New Tech Demos Revealed For Capcom's Panta Rhei Engine

A couple of days ago, some new tech demos for Capcom's Panta Rhei engine got unveiled.

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coolmastermarktwo1539d ago

that fire fluid simulation is a real next gen tech, looks spectacular!

cleft51539d ago

Looks amazing, next-gen can't get here fast enough.

inveni01539d ago

Yes. I'm an Anxious Annie.

360 man1539d ago

woow this looks awesome. I cant wait to get this on xbox one.

ps3_pwns1539d ago

only on the ps4 baby! the most powerful console and it has the lowest price its a no brainer here.

KUV19771539d ago

It's not official that it is an exclusive. It may very well be headed to the XBox One. However PS4 seems guranteed so I hope that there will be fun gameplay behind those pretty graphics. I'd really like to play a great MMO... there seem to be a few contenders this time around...

gedden71539d ago

YUP these "next gen" graphics are gonna make gameplay to good...


Stupid gamer is this all ya'll care about....

Tony-Red-Grave1539d ago

between gameplay and graphics, graphics makes the biggest leap each gen. So yes.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1539d ago

If this truly is ps4 exclusive and it plays like I think it might it has my pre order

Murad1539d ago

I'm not sure what to think. The fire looks great, but it looks like something that was tampered with in terms of a movie. But then again, it does look pretty, so what the hell, nice demo.

Tatsuya 1539d ago

Officially announce this for the PS4 and you have my support and money :)

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The story is too old to be commented.