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Submitted by Scholla 926d ago | opinion piece

Naughty Dog says no new engine for next gen PS4? I’m concerned, are you?

SchollA from Console ControllUs writes:
(Singing) No new engine, No new engine, No new engine, No No New…still using the same engine from day one… Excuse me while I remix DJ Khaled’s ”No New Friends”.

Just poking fun, but on a serious note this piece was set to be written awhile ago. I drew some real concern right around the time when I first read the news of Naughty Dog choosing not to upgrade their engine for the next generation console of games on the PlayStation 4. Here’s why. (PS4)

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xReDeMpTiOnx  +   926d ago | Well said
Not worried about it, it's ND they have presented us with several masterpiece titles and the change of direction of titles while proving they can do it.

No need to fear Naughty Dog is Here!
The_Infected  +   926d ago
While I'm not worried an engine built from the ground up would obviously outperform a last generation engine. Then again Killzone: Shadow Fall is just using an updated engine and look how good their game looks.
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Ibeenwaitingpatient   926d ago | Spam
GameNameFame  +   926d ago
@Ibeenwaitingpatient... lol denial much?
You can heavily upgrade engines to take full advantage of hardwares.

If specs dont matter, why do we see graphical jump from PS3, Xbox 360 to PS4 and X1?

You are just desperately trying to deny the graphical gap between two console on unrelated issues.
The_Infected   926d ago | Personal attack | show
TomShoe  +   926d ago

Quit being a hater.
Ezz2013  +   926d ago | Well said

let me shock your brain
God of war 3 GFX engine was an updated GOW Ps2 Engine ...not a new one

This is GOW ps2

This is GOW3

specs don't matter right ?! lolXD

GOW3 have almost CGI GFX and one of the very best looking games ever made on consoles
you should stop talking now

oh and specs do matter as well as the price too
and ps4 is just perfect in both ;)
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guitarded77  +   926d ago
At this point, upgraded engines are going to be the norm. There is a heavy investment in creating a new engine, then the bugs have to be worked out. Look at programming languages. Many are old, but have had major improvements over the years. Same goes with engines. There can be so many changes made that it is impossible to identify v3.0 from v1.0.
abzdine  +   926d ago
i'm not concerned, it's ND we're talking about!
look at other companies who claim they're updating their engine and you realize it's always the same.

If you have played The Last of Us you will realize that game has lots of next gen things in it!
ND ftw when it comes to performance, and just like they did on PS3 they will once more show what PS4 has under the hood.
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darthv72  +   926d ago
no doubt these guys can take their existing skills from the PS3 and transition them to the PS4.

On a side note, i'd love to see them bring back way of the warrior for next gen. that was a good fighter back in the 3do days.
Mounce  +   926d ago
Same could be half-said for Kojima's Fox Engine. It's heavily catered for both Current and next-gen hardware and yet it looks damn freaking impressive on current-gen and I'm sure we'll be blown away once we for instance get footage on what MGSV is like on PS4 and the like.

Naughty Dog as a whole aren't incompetent, if they say they're fine. It isn't due to laziness or EA-inspired bullshit or money-saving tactics like COD, it's because they know their engine is plenty-capable.
Hydrolex  +   926d ago
As long as their games are going to feel like next gen games and look like next gen games, BRING IT ON SON !!! I don't CARE
minimur12  +   926d ago
Why be concerned about no new engine, everyone has seen the graphical qualities of TLOU which proves what that engine is capable of, along with the AI, yet you're concerned?

I read the original interview when he said this, months ago and the decision was based on when they built a new engine from ps2>ps3, and they effed it up massively apparently, so they are deciding to stick with the one they have at the moment, and that if they ever hit a hurdle they'd just upgrade that part of the engine. If you go over to a new generation with an already amazing engine, everyone wins. MD don't have to spend years making an engine, the consumers don't have to wait for ND to first build the engine, then make the game.
mistertwoturbo  +   926d ago
No concerns at all. And honestly, ND's biggest strength isn't just graphics or engines, it's storytelling. All the diehard PC guys who can play games at 4 times the resolution of current consoles, don't even get something like the Last of Us. Graphics is great to a point, but it's Naughty Dog we're talking about here. They have make hit after hit.
_-EDMIX-_  +   926d ago
people confuse the "engine" with the reason behind why a game looks so good. I think this is due to the wording "engine" it suggest something "solid" when in terms of PC, engine is actually refereeing to software makeup.

Take Crysis for example, if you run Crysis on low settings it doesn't look all that great, yet the console version of Crysis 1 looks like Crysis PC on low settings.

Why? Its on the CryEngine and should look "boss" yet it doesn't?

The Engine is just a small part of it, its just the base set of tools. The Hardware is what will define just how good a game will look and always. The software really has a lot to do with what they can "push" with the hardware.

Them not making a new engine means little to nothing, PS3 and 360 games don't really need "new" engines for next gen. Take into consideration what I just said about Crysis.

Look at it on low, now look at it on ultra....yet its running ON THE SAME ENGINE! current gen systems already have what it takes to just look better on the next gen, ie texture, mapping etc. All the other fancy stuff like Ray tracing etc they will clearly either update the engine or just make a new one. But I don't feel it makes sense really to make a new engine, when last gen's hardware didn't really force a team to make new tool sets.

^ is Crysis on low

that is Crysis on high. Note...same engine different look solely based on settings ie system hardware specs.

Make Crysis on ultra on a lets say PS4 and make it on lets say PS3 and NOW you clearly understand why they don't need to make a new engine to do such a thing. If Crysis was a PS3 exclusive by Naughty Dog, and they made a sequel on PS4 ON THE SAME ENGINE would you NOW say they should make a new engine? Do you now understand that, that is really not necessary?
badz149  +   926d ago
out of all the devs out there, this author is concerned about ND? like...seriously? he's joking, right?
Unlimax  +   925d ago
Well they have their own Engine . its Called : Naughty Dog
turgore  +   925d ago
But imagine how could it would look if it were made from scratch !
fr0sty  +   925d ago
If you're concerned, it means you want Naughty Dog to have to wait another 2 years to develop new tech and new tools from the ground up, then another 2-3 years to actually develop the game. By using existing engines and just augmenting new abilities into it, they can get us a good game much faster. Don't worry, they will hack the current build apart and put in new code to make it take advantage of the new capabilities of the PS4. This is Naughty Dog we're talking about here, the developers that made the PS3 sing the best. They know what they are doing, better than almost everyone here. Let them do their thing.

And don't act like their current engine isn't incredible. Boost it's abilities by adding new shader capability and higher resolution/framerate (as well as better AA, AF, etc), and you have one amazing looking game already. And they have shown that they will keep on refining that engine throughout the generation, as we saw in the leaps made from Uncharted 1 to The Last of Us.
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President  +   925d ago
What a dumb article. GoW3 used the same engine from GoW on PS2. You dont have to worry about anything but your sensationalist headline.
quantae06  +   925d ago

Killzone Shadowfall doesn't look much better then Crysis 3 on 360. But Naughty Dog are going to bring it harder then that. If Uncharted 3 pushes graphics then expect the next one on updated hardware to increase even further. Now, I'm not a graphics whore at all. But ND don't mess around when it comes to that stuff. They don't need a new engine. They can just modify what they already have and the graphics will be there.
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FamilyGuy  +   925d ago
As I recall ND had some in-depth video relating to The Last of Us showing their engine doing its facial capture thing and the faces alone of the character models they use start off in the millions of polygons and are then scaled down to work on the PS3. With the PS4 they simply just have less down-scaling to do.

So yeah, I'm not worried either. They already have a great engine so it'd faster to just tweek it. Just means we'll see a ND game release on the PS4 faster as building an engine from the ground up would take some time on its own.
lategamer  +   925d ago
A lot of engines aren't built from ground up. A lot of time, building it up from ground up while you have a perfectly viable engine is a waste of time. New engines take a lot of time and money, and sometimes can result on more issues.
mewhy32  +   925d ago
I don't feel that Naughty Dog needs a new engine. The engine that they have is already leagues ahead of almost everything out there. Why would you invest all that time and money to scrap an incredible engine and start over when you can add to that great base and have your engine next gen ready from the get go? It appears that, not only is Naughty Dog great at making the best games in the industry, but they're also great at knowing you don't fix something if it isn't broken. Cheers Naughty Dog, for being the most talented development team in the world and telling great and gripping stories through videogames.
Peanuts110  +   925d ago
Looks like last generation games were running on minimum setting. Now they are pushing the lever over to maximum setting for next generation. Nice way to save money and maximize profits. I sure once the install base gets over 1 to 2 million then they will invest the money to develop a new engine. It's probably no different from previous generation changes.
tokugawa  +   925d ago
i think that many will people will be shocked next gen when they realise just how many studios are using engines from this gen..

nothing really to worry about at the moment.
bligmerk  +   925d ago
What a horrible article. It is typical of the uneducated gamer going off on a tangent from a subject they know nothing about.

TLOU, like UC1, UC2, UC3, consisted of gameplay, scripted cutscenes, and hi-rez movie scenes. As has been pointed out many times, these are all in-engine and hardware rendered. The difference is the hi-rez movie scenes are being run at possibly 1 or 2 frames per second in real time and converted to a movie cutscene.

The difference this time around for an upgraded engine is the number of polygons, light effects and texture sizes and how fast those can be crunched. Last gen hardware just maxed out on what amounts to low-poly count characters and less-than-HD textures. The engine is capable of running higher poly characters with photorealistic textures but the hardware craps out. Now, new hardware. Now, Naughty Dog can start using million-plus poly count for their main characters, with photo-real textures, shader and light effects galore. Remember, Naughty Dog has said for years, their basic game engine is very scaleable. Nyah, nothing to worry about, more like preparing to be dazzled and blown away.
SilentNegotiator  +   925d ago
No one completely redoes their engine every time a new gen happens.
HammadTheBeast  +   926d ago | Well said
Here's the thing.

The Last of Us managed to surpass the graphical capabilities of Uncharted 2, arguably one of the best-looking console games this Gen, just with some time on the PS3.

Just imagine what they can do with all new hardware.

Edit: Just for you ibeenwaitingpatient. Titanfall runs on the Source engine. 2005 tech yo.

To everyone else, please ignore the last line.
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MWong  +   926d ago
I agree. TLOU was one of this current generations most beautiful and impressive games. They are going to bring this engine to the PS4 and just because they bring the engine over doesn't mean they wont tweak it.

If this was another company I would be concerned. But ND has an amazing track record, from UC 1-3 & TLoU.
dedicatedtogamers  +   926d ago
Anyone who says this is a bad thing either

a) doesn't know a thing about game engines, or
b) is being a snob

Havok has been in use for over 10 years. That Xbox One shooter everyone was going ga-ga over, Titanfall? Built in an engine from 2004.

"Engines" aren't something that need to change every generation.
n4rc  +   926d ago
So true.. They are scalable.. People on here have no clue what these engines are capable of..

I wouldn't worry about it..until I see something to worry about at least
dark-hollow  +   926d ago
True, a lot of games with gorgeous graphics are made with updated old engines that some of them even predate the current generation.

Building a new engine from scratch takes a very long time and cost a lot of money.
cyguration  +   926d ago
Exactly this.

A lot of people also don't know that "current gen" game engines are downscaled for today's current generation consoles.

Many engines have been underutilized because they've scaled well beyond the capabilities of the PS3 and Xbox 360.

I was pretty sure ND had already showcased a high-poly version of Drake in their engine before he went into the low-poly version for use in Uncharted 3 on the PS3.

More than anything they're just going to iterate and optimize the engine for the PS4. Making a new engine based on one that was never fully utilized on the PS3 would be a huge waste.
minimur12  +   926d ago
Havok isn't a full game engine, it is a physics emgine and (obviously) provides the physics to the game.

Havok is updated year on year just look at their website.

But essentially I agree, an engine built in '04 is still providing services to a high percentage of games in the industry.
badz149  +   926d ago
it's true that game engines are usually scale-able but it's also true that some game engines don't age that well and need to make way for new ones. cases for example, engine used on CoD, UE3 and Valve's Source Engine.

I consider these engines as the lowest common denominators at the moment and it's actually quite telling if a mid-range pc (I really meant mid-range, not 7850 mid-range but even lower) can have max setting with least!

I'm not going to throw random specs here but no matter how they customize them, these engines have already past their prime and I think we all agree that CoD Ghost doesn't look very good, Portal 2 has an outdated look and almost all UE3 games look like games on a budget!
Ju  +   925d ago
Well, don't bring up Titanfall and Source Engine. It lacks on all ends:

- No HDR lighting
- No dynamic shadows
- No environmental animation
- No destruction

That's quite what that means. Pretty yes, but last gen tech.

With that said, though, that doesn't mean ND has to start over from scratch. I am quite sure their next iteration of the same engine will probably support all that. Just because they say they are not writing a new engine doesn't mean, that wasn't planned all along.

Guerilla added all that in KZ:SF and more and it's still based on the "old" Killzone engine. Heck, Cambridge ported this to the Vita and the result is THE best looking game on the handheld.
thekhurg  +   926d ago
I'm very worried. Their current engines were built for an overly complex cell processor not standard x86 configuration.
I'd rather they built something appropriate to the hardware then try to excessively modify existing work.
shivvy24  +   925d ago
Engines can always be tweaked and improved
Ju  +   925d ago
Actually, code designed for SPUs runs quite well on the PS4. Sony even is about to port SPURS to the PS4. SPURS is a SPU based job manager which can distribute jobs to SPUs - and on the PS4 to either compute (GPU) or the x86 cores (or both).

Job based systems are the future in gaming. And the CELL contributed quite a bit to this development.
thekhurg  +   925d ago
If they was the case they would have simply upgraded Cell. Cerny purposefully didn't do this because Cell was a clusterf*** processor that developers couldn't get a grasp of.

They're able to port code over because the PS4 can brute force it. Naughty Dog is simply going to have to put in additional effort to tune their engine for the PS4. They're not even going to be able to use the same compilers.

All this news is saying is that ND is going to be out of next-gen for a bit while they rework their engine.
Ju  +   925d ago
PS4 can support brute force porting but it will shine with the proper approach - and that's not porting PC code. Read the KZ tech presentation:


It explains how jobs work, how threading can be optimized, and how bandwidth can be maximized. You can't just throw a "PC engine" at it and hope it will "just run". It will run good enough, but not to it's full potential.

Unfortunately, multiplatform games will have troubles in that area:

"Compute is the new SPU" and in fact the APU is just so much cheaper and has a lower TDP and smaller die size.
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DeadlyFire  +   925d ago
I wouldn't worry about them porting the engine over much. PS3/X360 can do 200-400 Gigaflops right?

PS4 can do 1843.2 Gigaflops. Thats a big difference. If your making a game within the first year of the new console's lifespan. Taking the old engine over to the new system is ideal. It wouldn't take much work to get it working on the new hardware and it could run with higher framerates effortlessly as long as you code it right. Shadow Fall is the best example of this so far.

Also easier to say port a game to PS3 if you keep the same game engine. It needs support along its next 5-7 years as well.
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imt558  +   925d ago
Yes! Really not worried about it. Look what Quantic Dream has done with Dark Sorcerer which use a PS3 development tools from Beyond.:)
ArchangelMike  +   925d ago
The graphical leap for Uncharted to Uncharted 2 using the same engine was amazing. Imagine the graphical leap from TLOU to TLOU 2!!!
showtimefolks  +   925d ago
Its ND so why are you worried Again?

RS are also using their same engine and just look at the difference from GTA4,RDR,Max Payne 3 and now GTA5

Stop worrying valve has been using source engine for a decade

Sony Santa Monica

Both have their own tech teams so making a new engine won't be an issue since their engine teams are separated from their development side

Last of us at launch with PS4 make it happen Sony, ports taking 2-3 months on ps4 so it's not out of question
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MazzingerZ  +   925d ago
They said it was prepared to be upgradable without needed to rewrite it. That's building smart and cost effective, anyone that works with programming knows that's always the goal when designing a new program, module or system.
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adorie  +   925d ago
There's no need for concern. They create high-HIGH resolution assets then downsize for PS3. They can easily work with PS4 and squeeze out it's potential. Especially since, I think ICE Team is in the same building. Lmao.
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wtopez  +   925d ago
Yup! I think it's safe to say that ND knows what they're doing.
C4rnos  +   925d ago
Agreed, not to mention Naughty Dog is one of Sony's most important developers; and they have worked closely together for the PS2 and PS3 launch, just have a watch of Mark Cerny's recent talks..
FunkMacNasty  +   925d ago
Agreed. And in addition to Naughty Dog being truly talented devs, we are still playing games on current gen systems that are running on engines that were orignally designed years ago. Quake engine anyone?? Talented devs can take an old engine and present a great game on it.

I;m sure whatever ND puts out for the Ps4 will truly be "next-gen".. I'm not worried about what engine they use
kenshiro100  +   925d ago
ND is amazing. Whatever game they choose to do, I'm sure will be excellent. I still need to get Last of Us since I'm strapped for money atm but I hope their next game is a ninja action game. Idk, I just had a strange dream about that.
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mcgorman15   925d ago | Spam
dboyc310  +   926d ago
With a few tweaks I don't think we can worry. I mean look how amazing the uncharted series and the last of us looks. Plus with the more available ram this Gen I'm positive they can produce something outstanding. Naughty Dog=Brilliance.
Scholla  +   926d ago
True! But like I mentioned in the article we may have gotten those type of quality games because they made a brand new engine that was built to take advantage of the PS3's technology and power.

Look at all the games that didn't build a engine from scratch coming from the PS2 to the PS3 or Xbox 360. Look how old and dated and far behind those games looked and played compared to ND.

I just don't want ND to become them. Now they potentially become the company with the old outdated engine. I don't want that to happen.
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akaFullMetal  +   925d ago
You mean like from god of war 2 to 3 or killzone 3 to killzone shadow fall. Those are using engines not built for the newer consoles, and those look amazing. You don't have anything to worry about.
jc48573  +   926d ago
I don't think people have any idea how hard it is to come up with a "new" engine.
Scholla  +   926d ago
Yeah,it's probably ultra hard (I could only imagine) But somehow someway we have to figure out how to push the genre forward.
JP1369  +   926d ago
The engine building genre?
iceman06  +   925d ago
This will happen during this generation. It just isn't feasible to do it right off the bat. These engines alone take years to develop. Let alone developing a game along with the engine. ND have pretty much perfected theirs. I am sure that it is completely scalable and since it is just PC code (incredibly complicated PC code), it shouldn't be that difficult to port and perfect for now. Once Sony and others start to use the power in different, innovative ways and as they share information. They might, indeed, need to create a new engine.
Maybe they're not making a new engine so they can put their games on both PS3 & PS4 to make more of a profit.
M-M  +   926d ago
Why should we be worried? First of all, it's Naughty Dog. Secondly, if your current engine looks and runs great, then why not build from that and make it better? It would cost too much money to create a new engine from scratch.
Scholla  +   925d ago
It seems the consensus here is you all trust ND to do what they always do and that's produce high quality product -- me too, they've earn it. It's just....

I think we all could agree "New on New is better than Old on New" Think about it, would you rather have 1080p upscaled or "true" 1080p?
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jc48573  +   926d ago
are we also not forgetting Sony's ICE Engine team? Most of Sony games are built around resources and programs built by ICE.
#5 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
shivvy24  +   925d ago
And the resources are shared between first party devs
Silly gameAr  +   926d ago
It's Naughty dog. No worries here.
BattleTorn  +   926d ago
People disagree with you as if you're stating something biased.

It's Naughty Dog - take a look at their pedigree - no worries whatsoever
#6.1 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
adorie  +   925d ago
Naughty Dog, Best of Show.
Sharius  +   926d ago
well, im not an engineer so as long as thier games are good then i dont care which engine they use
ExCest  +   926d ago
Except computer programmers and designers make game engines, not engineers. But, agreed.
Sharius  +   925d ago
well, the word "engineer" i used it's a meme
ExCest  +   925d ago

Oh. Then I probably never seen the meme before or did not understand it in that context.

Memes have taken a back-seat in my internet vocabulary recently.

I guess I'll research it and get back to you to either apologize or stand my ground. Either, or.

And I'm back without a clue of what meme you're referring to.
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Lwhit6  +   926d ago
I say it's better. It'll give them more time to perfecting the current engine and utilizing it to it's full potential. Less time on engine, more time on gameplay. Simple.
ape007  +   926d ago
let the damage control begin, remember all sony fans bashing CoD for not using a new engine?
Majin-vegeta  +   926d ago
Here's the difference between both engines.One makes the game look current gen and the other makes the other one look like 2006.
n4rc  +   926d ago
But cod sucks balls and desperately needs a new engine.. Hell they need a new developer..

Lots of people love ND games so its not something high on the list of priorities.. Let's face it.. Nd is part of Sony and they aren't exactly rolling in dough ATM. Why do what isn't needed?

But cod makes a gazillion dollars and fans deserve some money and effort put into it
Hicken  +   925d ago
Most of your comment is fairly true. But you just couldn't put your fanboysim aside; you HAD to take a dig at Sony, didn't you?
n4rc  +   925d ago
Holy crap.. Honestly dude, Sony isn't gods gift to the world, they aren't perfect.. You don't see me getting all upset when someone mentions Microsoft and isn't singing their praises Lol.. Only when people lie and spread bs.

They are having some financial troubles.. As the parent company of naughty dog, that effects them to some degree.. I simply pointed out that when they are publicly and critically acclaimed, they don't need to spends millions on a new engine ..

Its not a dig.. Its a complement with a fact thrown in..

Gotta be less sensitive :p

All in good fun tho
hellvaguy  +   925d ago
Its just Hicky spouting off again with his personal attacks. Irl he has foam from the mouth most of time due rabbies infection.
Hicken  +   925d ago
If they can afford the R&D for a brand new console- two, if you include the Vita- for all these recent years where they suffered financial trouble, if they could invest nearly $400 million acquiring cloud services, if they can afford to fund roughly thirty in-house games for the first year of that new console, if they can afford to push 4K TVs... you see where I'm going with this?

Compared to the money they're spending elsewhere, the cost of a new engine would be a drop in the bucket.

Bottom line was: Sony's money issues aren't a factor in this. It was simply an opportunity for you to take a shot at them. I called you out on fanboyism because anyone who's read your comments can see Sony is far from a company you like; there's no sensible reason for you to mention Sony's financial condition unless you've got some sort of agenda.

"Only when people lie and spread bs," huh?

There's a lot of defending MS and attacking PS fans based on lies and BS in there. Or is that some other n4rc?

@hellvaguy: What personal attack? Between his past comments and the unnecessary line in THIS one, claiming it was influenced by his bias is a reasonable response.

Certainly more reasonable than saying someone has "rabbies."
Riderz1337  +   926d ago
Compare CoD graphics to Uncharted 3 or the Last of Us. CoD NEEDS a new engine, Naughty Dog does not.
iBlackyi  +   926d ago
Rly? Cod uses a fucking old engine which is horribly outdated. Uncharted and The Last Of Us look amazing, thats why they dont need a new engine.

Or do you think Crytek should now do a new engine because they have the same engine since Crysis?

Use...your...brain...those fucking fanboys on N4G, its ridicolous.
#9.4 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
THC CELL  +   926d ago
The engine is perfect. Ai in the last of us is amazing.
leogets  +   925d ago
lol I guess looking at ya disagrees a lot of people played it on pussy mode.. and they call emselves gamers..psh!
itBourne  +   925d ago
I am utterly amazed at how many people, who have been playing games for 10 years+, played the game on normal. Its a complete different experience, and it saddens me that probably more then half the people experienced in my opinion the lesser version.
iBlackyi  +   925d ago
Why has someone disliked this? play the game on survivor u pussys and you will see how good the AI is.
FlunkinMonkey  +   925d ago
people disagreeing haven't played it regardless of difficulty setting.
windblowsagain  +   926d ago
Not worried.

Uncharted 1,2,3 are all excellent. And the last of us is as well.

Remember the animations, textures etc.

Uncharted 4.

1080p/AA Much higher quality textures, Smooth animations as usual, Higher quality models, shaders, lighting etc will get a nice bump in quality.

You know the scene on the ship in Uncharted 3 and the water in general, Physics based.

Can't wait to see UNCHARTED 4 PS4.

Remember Naughty Dogs engine is Amazing with spu's as is Killzones and that's one of the reasons it'll be sweet on PS4.
#11 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
_-EDMIX-_  +   926d ago
1k% AGREED! I mean DAMN PEOPLE! First, they have zero clue about weather or not COD's engine is even scaleable. From what I've seen from CODGHOST...its looks like a PS3 game.

Second, ND new engine was made with next gen in mind, they've made it pretty damn scaleable. ie your PERFECT example of Crysis! I mean, if CryEngine was made and lets say its first game came out this year on PS3, you would think "damn...its looks great!"

Oh...they are using the same engine for PS4? Not knowing that "engine" does not = "how good the game will look" Crysis 1 on low compare Crysis 1...on ULTRA SETTINGS!

Stand back everyone...megaton being dropped! .....DA SAME ENGINE!

DAT LOGIC! I'm very much ok with them using the same engine, engine is merely a tool set, not sure why they would need to make new ones as suppose to just updating them.
ianblake  +   926d ago
no i am not
Fireseed  +   926d ago
As long as they update the engine to support the new shaders everything will be fine. Some people have this weird idea that you need to rebuild the engine from the ground up every time you make a game.
DimensionalSound  +   926d ago
If Naughty Dog announced that a new Uncharted game was coming out once a year, then I'd be worried. Their engine is fantastic--why would anyone be concerned?
CaptainYesterday  +   926d ago
As long as they can upgrade the current engine it make it look and work well on PS4 I don't really care I'm sure they will create a new engine eventually. Anyways I can't wait to see what Naughty Dog is going to do on the PS4 we all know they're going to make some amazing games :)
#16 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Roper316  +   926d ago
LOL, out of all the console developers out their the last team I would worry about is ND. IMHO they have destroyed
every other console developer with their games in every aspect.

If ND says the engine is good enough for next gen I believe them based on their past games.
CGI-Quality  +   926d ago
I wouldn't say I'm concerned, but I was a tad disappointed when I first heard this. That said, if there's any team that I put 100% faith in regarding PlayStation tech, it's these guys!
Dlacy13g  +   926d ago
How can anyone be "concerned" when you haven't seen what their engine can do on next gen? I mean if we saw screenshots that look like the current gen Watch Dogs game on next gen hardware then sure I am concerned. But The Last of Us looked great on current gen and gives me no cause to pause and think it wont perform well on the PS4.
nthstew  +   926d ago
just play last of us its looks like a next gen
_QQ_  +   926d ago
It doesn't look next gen, but that doesn't have to do with the engine.
elda  +   926d ago
I trust ND they are a multi million dollar professional game developing company that are extremely gifted at their craft.
#21 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
coolasj  +   926d ago
It's called scalable engines. Their Naughty Dog. They'll give us the best games they can.
Destrania  +   926d ago
Um, no
CLOUD1983  +   926d ago
Who cares about better graphics in a ND game seriously.. wasn't what we see on TLOU more than enough? what else can we possibly ask? those graphics is perfect what we need is moAr games like TLOU this game was phenomenal it was out of this world it was unbelievable ND surpass their selves can't praise them enough for what they did, can't w8 to see what else they have in store for us :)
#24 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Master-H  +   926d ago
ND can make their next-gen game with their ps1 engine for all i care and i definitely will still buy it.
cyclindk  +   926d ago
Not terribly, as long as they have a solid foundation for designing their games with it and it scales appropriately.

They do some of the best work.
heck no

the last of us wasn't running on cryengine, but it looked better than even games like crysis 3.

the art and design naughty dog pushes out doesn't require the best engine out at the time to be marveled at.

heck, i'd go as far to say that even if during next gen nd only developed on ps3 and kept the exact same engine without refining it they'd still have the most beautiful games out there
#27 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TRU3_GAM3R  +   925d ago
the last of us wasn't running on cryengine, but it looked better than even games like crysis 3"
that's not my point, my point is that the games naughty dog makes have amazing art and design to the point that even though they don't technically have the best graphics, their games typically look better even then the ones that do.
MartinB105  +   926d ago
Those concerned simply have no idea from what a game engine is. They just think "Same engine == same graphics".

Here's the deal (and yes, I am a game developer): Game engines are developer toolkits that allow developers to bring their visions to life much more easily. A good engine should designed in a manner that is generic enough to support expansion as well as increasingly complex assets and content that may be on use only to future hardware, in addition to the projects of the current day.

If Naughty Dog say that they don't need a new engine, then that means their existing engine is already good enough for the next generation, and I for one believe them if they say that.
Coach_McGuirk  +   926d ago
don't you know what website this is? of course the people here aren't going to be worried.. they worship ND.
jimmywolf  +   926d ago
to be fair, give credit were credit is do. what was the last game a Microsoft team made that push the bar?
shivvy24  +   925d ago
I think its gears or war back in 2006 ! Cant remember any since !
rezzah  +   926d ago
What's your point?

Can someone not be worried and not worship ND?
_QQ_  +   926d ago
yes they can, but alot of people here do worship ND.
Salooh  +   926d ago
Who wouldn't after playing Crash , Jack&Daxter , Uncharted and TLOU ?. Only zombies hate Naughty Dogs .
Silly gameAr  +   925d ago
Anybody that likes good games should have at lest a little respect for ND. They make great games. You're the one who made it into a fanboy think, like most of the people like you usually do.
#29.4 (Edited 925d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Coach_McGuirk  +   925d ago
whoa, geez guys i never said didn't enjoy ND's games.. lol. I was just saying that's a stupid thing to ask because you already know what the comments section is going to be filled up with. Sensitive bunch here.
#29.5 (Edited 925d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TheOneEyedHound  +   926d ago
Not at all.
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