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Cliff Bleszinski teases his new game

Creator of Gears of War show first screen from his mystery project (Cliff Bleszinski, Dev)

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Mystogan  +   727d ago
Another shooter? This better be good.
Septic  +   727d ago
Well the Gears series was brilliant so there's nothing to suggest this won't be brilliant (if this is indeed his game).
ShugaCane  +   727d ago
I'm more skeptical than you. The Gears series is good but it doesn't scream innovation. I've played the first 3 episodes and I thought it was more of the same. If he is indeed working on another shooter, I still question his ability to provide something different. Now I will carefully wait to see more about it before making any hasty judgement, but I won't give him my trust so easily.
Septic  +   727d ago
"The Gears series is good but it doesn't scream innovation. "

I respectfully disagree. Not only did Gears really refine the concept introduced by Killswitch, but it also innovated with things like Horde Mode, which has become an extremely popular game mode in many games.

One thing Epic do really well are the shooting mechanics. Gears 3 had dedicated servers and airtight gunplay with some excellent weapons and features like the timed reload bonus etc.

It's the closest gamers like me, who love traditional shooters like Quake and Unreal, have got to playing a TPS with similar mechanics.

His pedigree is great with the Unreal Tournament series, Unreal Championship and with Gears. If the game is another shooter, I'll be more than happy if the game introduces something fresh and more importantly, plays brilliantly.
ShugaCane  +   727d ago

Ok, so you're talking about online features when it comes to innovations, right ? Because in terms of gameplay, it was heavily inspired by Resident Evil 4, which was to me a really revolutionnary game.

I rarely play online, so I don't really care about innovations in that domain, but I get that people do. And I absolutely respect that. This is just not what I am looking forward to.

"If the game is another shooter, I'll be more than happy if the game introduces something fresh and more importantly, plays brilliantly."

Yes, this is exactly what I meant. As long as it's a fresh take on the genre, then I'll be fine with it.
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HammadTheBeast  +   727d ago
I disagree. The first two were good, they had the third person shooter mechanics down flat, the game had a good cover system, but the third one has become all about "cover, roll, shotgun". That's literally all there is to it now, with the way they've changed the mechanics.

It's a good game that stands out in it's genre, but I wouldn't consider it brilliant for perfecting mechanics, same as I don't consider CoD brilliant for its mechanics.
mewhy32  +   726d ago
Well I am a huge fan of the gears franchise but I have to say that this guy should give a shot at trying a different genre of game. I'd like to see him try his hand at role playing.
Machiavellian  +   726d ago
The problem with doing something different when you leave your bread and butter is that taking such risk can be very costly. Cliff have been doing FPS for a long time and just switching to do something else for the heck of it doesn't pay the bills if it does not succeed. I believe Cliff should first, Make the money then if he is comfortable try something new.
mxrider2199  +   726d ago
correct me if im wrong but wasnt their horde mode derived from uncharted 2s whatever mode it was called lol
ma1asiah  +   726d ago

Horde mode was first introduced in Gears Of War 2 which was released a few years before Unchartered 2. Halo ODST and Call of Duty World at War soon followed suit by introducing their own spin on the wave based mode namely Firefight in Halo ODST and Zombies in COD WaW.

One other point I would like to make is wall bouncing ummmm to date I do not know of any other game that uses this. Granted it started off in Gears of War 1 as a glitch but soon became an awesome gameplay mechanic that was kept for the duration of the series.

Lancer and Chainsaw combo was Cliffy B's baby and Gears signature weapon and to be honest Gears would not be Gears without Cliffy B just look at Gears of War Judgement compared to the rest of the series it lacks everything that was once great about the series.

Gears of War 1 set the bar for TPS cover based shooteres especially in respect of its cover system etc. To this day it still stands as one of the best of its kind.

Cliffy B is very good at what he does, love him or hate him I have every ounce of confidence that what ever the game turns out to be it will be awesome.
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NeoTribe  +   726d ago
Brilliant? Its a mediocre 3rd person shooter that's getting weaker every sequel. Theres no innovation anymore.
abzdine  +   726d ago
Gears 1 was great, but the more they released the more the series loses its identity and fails to entertain. TPS is a world with no mercy.
WarThunder  +   726d ago
Gears series was brilliant? HAHA! Thanks for the laugh...

Gear of war = one of the most over hyped games i have played...
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showtimefolks  +   726d ago

Brilliant nah but very good yes

What I hated about gears is how little it actually changed from game to game and some of the online issues remained no matter what

Also this guy thinks very very highly of himself and he liked the DRM MS tried to enforce so I am most likely buying his game used just to piss him off
MazzingerZ  +   726d ago
The first gears was great, second as well. They just needed better writing and less cheesy dialogs.

It was first real nextgen game, together with GRAW and ES Oblivion. Give him the credit he deserves

Anyway, Im not fan of the Unreal engine, charcters look plastic and explosions sucks
buynit  +   726d ago
I agree with mach..

Thats like telling a great basketball player to go play baseball cause thats all he does..

The guy makes great shooters... Unless he feels comfortable Doing another genre then he should stick to what he does best..
pixelsword  +   726d ago
I love GeoW, but it didn't refine anything from Kill.swtich. GeoW added things, but it did not improve upon the key gameplay that made kill.switch good.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   726d ago
though in a lot of ways im happy so many other people enjoy the series, i have to say that i personally have never understood peoples obsession with gears. i admit that it has many awesome things going for it like its fun reload mechanic crazy multiplayer modes and horde mode, i have to say that the gameplay just isnt my thing. i feel like its such a bulky, blocky shooter.
cleft5  +   727d ago
After all the bs CliffyB has been talking, this had better be amazing.
JsonHenry  +   727d ago
I thought he was making a castle/base defense style of game? Or am I remembering that wrong?

- https://www.youtube.com/wat...
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zerocrossing  +   727d ago
I know the guy made some pretty good shooters, but it wouldnt kill him to step outside the box ones in a while...
3-4-5  +   726d ago
I dare him to not use any shade of the color brown.
PSVita  +   726d ago
Didn't he retire....

I don't get why people do that. Is it to see if people are going to cry about it or something..smh
silvacrest  +   726d ago
that's what i thought, i swear i read something saying he was out of the gaming industry, now hes teasing a new game? wtf?
Jazz4108  +   726d ago
I felt the sameway with killzone 4
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PSVita  +   726d ago
Read your past comments

Xbox Fanboy

Nothing to see here
JunioRS101  +   726d ago
Hopefully it's more appealing than Bulletstorm, which was fun, it just wasn't the next gears of war
Lord_Sloth  +   726d ago
Did you expect anything aside from a shooter from Cliffy?

Kind of upsetting since he tweeted his love for Dark Souls and how he'd love to work on something like it.
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OmegaSlayer  +   726d ago
Cliff Of Duty
golding89  +   727d ago
Damn yo. why couldn't it be gears 4?
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Geezus  +   727d ago
a proper gears developed by epic not that crap by people can fly!
ma1asiah  +   726d ago
Rumor has it that EPIC may or may not be working on a Gears MMO. If so that could be cool...Its supposedly going to be set during the Pendulum Wars with a new protagonist and have Doms older brother and Anya's mum make an appearance.

REMEMBER this is just a rumor at the moment and after the disastrous GOW Judgment I don't want them to rush the next Gears game if their is ever going to be another one.

Back on topic like someone said Cliffy B left EPIC, so any future Gears games will be Cliffy B less.

In respect of my prior comment

"Horde mode was first introduced in Gears Of War 2 which was released a few years before Unchartered 2. Halo ODST and Call of Duty World at War soon followed suit by introducing their own spin on the wave based mode namely Firefight in Halo ODST and Zombies in COD WaW."

I stand corrected in respect of COD WaW and its Zombies mode as Gears 2 released 07/11/2008 and COD WaW released 11/11/2008....however one could dispute this possibly as unless I am mistaken I am sure Zombies was added to COD WaW and released world wide on 16/11/2009
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die_fiend  +   727d ago
Because he quit.

The colour of this game is as bland as his personality, which he likes to share excessively. Looks like a snoozefest - I'm passing
N7Lukas  +   727d ago
Lets just hope its not more "DUDE BRO!, GO HERE SHOOT, MUSCULAR MARINES!"

Maybe then will it give credibility to all the shit he talks.
Geezus  +   727d ago
your making it seems like gears was not a good game! cuz going by popularity and sales it was fantastic
N7Lukas  +   727d ago
Going by that logic, Justin Bieber must be the most talented human being to ever walk this earth.

I agree the game was fun online, i played it. But doesnt take away from the fact that Cliff's ego is HUGE and thinks he is always right about everything that goes on in the industry, just because he's made a few dude bro shooters.
Death  +   727d ago
And since LoU is selling so well, it sucks like Bieber? Great example.

Cliff's ego isn't huge, the marketing persona he let's you see is. Cliff is a nerd with a Ferrari and he knows it.
N7Lukas  +   727d ago
To Death

I was simply stating that sales aren't the only factor in which to judge a games success, there are too many factors. If Cliff's ego isnt huge then i dont know what is.
LoveOfTheGame  +   727d ago
While I don't agree with it, the best way we have of telling how good a game is are the reviews.

And by that standard Gears is the one of the best series this gen, and second in exclusive series behind Mario Galaxy I believe. LBP might be up there too.
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CynicalKelly  +   726d ago
Your making it seem like we are on a site that doesn't hate Microsoft or any game on Xbox.
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PSVita  +   726d ago
@N7lukas- After that first perfectly logical reply you should of just drop the mic and walked off stage lol ill rephrase it so people can understand what happened.

-Death: Gear of War sold good so it must be a good game.

-N7: If sells decide what's good or not, Justin Beiber must be really talented.

Up until there the conversation was making sense but then

-Death: The Last of Us sold a lot so it must suck like JB then lol

^What? That right there makes no sense in the given realms of the logic that Death started....
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Foxgod  +   727d ago
Basically hes saying that in his opinion, he doesnt like Gears.

And because he doesnt like it, it must be crap....
N7Lukas  +   727d ago
Where in that comment did i ONCE say i didnt like Gears? I didn't even mention the game. It is possible to criticize a game you like, you know that right?
Foxgod  +   727d ago
Right.... you diss space marines and your trying to make me believe you where not talking about gears, and obviously that would mean you love gears, even tho its all about space marines.
golding89  +   727d ago
lol Yea just shut up N7Lukas.. You talking out your ass now.
N7Lukas  +   727d ago
Talking out of my ass haha, im not the one wishing for ANOTHER gears game, hows that milk taste?
Death  +   727d ago
Hey N7,
The marines are out their risking their lives for us. If you want to hate on the Marines, I suggest you do it to their faces.
PSVita  +   726d ago
Lmao just stop Death. He was talking about fictional Space Marines and unless you know where to find them how can he tell it to there faces lol.
theDECAY  +   726d ago
@ Death

You automatically fail when you tell someone that they are dissing real marines when they are talking about Gears of War. Fail, man.
ma1asiah  +   726d ago
Ummm @ N7Lukas

They are COG, Sera's armed forces....Have you ever served bro....because as much as to some degree it can be seen as just a stereo type. BUT given that I have served dude you will find on certain levels that the miltant Dude Bro talk was spot on.

Now if they had shown it from the stranded's perspective or from the human remnants of Jascinto then maybe we might have got a more touchy feely game. Yet they didn't so the macho militant tone along with all the bromance stuff is just how it is.

Then again what about Gears 3 you have Anya and Sam then there is Bernie all females so I don't know.....

As for credibility have you survived a catastrophic event where you spend every waking moment fighting to stay alive against an unstoppable force. This one always cracks me up how the hell do you gauge what is and isn't credible plus its SciFi fantasy, which unless I am wrong normally does not hold to real world rules.
Foxgod  +   727d ago
Time travelling or holegraphic themes?
Considering the background....
bub16  +   727d ago
didn't this guy retire?
Marked  +   727d ago
He should...arrogant prick. His rockstar persona makes me want puck in my underwear.
Perjoss  +   727d ago
Regardless or whether you like his personality or not, he is a very talented games developer and the games industry would be worse off if he left it behind him.

Same goes for Phil Fish, who cares what he does in his personal free time or how he acts, if this stops you from enjoying a video game then you are playing for the wrong reasons...
Death  +   727d ago
"He should...arrogant prick. His rockstar persona makes me want puck in my underwear"

What in the hell does that even mean? I'm not sure if that was an insult or you were asking him out on a date.
Bonerboy  +   726d ago
Puck in your underwear? Like a hockey puck? Why would you want those in your underwear? I've never heard of someone wanting pucks in their underwear. I mean to each their own but...strange man, strange. A puck? Hmmm
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B-radical  +   727d ago
That is some nice water.....i like that water
bub16   727d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Genesis1295  +   727d ago
Glad cliffy is working on another game, I really enjoyed the first three gears of war games they where truely an amazing experience from the very beginning and it was very dawning to see judgement turn out to be quite a let down but overall gears of war was an amazing franchise and should be left to lay in the history of the 360 and lead onto new projects for the company.
Agent_hitman  +   727d ago
lol I can already sense that this game will be a Xbox one exclusive... I may be wrong but..............
Kayant  +   727d ago
Well that break from the games industry don't take long. Here's hoping it's good since he was the designer behind Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal and Gow. But Gow will never be same again without the original team which have mostly left Epic.
strigoi814  +   727d ago
Gears is good, but his back was supported of a solid team with good publishing company..now that he leaves them behind i doubt this new game gonna be that good
DVAcme   727d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
wannabe gamer  +   727d ago
Just looking at the screen reminds me a of a valve game for some reason. which i know he isnt working on but just the style of it reminds me of that.

also that soldier looks kinda like a nazi. do we really need more nazi in games......
the worst  +   727d ago
KillrateOmega  +   727d ago
After all the crap that this guy has talked, this game better be God's gift to the world.
Godmars290  +   726d ago
Yeah, he's finally actually making something. Meaning he now has to create an example which backs up all the crap he's been spewing. Pity there's going to be a lot o gamers who are going to buy the game regardless of what it does.

Though granted such shouldn't be much of a concern if the game is honestly fun to play. Still Cliffy has supposedly set new standards for himself and it would only say just how full of he is if he only falls back on old standard tropes.
RoccoXIII  +   726d ago
What the hell ever happened to Fortnite or Fortnine or whatever?
Chapter11  +   726d ago
I love overrated brown shooters!
ginsunuva  +   726d ago
I thought he left the business to spend time with his family and his lambo.
Darkfist  +   726d ago
so its bulletstorm but on another planet?
MrTrololo  +   726d ago
Unreal Tournament IV !!!
lucidity  +   726d ago
Taking this with a grain of salt, although boring generic brown shooter is right up Cliffy's alley, and this looks like that.
lex-1020  +   726d ago
This guy is still relevant to gaming?
Roper316  +   726d ago
he still makes games? I thought he retired so he could focus on running his big mouth and over inflate his own ego.

When is he going to find the time for a game?
MightyMike28  +   726d ago
I'm going to buy it used if it's on the PS4 or PS3. F you Cliffy B :D.
SaxScrotumz  +   726d ago
Yup, can't wait to buy this USED at GS!
My thoughts exactly, MightMike28!
RealtorMDandDC  +   726d ago
Gears of War 1
Was good for it's time. It did not scream innovation in my humble opinion. After gears one and two I was done with the series. After Halo 1 & 2 I was done with the series...

I really can't say that for God of War, Uncharted, R&C, and Infamous....
RevXM  +   726d ago
Cliff may have spoken some things we did not like to hear from a professional.
But basing his current project on Gears of war alone saying they sucked for whatever reason (I enjoyed all three, havent got judgement yet) is wrong.

He had a key role in all the Gears games, but he have worked on many other games too like all the Unreal games and Jazz jackrabbit.

I do not know with who or what exactly he is working with but I expect his work to be solid.
xc7x  +   726d ago
looks good to me but we'll just have to wait and see it in video form to get a better idea what it's supposed to be
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