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MGS5 Details: CQC Enemies Into Wall, Steal weapon from enemies, Crawling, more

Hideo Kojima has revealed some new information on Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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punisher99  +   847d ago
MGS5 = game of the year when ever it comes out. The definition of the word epic, should be "Metal Gear Solid".
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Slasher716   847d ago | Spam
black0o  +   847d ago
MGS were always the highlight of E3 except this years .. and for one reason it's just another Multi-plat
Final Fantasy all lost their way when they tried to appealed to wider market

it's just my fears .. MGS5 was the most impressive thin i saw at MS e3 no the whole E3 and every one was like did u see titanfal plzzzzzzzzzz gve me a break
MELMAN26  +   847d ago
Is someone a little jealous?

Just because MGS is now on xbox, does not make the game any less epic, it wasn't a highlight for you because it used to be exclusive on your favorite system and it gave you something to brag about.

I still think MGS was one of the highlights of e3 (don't get all of the titanfall hype), along with infamous, quantum break, Killzone, Killer instinct, and Ryse.
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you should be happy, everyone deserves to experience mgs
black0o  +   846d ago
@melman i'm sorry but i'm one of those who likes some games when they were exclusive since u r a fanboy type who doesnt even buy that many games or different consoles and love just to say i own better console with better games and buy the end of the day u only ply COD

look at Masseffect..etc it was way better before becoming multi-plat

it gets special treatment and a 100% focus from dev and publishers alike

@guywhoplays dude i care about the quality and i'd not care if ms got msg5 as exclusive it'd make my happy those greedy inverters and pub has more influence the ever they want the game to appeal to everyone and more sells and dlc and more dlc's

look at Borderlands2 there are like 3 dlc that not included in the season pass :O
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Murad  +   847d ago
It literally comes down to three titles so far. MGS 5, Last of Us, and Bioshock Infinite. I personally think MGS 5, and let's be honest, whenever MGS comes out, trolls who hate MGS disappear, because they're too busy playing MGS.
pixelsword  +   847d ago
This should be interesting, since Snake's CQC skills are second only to The Boss, and I hope the game reflects this.
crimsonfox  +   847d ago
I need more news on MGS V every day I check and check only to be left broken hearted. Damn Kojima! Give me more!

A deeper CQC system I could totally get behind. I can't wait to bash some unsuspecting poor bastard into a wall and blow his ass away.
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levian  +   847d ago
I do the same thing for FF XV, but I'm equally as excited for MGSV!
Donnieboi  +   847d ago
I check almost daily for any news abiut the next MGO for MGS5, but nothing. I think Kojima made MGS 4 fans wait years after he announced it and showed gameplay, before actually releasing it. I hope that's not the case here. If we have to wait 2-3 more years, I would have prefered it if he hadn't shown it to us so early. The wait is excrutiating, especially since I don't know if MGO 3 will be any good since he gave it to Wetserners to develop.
The_Klank  +   847d ago
That last tweet was actually about the new Mgo, I don't know why the article didn't mention it. Can't wait to disarm an unsuspecting player with Cqc while using said disarmed weapon to headshot him.
jairusmonillas  +   847d ago
Metal Gear Solid has gotten stale.
dcj0524  +   847d ago
Whats gotten stale about? Explain.
crimsonfox  +   847d ago
Your sex life has gotten stale pal!
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friedricr  +   847d ago
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   847d ago
You need to look in the mirror and slap yourself. For you have shamed your famiry.
Allsystemgamer  +   847d ago
Not possible. The gameplay style changes each game.
Clover904  +   847d ago
I friggin' hate you now! >:(
And I'm sure MGS hates you too!!
Murad  +   847d ago
You're a stale gamer. Go troll somewhere else, because this is the news MGS fans have been waiting for.
FoxHound_  +   846d ago
Chaos_Raiden  +   847d ago
Too stoked for more MGSV news. Thanks for the share.
Punished_Snake  +   847d ago
I can't wait anymore !!!!!
Batzi  +   847d ago
We should be getting a new trailer at Gamescom which is in August.
Murad  +   847d ago
That's too long. I just hate how they release awesome titles like this when college students have school and don't have time to play games.
Batzi  +   846d ago
We are in August already. Gamescom is 20 days away..
MoDyDo  +   846d ago
And I can't wait X3
SquareEnixFan  +   847d ago
Any new info on MGSV is welcome. My most anticipated game right now.
Salooh  +   847d ago
I actually wish if he don't revealing anything . Just surprise me when i play it. Just like GTA V .

Why n4g always spoil games ?. Just write in the title new information for MGSV... Isn't that better ?. And the website will get more hits too .
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   847d ago
Hideo sounds excited. Must mean MGSV is coming along very well. Which makes me excited. Can't wait to play this on PS4 where MGS belongs.
Murad  +   847d ago
Dude, Hideo is always excited. The guy knows how to design shit very well, and especially the story aspect part of it. This is mostly because whenever he does something, he goes all the way, or does nothing in general.
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   847d ago
You are absolutely correct my man.I follow his twiiter.I happened to go to see him tweet these things as i was there.Was making me stoked to hear him stoked about mgsv.i just love the mgs saga and the MGO. All his games are great. MGS is my all time number one favorite game of all time. And i will play it till i die or the world takes it from me. I am hearing that MGS VR missions is coming to the ps store as well.Which i've been calling for to happen for years.I was about to go get the legacy collection just for that.
Tatsuya  +   846d ago
I'm so hyped for this! More news for MGSV is always welcome. Can't wait to experience the FOX engine on my PS4 :)
Smashbro29  +   846d ago
Any word on that PC version?
H0RSE  +   846d ago
Meh, Metal Gear is a game I never had interest in. I never played any of them (except the original on NES)and never had an urge to. I honestly don't see why there is so much hype over the game - same for GTA and FF games.
dcj0524  +   846d ago
Oh god the NES version was doo doo. You should've played Metal Gear 1&2 on the MSX. MILES better than NES version. People praise the Metal Gear series because the gameplay is fun ( and always improvong upon each new release) and the story is very well-written.
H0RSE  +   846d ago
I just never really like those type of action adventure games in general, whether it be this, Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell games, Batman, even Uncharted - the genre isn't interesting to me. As for me mentioning FF, it's a jrpg with an anime theme, and I hate both. MGS is also a Japanese game, and I'm generally not a fan of Japanese games. I tend to not like their art direction, their stories, and/or their overall atmosphere or "feel." On my "greatest games list," I think they are all developed in the West.

I'm primarily a PC gamer, so I mainly play what I grew up on - RPG's, MMO's, shooters (FPS and TPS) and strategy (RTS and TBS)
Valkyre  +   846d ago
Kojima really loved those Last of Us melee rays! ;)

I was certain that because of all that praise about this he would incorporate that into MGS's CQC system!

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