Naughty Dog Comments on Jak & Daxter 4

One of Naughty Dog's most popular franchises, Jak & Daxter has been aching for a sequel since the PlayStation 2, and now Naughty Dog have officially commented on Jak 4.

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ApolloTheBoss1758d ago

Looks like we got another HL3 on our hands. :(

OrangePowerz1758d ago

Well HL3 is a different story, given that Episode 2 ended in a cliffhanger while I feel the story for Jak and Daxter is still valid and complete without another game in the series. I would still like to see Jak and Daxter 4 :)

Retroman1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

INSOMIAC cant come up with new ideals for R&C Dr.Nerferious in it three times,zoni's three times,Talwyn aopgee 3 times. chairman drax will be in the new game "INTO THE NEXUS" as the MAIN villain his second appearance in the series. same creatures you kill in each games are the same from original RATCHET AND CLANK but with NEW skins to look different but same original characters your shooting at and they still pumping them out so whats the REAL!! big deal NAUGHTY DOG.... laziness perhaps.............??????

there is NOTHING new in ratchet and clank games but little tweek here and there but same ol same ol game naughty dog just say you're not interested in making JAK 4

shivvy241758d ago

Man I would love if sucker punch makes a jak skin unlockable in infamous ss !

extermin8or1758d ago

GT67... you are an idiot. They said they don't want to make the game if the can't come up with a valid story for it. How is that laziness? If you'd played The Last of Us you would know that they CLEARLY have been FAR FROM LAZY! Personally I like ratchet and Clank but I'd rather new games with great storys and better mechanics than them just rehash a previous entry to make a new one for the sake of it. Something I don't think insomniac do with Ratchet and Clank-although your comment makes it sound like they do....

GribbleGrunger1758d ago

What would you guys have asked them?

I would have asked: 'Theoretically, could the AI be improved if you decided to make a port?'

... answers on a postcard folks

darthv721758d ago

A new jak and daxter would be nice but i would actually like to see ND resurrect one of their earlier hits (pun intended).

we know how good they are with uncharted and last of us and of course J&D but does anyone remember a fighter they made called Way of the Warrior?

It might not have been too well received (being it was on the 3do) but they had chops for making a fighting game for the time.

IF MS is resurrecting KI then ND should resurrect Way of the Warrior.

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PSVita1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

How did they "try and fail" exactly?

lashes2ashes1758d ago

Before making the last of us they brain stormed ideas for a ps3 jak and dexter. They decided to hold off on it because they could not come up with something they thought was good enough.

GribbleGrunger1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

The word 'fail' is in perfect context there, don't fret :)

PSVita1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

@gribblegrunger- your over thinking my comment lol

I was literally asking how they tried and failed. Like what happened and why they gave up.

Thank you though

hellzsupernova1758d ago

There is a video floating around where they say it just didn't feel like a jak and daxter game, so they scraped the project. Perhaps put it on the back burner. I wouldn't be surprised to see a new jak it probably won't come from naughty dog though. As long as naughty dog give an assist, it'll be a good game.

BlackPrince 421758d ago

Game development is a collaborative process. They probably tried and failed to get a consensus necessary for the company to make Jak 4.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1758d ago

They stated this before but i bet its still coming.

RememberThe3571758d ago

I don't know. I really think these guys realized that creatively, they've moved on. I want a new Jak game but I'd much prefer these teams to pursue new projects. Especially with the Last of Us, I'd love to see that group do a new IP with every game.

ZodTheRipper1758d ago

This. Another Jak would be awesome but I don't want Naughty Dogs talent wasted on this. There is not enough room for improvement and innovation with a new Jak%Daxter game, so I hope that Naughty Dog keeps trying out new things while other, smaller studios could work on franchises like Jak&Daxter.

At the moment, I even feel the same for God Of War despite being a HUGE fan of the series. I want Santa Monica to show what they are truly capable off, not just make a new GoW with better graphics.

Canary1758d ago

I doubt it.

Naughty Dog seems to have completely forgotten how to craft open-levels or interesting platforming.

The last thing I want to see is a Jak 4 with linear, impossible-to-fail platforming segment, a proliferation of QTEs, and *shudder* cover-based shooting.

extermin8or1758d ago

Um Tlou levels are pretty open-bearing in mind technical limitations... I mean female hunters aren't in the single player because of RAM limitations apparently, limited number of different enemy models they could use. There is no cover system in tlous so I don't see your point, and the emphasis certainly isn't on shooting.

isa_scout1758d ago

You didn't even play TLOU, I can tell by your ignorant comment. The levels are very open in TLOU with different ways to go through them. It isn't a cover based game either. You can crouch and move to cover sorta like COD, but there isn't cover like Gears or Uncharted. Lastly, there is only one quick time event in the entire game(when Joel is pulled from the truck). Tapping a button to lift a garage door doesn't count. I've played through it 4 times already and can say for certain that everything you said is absolutely ludicrous. Oh and by the way it's not a platformer it's a survival game, there is no "impossible-to-fail platforming" in the entire game.

Canary1757d ago

LMFAO at the silly TLOU fanboys.

Did I mention The Last of Us?


Didn't even reference it.

Getting a little too defensive over a fairly mediocre game, are we? Yikes.

gaffyh1758d ago

Naughty Dog has out-grown this series, I doubt we'll see another one. New IP is what I want from ND.

Master-H1758d ago

Maybe the guys that did the new Sly Cooper game can take a crack at it ?

-Alpha1758d ago

I'd like that, plus as a VITA exclusive. Seems more fitting for a Jak sequel, and it'd move some VITAs

SonyStyled1758d ago

i read a while back sanzaru may have closed its doors. the articles a few months old

gaffyh1758d ago

They did a great job with Sly, so I'm sure they could do well with Jak.

soniqstylz1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

@SonyStyled: Sanzaru is still around, according to a July 6th Facebook post

"Sorry to be in stealth mode for so long, we have been very busy carving out the studio's future and look forward to a flurry of announcements in the coming months. But until then here's a great piece of banana fan art!!"

extermin8or1758d ago

Hopefully they are working on something else for sony-would love to see them do a port of the new rathet and clank for vita-f anyone can do it judging on how well sly 4 performs ont he console-they can.

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Canary1758d ago

Outgrown the series?

I'd take any of their Jak games over ANYTHING they've done since.

I mean, hell, Amy Hennig still hasn't even equalled the work she did back for Crystal Dynamics.

majiebeast1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

I think we can see Sanzaru games give it a whirl they are hiring for another Playstation title and Sly 4 was good for their first real game(not counting 1 wii shovelware title).

Naughty Dog has grown out of it and i dont mind it that much they gave us 4 games 3 of them main series 1 spin off. They dont want to destroy J&D like Insomniac has butchered R&C with their last 2 games. Into the nexus better be on par with Acit. Only hope i have for into the nexus is because Brian Allgeier is onboard.

OrangePowerz1758d ago

Sounds like a good idea Sly 4 isn`t a bad game.

Given what games Naughty Dog is currently making with Uncharted and TLoU it`s hard to imagine them making a cute platformer now :)

I`m not sure what team Insomniac put on the last R&C games but I doubt it was the team that made the 3 good R&C Future games on PS3.

Jaqen_Hghar1758d ago

1. No it was a B team while the main one worked on Fuse (not reassuring a man knows)

2. Did you play Jak 2 and 3? They were not cutesy a man would say they had a lot of humor and didn't look realistic but there was swearing, death, and good storytelling. A more serious Jak but keeping a fantasy art direction would be welcome.

3. Sanzaru would be awesome for Jak 4 as Sly 4 is man's favorite in the series.

4. A man doesn't get how you "outgrow" a series. Gameplay is what matters why does everything have to be realistic now? A man is more excited for Puppeteer than anything right now cause he's tired of games trying to be reality. He likes there being a lot of games based on our world or the future or alternative history but a man also wants fantasy worlds like LBP, R&C, J&D, Sly, Crash, Spyro, Puppeteer, Journey, and so many others have done. A man loves these series and the new worlds they created. A man wants some creativity instead of having everything based off our world.

_QQ_1758d ago

....Everyone wants realistic,guns,gore,blood,and "deep"stories in games now for some false sense of intelligence or maturity. I want ND to make another fantasy world with fantasy characters,fantasy enemies, and fiction based gameplay. They need to make jak 4.If i want great stories i read a good book or watch a good movie with stories that are 10X better than TLOU.So make us great gameplay Naughty Dog.

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