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Submitted by john2 921d ago | video

New Tech Demos Revealed For Capcom's Panta Rhei Engine

A couple of days ago, some new tech demos for Capcom's Panta Rhei engine got unveiled. (Capcom, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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coolmastermarktwo  +   921d ago
that fire fluid simulation is a real next gen tech, looks spectacular!
cleft5  +   920d ago
Looks amazing, next-gen can't get here fast enough.
inveni0  +   920d ago
Yes. I'm an Anxious Annie.
360 man  +   920d ago
woow this looks awesome. I cant wait to get this on xbox one.
ps3_pwns  +   920d ago
only on the ps4 baby! the most powerful console and it has the lowest price its a no brainer here.
KUV1977  +   920d ago
It's not official that it is an exclusive. It may very well be headed to the XBox One. However PS4 seems guranteed so I hope that there will be fun gameplay behind those pretty graphics. I'd really like to play a great MMO... there seem to be a few contenders this time around...
gedden7  +   920d ago
YUP these "next gen" graphics are gonna make gameplay to good...


Stupid gamer is this all ya'll care about....
Tony-Red-Grave  +   920d ago
between gameplay and graphics, graphics makes the biggest leap each gen. So yes.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   921d ago
If this truly is ps4 exclusive and it plays like I think it might it has my pre order
Murad  +   921d ago
I'm not sure what to think. The fire looks great, but it looks like something that was tampered with in terms of a movie. But then again, it does look pretty, so what the hell, nice demo.
Tatsuya  +   921d ago
Officially announce this for the PS4 and you have my support and money :)
DeletedAcc  +   921d ago
Cant wait for deepdown
CaptainofCrush   921d ago | Trolling | show
imt558  +   920d ago
Best fire effect i've ever seen. But video is really bad quality. Wainting for True HD.
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MrTrololo  +   920d ago
The thing is will they use these engine on other games beside deep down ?
B-radical  +   920d ago
will some ps4 peeps not buy it if its on xbox 1? serious question
KUV1977  +   920d ago
I couldn't care less who else gets it. As long as I have the option to buy it everything is great.
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SOM3ROiD  +   920d ago
I want to burn in that fire.
bjmartynhak  +   920d ago
Why so many people want a 3rd party exclusive?

Unless Sony invested in the game from the beginning, there is no point in praising 3rd party exclusives. Or would you really prefer Sony paying loads of money just to deprive the Xboners from the game?
christrules0041  +   920d ago
You mean like Xbox fans praising Microsoft for Titanfall? LOL
bjmartynhak  +   920d ago
Yes. The same thing..
JoySticksFTW  +   920d ago
I don't think it's about depriving someone else.

I think some would rather exclusive games to take advantage of that console's strengths and also to have a good case to own multiple consoles.

I love console exclusives. Maybe that's just me though

As for third party exclusives Mystwalker's Lost Odyssey for 360, and Demon's Souls and MGS4 for PS3 are among my favorite games this gen
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CaptainofCrush   920d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
ps3_pwns  +   920d ago
deepdown is the new big game of the next gen its gonna be ground breaking and breath taking and its ps4 exclusive.
richierich  +   920d ago
Very dissapointed that this is an online only game
ramtah  +   920d ago
where did you hear that?
KUV1977  +   920d ago
It doesn't say online ONLY but it clearly states:

"Capcom Online Games revealed today that Deep Down will be an online game (obviously an MMORPG) and will be revealed during this year’s TGS"
JP1369  +   920d ago
Pretty big leap to assume it's going to be an MMORPG just because it has an online component. The graphics alone make an MMO seem out of the question. My guess is that it'll be along the lines of Dragon's Dogma, but with real people at your side.
KUV1977  +   920d ago
I just quoted the article. An MMO would be nice but I don't have to have an MMO.
JP1369  +   920d ago
I know, I should have been more clear in that I was questioning the article and not you.
Bhai  +   920d ago
Can someone please give direct youtube links, its banned in my country right now :(
thechosenone  +   920d ago
wait what's banned, the above site or YT? here are all the direct YT links, if you can't access then I can upload them to megaupload.
christocolus  +   920d ago
This game will be officially announced for the ps4 and xbox one
isarai  +   920d ago
THESE are the details i've been waiting to see in games, fully dynamic/interactive volumetric godrays and volumetric interactive smoke/fluid simulations. GOD i cannot wait to see more on this game, TGS should be great this year
gedden7  +   920d ago
YUP these "next gen" graphics are gonna make gameplay sooo good.. (sarcasm)


between gameplay and graphics, graphics makes the biggest leap each gen. So yes."


Seriously lets break it down. Better graphics doesn't mean greater gameplay. Graphics are JUST EYE CANDY. But if the controls, story, mechanics, pace, length and gameplay elements are of LAST GEN then what are you or your parents (more then likely) are paying for???

The other side of things (it gets deep), at all these tech upgrading, texturing and the production of AAA games actually DRIVE UP DEV COSTS and gives REASONS FOR DEVS and PUBLISHERS to charge us MORE $$$$$$ to buy and enjoy a game fully.. All this DLC BS and day one patches (which are free) but we pay FULL price for games that are severely unbalanced... Gamers like you guys who are Ooo "ing" and Ahhh "ing" over this WITHOUT SEEING GAMEPLAY drives this debacle of gaming "business" which will eventually drive the business into the ground..

(And It Gets DEEPER)
So now we have HIGH COSTING games to make right?? This is why Activision puking out COD games every year and the same could go for Assassins Creed Unisoft and SOON BF series mixed which will interchange with the NEW Starwars FPS games. Pubs do this because like I said before all this thirst to push tech INSTEAD of gameplay DRIVES up DEV costs soooo Pub have to reuse these engines and IPs over and over again to break even and to make a profit. Is this what you gamers? Are graphics really that important or would rather play a GOOD and DEEP game???
isarai  +   920d ago
No one is saying it's going to make the gameplay better, but details like these really add to the presentation. sure they can make it work just fine without these fancy features, but having them does nothing but make it better and is nothing more than progression. I really don't see these kinds of features as just graphical "things" to sprinkle about but rather just another tool to add atmosphere, could you imagine how much nicer it would be to walk around skyrim with that lighting? especially in the forests? or how it would change the way you play if the dragons fire actually reacted like that? the fire is more than graphical, it changes the way it works and the way you approach it. instead of just "oh it's breathing fire let me just get from in front of it' you have to actually look out and think how it may be effected by wind and if it may splash off a nearby surface directing it at you.
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gedden7  +   920d ago
True but NO ONE is bringing it up, hell gamers get wrapped up into the PROMISE of the atmosphere that no one is thinking OBJECTIVELY of the gameplay..

This is just a tech demo not GAMEPLAY, and the Graphic Whore all flock to it...
KUV1977  +   920d ago
First: Graphics add to atmosphere - so they are very impoitant. Obviously good graphics alone do not make a good game and noone claimed that.

Second: By running stuff in real-time and simulating effects instead of pre-baking them devs may have higher initial cost but many devs have come out and said that it saves time and money on projects in the long run. Especially where artists had to fake great lighting or vegetation or weather effects or what have you. Now it doesn't need people working hours on end to fake stuff. Stuff will just be there once the engine is created.
_-EDMIX-_  +   920d ago
You must be slow. Capcom knows a thing or two about making games feel great in terms of gameplay.

Now what makes your statement so damn dumb there reason we can't have both? Your making it seem as if we can only have one or the other? I'm sorry but things sorta change when you factor in I'm either playing a game with PS1 graphics are a game that literally looks like REAL LIFE! Now if that ever happens (and clearly I feel it might in the future) why on earth would someone not want that? And how would making a game look "better" some how make it play worse? Your focus doesn't need to entirely be on gameplay. Not sure if you noticed this or not (you might have just came out the time machine) but gaming is not just about scoring high points or getting to the next level. Its about presentation, atmosphere, immersion etc.

or did you think games like Silent Hill JUST started doing that this gen? LMFAO! I think you need to understand where the industry is going, if you like pong, by all means help yourself, but I love me some old school goldeneye...doesn't mean I some how hate Half-life 2 or Metro 2033 or Killzone 2 etc. Yes I love me a fun competitive game, your talking to a dude that has literally thousands of hours in the BF series.......but I love EVERY ASPECT OF GAMING! Loving games doesn't just mean "gameplay" buddy it means EVERYTHING! Story driven games, competitive games, puzzle games etc. Games like Heavy Rain, The Last Of Us, Beyond Two Souls, DEEP DOWN, weather you like it or not push a style of games that people tend to LOVE! The sales prove it too! Doesn't mean they are any less games.

Great example, GT5, arguably one of the best looking racers to date, also one of the best playing, and the most modes, and cars etc. Sold over 10 million units! Yes, it looking that good factored into it, doesn't mean I don't like simulations, but I feel a "simulation" should CLEARLY simulate the look to. Games are emulating real life, sorry but I can' be convinced I'm playing something that is suppose to simulate something real and it looks like Minecraft (again, no knock on games like that, but If i'm looking for atmosphere and immersion, I'm looking for games like Demon Souls and Deep Down)

Your going at pretty ignorantly and don't seem to fully understand just how important such a thing is to gaming.
#18.3 (Edited 920d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
_-EDMIX-_  +   920d ago
"texturing and the production of AAA games actually DRIVE UP DEV COSTS"

Man you are slow and your calling people stupid? OMFG! LMFAO! bbq... um buddy, developers are contracted out by publishers A.

B. game prices are set in stone, they will charge you FULL PRICE REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH IT COST THEM! or did you forget this was a business?

C. THAT IS 100% BY CHOICE, or did you know that Journey was funded by Sony? I mean....this same publisher makes GT and The Last Of Us yet Journey isn't this high res master piece? Um...maybe its because of CHOICE! No one put a gun to there heads and made them do such a thing. If they want to take on COD in terms of graphics or gameplay etc that is there business choice to due so. Graphics didn't make em do a damn thing.

D.New engines have released for SINGLE GEN, this isn't' any different.

E.FACT! It cost MORE to downgrade a game then to leave it as is. Working on Maya, Illustrator etc downgrading takes longer then leaving it as is, better tech allows for leaving it as is. Or did you think PC games cost more for looking better? Putting it on a console cost MORE based on they now must downgrade a lot of textures to make it work right. Better tech, means more head room and not having to downgrade so much. This issue has been in gaming since PS1 and N64, you are not stating some new pandemic, mind you gameplay also cost R&D money as well. Something can look good 100x over, but how something feels must be done over many times to work right.

F. I also love how you disregard that the industry as a whole has more games that are NOT graphic beast! Minecraft, Journey, The Walking Dead, The Cave, Braid, Limbo, Tourchlight, In fact I'm willing to beat money there are more games THIS GEN that are not "graphic master pieces" then are. is this hurting the industry? It is a companies choice like "Square" to do Tomb Raider, they can pump as much money as they WANT into it, if it fails. How on earth was that "thirsty graphic whores" faults? Yet...Square is not to blame for such a sill business move? As if Tomb Raider has EVER pushed such numbers? Games fail because they are bad games, not because they didn't look "good enough". Its not as if the damn artist are some how making the game. Programmers and directors still exist in gaming buddy. LOL!
gedden7  +   919d ago
Minecraft, Journey, The Walking Dead, The Cave, Braid, Limbo, Tourchlight Those games PROVE MY POINT that you don't need GREAT GRAPHICS and AAA devs cost to make good games... Like I said MOST of you are stupid or slow...

If a game needs to sale 4-5+ MILLION copies JUST break even then we have a PROBLEM don't you think??? Or do you just have your head up your own a$$??
Mr-SellJack  +   920d ago
woah!mind blown,this game looks sweet

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