Project Offset Update

The development for Project Offset is still very much underway. Meet the team for what is shaping up to be an incredible game.

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beans3736d ago

Is this game coming to 360 and PS3? If so does anyone have a link on where and when it was announced please?

zypher3736d ago

last i heard it had only been announced for PC and "next generation system(s)". that can mean PC, PS3 and 360. considering how close the development process is supposed to be between PC and 360, i'm sure the latter's a shoe in. but still, thats just speculation. until Project Offset's developers say otherwise, i'll go with PC, PS3 and 360.

silent ninja3736d ago

......because i remeber on their website they where looking and hiring a programmer with experience with 360 console

ElementX3736d ago

As of yet their website isn't listing consoles, however because it's a Windows game, it might use Direct X. The job postings mention a 360 programmer, and 360 uses Direct X....

kmis873736d ago

The safest bet seems to be on pc, 360, and maybe a 50/50 chance of ps3.

Yo Wassap3736d ago

It's been a long time since i last heard about this title. I hope it's as good as it should be.

venom nolatari3736d ago

Yep, This has to be one of the most interesting titles in development! It really has got huge potential, but a more regular update would be nice and it would start to generate a bit of hype? Any more news on completion or release date?

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