_Elite  +   729d ago
I agree that does NOT look like BF4 Ultra to me!

That Crap looked like BF3 Medium to me!
KazHiraiFTW  +   729d ago
If that is BF4 ultra at least I won't have to upgrade! Actually I will save an additional $60 because I won't buy that console port piece of trash.
sigfredod  +   729d ago
the pc was running on was strugling to keep the frame rate
Shadowolf  +   729d ago
The deris and particle filled air looks great however, aside from that, the walls and surfaces seem bland without any character or texturing, almost cardboard-like. Also, almost everything in this footage is basically the same beige color. There's a real bad color distinction with it's, maybe it just this particular map. I'm sure BF4 MP will be amazing but I wouldn't use this exact footage to showcase the games visual MP muscle at all.
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SignifiedSix91  +   729d ago
Its the alpha beta. No textures, just a grey scale.
Shadowolf  +   729d ago
Oh ok! Thanks for clearing that up for me. It just seemed so shallow and bland but if this is alpha code that makes sense.
BattleTorn  +   729d ago
I personally don't like the "downtown core" setting. The streets are so wide and empty.

Undoubtably buying it though
kingduqc  +   729d ago
This game in 2560*1440 gonna look fantastic.
josephayal  +   729d ago
The ps4/x1 version Looks way betta
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BattleTorn  +   729d ago
Straight up! At least the SP footage does
GraveLord  +   729d ago
Graphics don't matter. Is the game fun?
cell989  +   729d ago
mmmmm honestly it looks way to smooth for my liking, too plastic looking
ginsunuva  +   729d ago
EVERYTHING was the same beige color...
Chapster  +   729d ago
50 seconds of running through a dusty street is not gameplay
AllroundGamer  +   729d ago
nothing special really, would be nice if the tank left some tracks on the ground...
Izzy408  +   729d ago
This probably wasn't the best part of the map to show off "ultra" settings because the debris from the sky-scrapper covers the whole map.

And if this was being played on a high-end PC, then this is good news for people buying next-gen consoles because the graphics look pretty much the same compared to demo played on the X1 Dev-Kit at E3.

But this is all pre-alpha gameplay, so we'll have to wait and see the final results.
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listenkids  +   729d ago
That was terrible, in comparison to what we've been shown. Lack of textures on sand bags and walls, 1 colour, I don't even.
jensen86  +   729d ago
is it jus me or does that look pretty shit
Aleithian  +   729d ago
I was just going to write that. Not impressed.
JBernardo  +   729d ago
This is alpha, it is meant to have low res textures. Just wait until the public beta is released.
Shadowgate  +   729d ago
More running around doing nothing.........
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