UK retail running out of GTA IV has sold out of its allocation GTA IV pre-orders - whilst GAME and Gamestation's online offerings have already put up warning of stock running low.'s head of games Gian Luzio told MCV that the title was "far and away the biggest selling title" he'd ever seen on PS3 – but predicted the site would have more stock back in for the game's release date of Friday, April 29th.

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liquidsnake3850d ago

xbutts, prepare to get owned.

TurdStationPee3850d ago

No one cares about those stupid Brits. No one but you droids. GTA4 on 360 will outsell the PS3rd version in AmeriKa by at least 5 to 1, if not more. Get owned, moron.

Bazookajoe_833850d ago

I believe gta will push more consoles for ps3 than 360 in europe, but on the other side of the ocean it´s reversed..

sonarus3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Nope GTA4 will push more consoles for ps3 than 360 in NA as well. Michael patcher already predicted it but it is something i predicted long ago as well. The bottom line is majority of Xbox 360 fans have already jumped in for Halo 3. How many 360 fans are waiting for GTA4 before taking that leap? Retailers are finally giving the ps3 a strong push, blu ray momentum and the fact that GTA is known as a playstation game. So worldwide and in ALL markets ps3 is expected to get greater hardware boost than 360 off GTA4 and only thing i see changing this is a price cut on 360's side.

As for software 360 is expected to outsell ps3 2-1 but i believe ps3 might be able to pull off a shocker and outsell in Europe but it will be pretty damn close.

crck3850d ago

Patcher said he expects about 500k sales of PS3 vs 300k sales of 360 during April in the US. It just makes sense. 360 is at a great disadvantage right now in terms of value. For $50 more you get blu-ray, wifi, 20gb more harddrive space, free online and reliability with the PS3. GTA is also a playstation brand game. And its release is sandwiched between 2 other mega titles in GT5 prologue and MGS4. Unless MS drops the price of the 360 I expect these 360 "shortages" to last for the foreseeable future.

Suki033850d ago

I agree very much with the notion that GTA4 will sell PS3 consoles, but I wanna put the question out there about the 50 million that Microsoft paid for the exclusive DLC for GTA4. Would this be somewhat of an added value for the GTA fans out there as an incentive to buy the 360 version? Or is the controls mroe important as all the previous GTA have been on PS.

crck3850d ago

But I wouldn't called it added value since the content will not be free. But again only hardcore fans who play GTA until their thumbs bleed will know about it or care. It is very unlikely that MS can advertise DL content in stores when it won't show up until 5 months later. I really think the 50 mill was to make sure GTA gets the same day and date release on the 360 as it does on the PS3. The exclusive dlc was more of an extra I think MS pushed for to close the deal.

Suki033850d ago

thanks for the great answer, bubbles~

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Blademask3850d ago


America will be within 5-10k units I bet huge game. Everyone should be happy.

mesh13850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

the 360 gta 4 will prolly out sell the ps3 version 5.1 but guys at least we all have a great game even tho the 360 is getting episodic content lets not have fanboy comments guys we all enjoy gta

Varsarus3850d ago

Take a dip into the Open Zone.

Capt CHAOS3850d ago

Send them both to open zone. Either way, if you're desperate for the game, the only secure and reliable way is to order it at a store and call them eve before to ensure they have your allocated copy.

sonarus3850d ago

i don't think either of them broke the rules.

chaosatom3333850d ago

Ps3 will suprise us with numbers when GTAiv launches.

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S1nnerman3850d ago

I didn't pre-order :(

Someone lend me theirs ... it's my bday on the 20th so it will be a good present! :)

monkey6023850d ago

aww man I feel bad for you. I didnt bother ordering GTA:SA thinking I'd get it no problem. I got it on the day but after a very long and frustrating day of finding somewhere with it in stock. Best of luck getting a copy dude. Nobody should be left out on this one.

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