Can Ryse's Combat Rise To Next-Gen Occasion?

David Nelson writes: "So I see there has been some back and forth around the Xbox community over the quicktime events in Ryse: Son of Rome, the new Crytek action exclusive coming to Xbox One.

The game takes a somewhat different approach to the old QTE formula (like not needing you to complete them) so we thought it would make for a good investigation regarding the future of action titles in the next generation. I'd like to begin with a minor clarification: obviously nobody has played the final project yet so I can only analyze the information we have thus far and raise discussion points about that. I am in no way trying to pass judgment on a product that is not in my hands, but I think Ryse is a great place to start looking at action trends moving forward."

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PSVita1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

This game looks like its all visuals, with a really clucky and nearly on-rails gameplay. Look at how the enemies come running towards and you hardly ever need to move. It goes video-walk-video-fight-video repeat. Just because its an exclusives DOES NOT make it a better game than it is. This game would probably at the bottom of the bucket along with Bulletstrom if people weren't trying to make it more than it really is. That's just my opinion from the E3 video though. Hopefully they'll show more and ill be more open gameplay.

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JokesOnYou1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

No ones making it more than it is....from the latest dev vid showing them making the game, other vids showing more than what the E3 demo showed and all the other info about Ryse it sounds as if it has alot more depth than what was shown at E3, the author of this article seems to agree:

"By “flick on the health” he is referring to a D-pad press that changes the nature of your attacks. There’s something about this that I like very much, and it is actually a slick way to return to more old school gameplay. In fact it reminds me of an attempt made most recently in the Capcom titleRemember Me. While the combat in that game was ultimately a failure it at least incorporated some good ideas. Instead of having the staple of regenerating health that has made so many games so easy lately the developers made gaining health back an ability that was part of the gameplay. I think that move is a step forward for action.

Instead of the too-easy regeneration of health or the too-old pickup of health kits Ryse seems to be planning to add health gains into the proper execution of combat. When I run the simulation of that in my head I can easily see how that aspect is going to add numerous, tense moments to the battles. I think we’ve gotten too used to in-game tension amounting to redness on the border of our screens followed by a hasty retreat behind a box. At least this way your survival depends on your skills at more than running away.

The E3 demo was also light on combat basics and the producer assures us it will be more involved than what they were able to squeeze into a brief demo. Plus there is still focus mode (another D-pad option) which we know nothing about. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more action games follow this model." 

-If you can't understand why any red blooded gamer wouldn't be excited about the potential to play a visually stunning, combat intensive game with brutal finishers, with emphasis on a well crafted cinematic experience, with an epic Roman story as the backdrop then thats fine but the rest of us gamers don't have to be any less excited just because you say so.

PSVita1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

"No ones making it more than it is" yet you're defending it with how cool the health is going to be?....

"a visually stunning, combat intensive game with brutal finishers, with emphasis on a well crafted cinematic experience, with an epic Roman story as the backdrop."

Jesus Christ, it's a game, not a 1000 year old fine wine.

joab7771784d ago

Yeah, we don't know everything and they did say that though it looks like its on-rails, u can actually go anywhere at anytime and it will play out differently. But, what gamers don't like is that every single fight has prompts. Supposedly they aren't qte's b/c u can skip them but no one is gonna do that. I really do hope it is just the initial aspect of a much more evolved and complex combat system. I think though that they shoulda known how it was gonna b perceived.

Heisenburger1784d ago


Are you seriously mocking him for being articulate?

Some people just speak differently.

So he is excited, big deal.
The way in which he described it actually sounds appealing.
I mean I personally have no intention of getting Xbox One, yet I can still appreciate the different take on a tried and true formula that most every other game utilizes.

There is nothing wrong with the way that he speaks. I refer to my style as 'theatrical'.

Some people have a much more simplified vocabulary.

While other people could make me look like an idiot child.

It certainly isn't a valid enough reason to be antagonistic. ESPECIALLY when we are talking about our toys.

That_Ninja_Gray_Fox1784d ago

Just go watch TROY or something dork.

PSVita1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )


"Yeah, English Bitch"-Jesse

Nah dude romantisim is probably my favorite types of writing but we don't know anything about this game, yet it has an "epic roman story"? I am in no way attacking his romantic side I'm just calling him on his made up descriptions.

Check this out.

-A visually stunning
-combat intensive game with brutal finishers, with
-emphasis on a well crafted cinematic experience
with an epic Roman story as the backdrop.

Hes describing God of War III perfectly I just thought that was funny.

@Ripsta7th- I assume I'm the "Sony Fan" right? Well your welcome to go through my comment history for yourself. In fact no ones even bashing the game just stating the truth.

Ripsta7th1784d ago

Lol at sony fans getting hurt for praising an x1 exclusive , yet when you guys praise ps4 like it was the messiah u guys follow along, lol makes me think of you guys as Richies brother, from the benchwarmers

joefrost001784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

I agree
I am very die hard God of War fan and I remeber its criticisms QTEs, the unresponsive controls and people tend to forget the first God of war was pretty clunky and his sense of movement seem like it was only in 4 directions
Due I say all of this to talk bad about God of War no never I better not(accept for asention different topic for another day)
I respect and love it to much to speak a bad word on it
But I simply say all this with lets wait and see I think its a big plus already that the only complaint I hear are the QTEs
Also I think ryse came in the mixdle of the MS hate storm were for a.while it got past there policies and then they just tried to look for any bad thing to say about the xbox
You can take negatives.from every game (infamous looked good but I swear the ported them animations straight from the last game) but to me ryse looks like it could be something special
Of course the sony fanboys will disagree and say im wrong but I cant but think if it was on the ps4 it would be different like they talked bad about Mass effect and Bioshock until it ended up on there system

JokesOnYou1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

PSVita what are you talking about everything I said is from what I've seen and read from those who have previewed Ryse, sure previews aren't final but so far no reason to believe the game won't turn out great.

I didnt "make up" descriptions of this game, you can read many previews that describe what I said, but watch this vid and tell me WHY RYSE WON'T BE

-A visually stunning 
-combat intensive game with brutal finishers, with 
-emphasis on a well crafted cinematic experience 
with an epic Roman story as the backdrop.

-bro your jealousy is showing, are there no interesting threads about PSVita games/sales?

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thetruthx11784d ago

Some ppl (like myself) think this game will be great even if it does have qte's. And it looked 10 times better than anything I saw on the Ps4 side

Oh look it's a guy that can shoot fireballs from his hands just like a superhero (infamous second son) I've never seen that done before (sarcasm)

Heisenburger1784d ago

Lol I was seriously sitting here trying to think of another superhero game where you shoot fireballs.

I got nothin'.


PSVita1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

And what Xbox game is bringing something you've never seen before exactly? That's an honest question btw

@heisenburger- that's exactly what I thought lol I was leaning more towards prototype but there's no fire coming out of his hands and they're really different types of games.

sparta761784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

@ thetruth
"Oh look it's a guy that can shoot fireballs from his hands just like a superhero (infamous second son) I've never seen that done before (sarcasm)"

Yes cause there was never any game set at roman times, right?

" it looked 10 times better then anything I saw on the PS4 side "

Go get your eyes checked.

I think both system showed great looking games 😝

@ heisen
Me too, lol

Foxgod1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Mr psvita and sparta, i think its pretty clear that thetruth was reffering to Ryse already, as it trying to do something new.

Which is true, because thats exactly why you people are hating on it, because its a hack and slasher with a none conformic style of play.

INfamous on the other hand is indeed nothing new, its a sandbox game with super powers, which we did see before, for example Crackdown, and that EA game about that demon power guy.

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DonFreezer1784d ago

Why the fuck do you care?It's not coming to your ps4 and if it fails or not should be non of your concern.

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golding891784d ago

All those who complaints about ryse as being button mashing needs to get a life. Game is not the final product. Cannot wait for this.

Kanzes1784d ago

I really don't mind being button mashing, the execution is much cooler and satisfying than mashing X button in DW series though

Not mention that we can actually control all of our troops, and there's a gladiator-like multiplayer mode that haven't been showed yet

PSVita1784d ago

You can't wait for this but you know almost nothing about it or the final product.

PFFT1784d ago

And which is why all of those that are hating on it should Shut the F up. This game is not the first of its kind nor will it be the last BUT the only reason why its been hated it on is cause its an XBO exclusive. You can bet your ass that if this game was a PS4 title the $ony fanboys would be singing it praises.

DonFreezer1784d ago

Ask them about Drive Club and they'll shut their mouths.

B-radical1784d ago

So sick of people saying its just a qte game when it's not the choice is your's to do qtes'

Lovable1784d ago

I agree. It's totally your choice to do the qte or you can just watch it like a movie. Awesome!

That_Ninja_Gray_Fox1784d ago

Nope.It wont Ryse to anything. Will flop on the ground hard. Like the kid using kinect to try and do a ill advised backflip while playing these new games M$ is touting as the "future of gaming". I see lawsuits coming. And butthurt XBFB's.

objectivePSfan1784d ago

Only time will tell, your guess is as good as mine

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